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Foto Macro Friday!

Magical Macro! I love macro! I’ve been waiting for this macro Friday all week. Didn’t know what I’ll shoot though. Woke up this morning still having no idea for today’s macro… I knew I have this snail shoots from yesterday, but still wanted to take some different shots today!

My husband found this little guy on our patio… I said: ślimak ślimak pokaż rogi dam Ci sera na pierogi... But it didn’t work… aparently snails don’t speak Polish in here … what was I thinking!?

I do not have any fancy macro lens… just my   52mm 0.45x wide angle & macro. This little macro cap is not that easty to operate. It’s not stable. It’s very very VERY sensitve to any movements. Most of my macro shots are not sharp because of that… my hand is always shaking… and even a little bit is always a little bit too much with that thing… but still… it’s better than nothing. Right?!


Peeking outside this morning I saw our plants all wet from the sprinklers that shouldn’t be on today… Hm… I saw those drops and I went crazy… OMG… I could see in my head the macro shots… Oh well I have to admit… it didn’t turn out how I imagined… but I’m pretty happy with what I got! Enjoy!

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Field of view with 52mm wide angle

With Wide Angle attached to 18-55mmm lens.
Focal lenght 18mm

Using only 18-55mm withouth 52mm wide angle
Focal lenght 18mm