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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 35th)

First of all, I want to invite all of you to read my post at World Moms Blog about my Self-Portrait Project. It is called “(Self)Portrait of mother(hood)” and I talk in it about… hm… this project in general, and why I encourage mothers to be more brave when it comes to have their pictures taken… for the sake of the future generations.

Second of all, this post has A LOT of pictures, not only self-portraits but of the things and places that we’ve seen, done, and gone to. Without them this post wouldn’t be complete.



New Hair Cut or Not… Thinking.
I am kinda tired of my I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Do-With hair cut. For years I had had short hair. Whenever they grew longer I would feel like there is nothing more boring than long hair and I would cut it again. When I met my husband he said he wish I would keep my hair long, and I did. Then I got really mad and frustrated with having to deal with my hair EVERYWHERE and I cut them. Since then they have grown again and again I’m in a spot where I hate it. I hate how they fall out, I hate to have them all over my clothes, in our food, and all over my kids. I hate to wear pony tail ALL THE TIME, too.

And I think: Cut it?


On Saturday we hit the road. 7 hours long road trip. When we finally got to our destination I stayed at the hotel room with NO. 2 while the husband took No.1 and went to chat with his parents.


Sunday was crazy. HOT AS HELL.

At some point me and the husband kind of split again. I’d stayed at the hotel room, feeding No.2 and taking a nap with her,

while my other half went outside to spent some time with his parents, taking No.1 with him.

Later that day, just before putting everybody to bed I took this picture.

We were teaching No.2 how to play “High Five” 😉


On Monday we hit the road again. This time it took as 12 hours to get back home. It was the most tiring trip I had ever experienced. 

If a few years ago somebody told me I am going to hate road trips, I would laugh loud and long. I would say: “you freaking kidding me. I love road trip. I will never grow tired of road trips. NEVER! 

If a year ago somebody told me I’ll be the most happy person on the earth seeing Denny’s sign, I would say: “You’re freaking crazy!!!”.

Photo Art Friday

You may ask: why I don’t like road trips anymore?

So here is your answer: 

and while you watch this movie imagine that you’re stuck in this car for about 9 hours… and you’re car sick, and you’ve got a headache so big that you can barely see what in front of you…

Somewhere in the middle of our trip we picked up Kid NO.3:

She is 11 weeks old.

She is NOT potty trained.

She is afraid of us.

She couldn’t walk on leash.

She is all what I DO NOT NEED at this point of our life.

but husband had waited for this puppy for over a year…

She is already a best buddy with No.1

No/1  is the main reason No.3 (her name is Magnolia/Maggie) has learned to walk on leash in a period of 2 days.

She sleeps in crate.

She is not potty trained, and every single morning we wake up to a smell of poop and pee.

So until she is fully trained, her place is in there.

The training is going pretty good, though.

During the day she doesn’t poop or pee in the house. Yeay!

and here are her mother and her brother:


This was taken after one of those mornings when my husband goes outside in order to clean up the crate and I go to the bathroom to wash the poop and pee off of No.3. 


Play time.

No. 2 LOVES to play  “flying baby”. This is one of those moments when no matter how mad, sad, frustrated she is, when I pick her up and do the “flying baby” a big smile appears on her face, immediately.

Bonnie’s texture “The Little Things”


Today we’ve had a several potty breaks. Doggy hasn’t had a single accident inside the apartment what makes me really happy!

and while we were playing I took a few shots of my little ones:

I wish you all super relaxing weekend, my friends!

I hope for more than 4 hours of sleep during those few upcoming nights…


365 Self-Portrait Project (week 24th)

First of all, I want to mention, the community of wold’s mothers World Moms Blog I contribute to, has gotten on ForbesWoman’s list of “Top 100 Websites for Women 2012“!!! Isn’t it that great!!!

Next to this positive news there is not so positive one:

because, being honest with you, I am getting a little tired of this 365 project… .

A few times this week I thought about not doing it anymore.

More than physically I feel mentally exhausted!

Our No.2 sleeps really good but the thing is that after I feed her at night I have such a hard time falling back to sleep and by the time I do fall asleep it is time to get up again. Still there is something more to it than just not getting enough of sleep… .

Luckily I was able to pull myself together and keep going one day at a time… .

So here we go:


Last Friday I had a really hard time to come up with something. I took about 10 different pictures. Every singe one sucked. This one sucked too, so I had to edit it to hide all the imperfections and vuala:

The Hollie Rogue


These days I’m feeling pretty blue, under the weather, sad, depressed, melancholic… you name it! Each day I hope for a better tomorrow and for the door to open and show me the blue sky!

I know, I know, the door won’t open on its own…


Park, Park, Park!

Every single day. After dinner we go to the park where our NO. 1 is in heaven!


Have I mentioned that every day we go to the park?! 😉


On Tuesday I baked challah for the first time in my life and it was so delicious!!! While I was taking pictures of it No. 1 was stealing a piece after piece whenever I turned to do something else. I caught her red-handed 😉

but I couldn’t say NO to this smile:


Yesterday we spent our morning and early afternoon in the swimming pool. No. 1 is not afraid of the water anymore. Now it’s the opposite. She doesn’t want to get out. I got so tired of swimming with her so I sat on the edge of the swimming pool and was pulling her back and forth until my arms got tired, then it was time to go home…

Photo Art Friday

but she didn’t want to:


One of those pictures from “whatever” series when I just need to take a picture but there is nothing interesting going on.

A mirror or the blinds always rescue me in those moments.

Hope you have a great weekend, my friends!

Hope to see you next week in a much better mood!

Motherhood and culture

For several months now I am a member of World Moms Blog. This month Jennifer’s idea of connecting mothers from around the World has it’s 1st Anniversary. To celebrate it her website is hosting link-up for posts about motherhood and culture. If you have an interesting story from your own life, feel free to join.

I’ve thought what to write about for a really long time. I wrote about two pages in Polish and I decided it’s too personal (and I was too lazy to spent the extra time to translate it to English). It was more about what kind of family I grew up with than about the culture I grew up in. I’ve decided not to go that way. So now I’m going to just ramble a little bit about my family and a little bit about my culture.

When I left Poland several years ago I didn’t think I’ll end up marrying an American and having a child (or two) before I hit 30.

And here I am. Trying to balance between two worlds and languages. Knowing only Polish way of cooking I went through a period of frustration and anger. In our relationship I am the one who will eat (or at least try) almost anything.

I grew up eating pork or beef tongues in horseradish sauce and livers sautéed in onion and tripe soup and tatar (steak tartare). Once in my entire life I even tried the most disgusting dish that exist on our Polish menu: Blood Soup. To make it more interesting I witnessed the entire process of making it including killing that poor animal. I was about 6 or 7 years old.

My husband has very particular taste and it’s been a challenge in the kitchen. If I cook Polish food I cook it for myself. My daughter will eat almost anything these days (if it’s not a milk) and I hope it will stay that way. I would really like to be able to cook Polish food for somebody else than myself. I am in a process of convincing my husband to stop saying that some foods (dishes) are gross because I do not want my kids to copy him. Kids do that all the time. They learn from us and I do not want them to be so limited with foods as my husband. I am not criticizing my husband for that. Of course, sometimes I wish he was more open but… he is how he is and I do not want to work on changing that. Knowing how different food could open your mind and help you to get to know new cultures or just simply make your life more interesting it would be shame to rise kids who are mostly pasta, beans, mash potatoes and chicken breast eaters.

As a kid I knew how to milk a cow and I used to drink raw milk. Back then in Poland people didn’t know what pasteurized milk is. That milk would never go bad. It would simply turn into buttermilk which we would eat sprinkled with sugar. These days you can’t do that with milk, even in Poland. Today if I ask for a raw milk people think I want to kill my kid (but that’s a subject for separate post). I get really frustrated at the grocery store because I can’t find yoghurt which are not “low” fat, “0” fat, “2 %” fat. In the country where obesity rates are the highest in the world with 74.6% of Americans being overweight I can’t find “whole” yoghurt… and sometimes I have problems with finding whole milk.

From my childhood I remember how real bread tastes like. The one made on real sourdough not on yeast. That was the way breads in Poland used to be made. Not anymore, though.

For almost my entire life my family have had an allotment garden outside the town. These days my parents use this place mostly for grilling, hanging out and growing a few fruit threes, herbs and veggies (just a few, really). Back in time we grew much more veggies and fruits and we used to can it. While most of my friends would play on the playground after school me and my siblings had to go and help my parents around that garden. Sometimes it was fun. Most of the time I was really bored (and angry). Sometimes we worked in cold or rain (rain means cold as well), sometimes in heat. These days I appreciate what I’ve learned working out there.

Here where we live now, we signed for a spot in a community garden. That spot is about 1/10 of what my family has back in Poland. When we had signed for it about 4 months ago we were 72 on the waiting list! Unbelievable! With so much empty land around us… . In Poland you see those allotment gardens everywhere!

Now something else. If you’re convinced that having at least two kids requires having a minivan – I can prove you’re wrong!

For many, many years we used to drive, all 5 of us, in this kind of cute little car:

… and we would get wherever we wanted to on time. In this tiny car we would travel through Poland (5 people) packed with our clothes for a month and with a dead pig in the trunk 🙂

I grew up with parents who thought dogs are good only for guarding the house but only from the outside. It was a miracle they let us keep a dog my sister got as a b-day gift on her 18th birthday. We cried and cried and they finally let us keep him.

All three of us, on the other hand, grew up as a loving dogs people. These days we all have dogs. In my case the bigger the dog the bigger my love towards it and I have a feeling that our daughter will be the same way.

This isn’t a cultural thing, I would say. It’s rather a personal difference we all grew up with. But looking from my parents perspective it was a cultural thing. They both was raised in Polish village where dogs weren’t domestic animals. They were kept for protection. Outside. Period.

Btw, I grew up in a culture (and in times) where for 16th b-day we wouldn’t be given a car or anything a half that fancy. Parents didn’t throw for us anything like “sweet 16”. It’s a b-day like every single one before and after. Instead of that my middle class working full-time parents were able to send all three of us to college and gather big account of savings in case if any of their children would need some financial help starting a family. That actually doesn’t count in my case as we wouldn’t get much US dollars for Polish złote.

Anyway, I hope I’ll be the same kind (in this matter) parent to my kids. I hope I’ll have the wisdom to choose between what’s necessary for my kids and what they can live without (even if they don’t agree with me at the time).

I wish I could give them just a little bit of what I experienced as a kid. Being able to experience life in a farm, knowing nature and feeling connected to it. I’m not very fond of the strict and emotionless parenting style I had to go through but we can’t change the past. We can only try to do better for the future.

I know that the difference my kids will experience are not going to be the cultural ones only but created by time as it was with me and my parents, and as much as I can teach them about my culture I can’t predict how the future will look like and how big of a difference it will create between generations. I can only hope for the good.

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