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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 20th)

What can I say today… . I had a really rough night and my eyes are really heavy today.

I’m sleepy. Very sleepy. I’ve been like that all week. I’m speechless as well. The lack of energy is killing me… . I smell like spit all the time and the only me-time is while taking a shower which these days I try to stretch as long as I can just to have that time for myself. But life goes on so do my 365 Project.


On Friday while our No 2 was napping I took No 1 outside our apartment to spent some time with her… I ended up with bunch of pictures of her and a few selfies. The weather has been really beautiful. Too bad I can’t just go outside, lay on the chair with a book and a cup of coffee and enjoy the sun… .


I do, though, have some time to read a book. A few pages at a time. Mostly while feeding No 2. I guess, she is in a growing stage or there is something wrong with me because she acts like she is hungry all the time. So she eats all the time and I have a book always close by so whenever I feed her I just don’t sit and stare blankly at the tv. I do actually do that with the book anyway. But at least I look like I’m reading and that makes me feel better 😉


Sunday was the Solar Eclipse. We didn’t watch it. We just went outside with our No 1 to enjoy the weird light, sit on the grass and play. She didn’t play much though, she slept for most of the time 🙂

Photo Art Friday


Monday morning I started with oatmeal-strawberry smoothie. I wanted to post this recipe but I had no time to do that.

Later that day we went to a pool. Fun time for our two  year old. Last year she was in the water trying to swim. This year she is more afraid so she just played around it which was fine with me as I really didn’t feel like getting into the water.


I love scones – that’s official.

On Tuesday I woke up really early and to fill up the time somehow I baked some strawberry-dark chocolate chunks scones. Yum!


That’s from when No. 2 was napping and the room was dark. I really like how this picture turned out.


Random shots from yesterday.

While the last picture is not the best one, for some reason I really like it:

It reminds me of this photo from when I was pregnant with No.2:

Normally I would’ve used today’s picture in this post as well but I’ve decided to change it as I do not have that much time each morning (and I’m really tired) to think about it.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

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