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Fresh Ginger-Fruit Tea

I am not a water drinker. I love coffee and tea. I need flavor. 
Last summer, for example I had been drinking LEMON CUCUMBER (or LEMON RASPBERRIES) water and that worked just fine for me. This year I am trying a new discovery.

Fresh ginger.

I call it a “tea” because it requires boiling water. 
It takes little time before it’s ready but the waiting is definitely worth it. 


So far I have made those flavors:

strawberry ginger

blueberry ginger

lemon ginger

peach/nectarine ginger

and my favorite it strawberry and peach, but actually they are all delicious.
As I am writing it a raspberry ginger tea is brewing on the counter 🙂


This recipe is pretty strong in flavor so if you’re not accustom to ginger, you might want to cut the amount of ginger in half and try it that way first.

I make them in “ready-to-drink-from” jars

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (1 of 18)

Because of that it’s good to pour just a little of the boiling water on the bottom of the jars and wait a minute or so. If you don’t do that, and pour full jar of boiling water the glass will most likely crack. 

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (4 of 18)

waiting… just a minute or so… not too long…

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (10 of 18)

carefully filling it up… 

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (11 of 18)

lid on…

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (14 of 18)

patiently waiting an hour or so before moving it to the fridge.


It should sit in the fridge until it’s completely chilled or overnight. The longer it sits the stronger the flavor.

Shake it well before drinking!

home-made-ginger-fresh-fruits-tea-mom-photographer (16 of 18)

Have a good one, everybody! 


Soft Cheesy Pretzels with flaxseed meal

I was planning to make those pretzels for a while. 

I don’t know why I was waiting so long. They came out super delicious.

Soft and fluffy.

My daughter couldn’t stop eating them.


1 1/4 C Water

1 TBS olive oil

1tsp Lemon Juice

2 TBS Sugar

1 tsp Salt

1 Egg YOLK

3 1/2 C Flour

1 TBS Active Dry Yeast

1/4 cup flaxseed meal

1/2 cup medium cheddar cheese (or any kind of cheese you like), shredded

Egg Wash:

1 TBS Heavy cream (or half&half)


coarse salt for sprinkling (optional)


Directions for bread maker:

1. Put all the ingredients to the bread maker in order as listed above (EXCEPT FLAX and Cheese!). Left out “egg wash” ingredients, too. Run bread maker on “dough” cycle.

2. During the second kneading add flaxseed meal and shredded cheese.

3. When the dough is ready knead it a few times on lightly floured surface.

4. Divide the dough into 14 to 16 pieces.

5. Roll each piece into a rope, about 12 to 14 inches long.

6. Fold into pretzel shape.

7. Place each pretzel on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, about 1 to 2 inches apart. 

8. Let them rest for about 30 minutes.

9. Whisk together egg white and cream. Gently brush each pretzel with the mixture.

10. Sprinkle coarse salt on top of each pretzel to your likes (optional).

11. Bake in 375 F for 15-20 minutes.

Directions for hand (KitchenAid) kneading:

Dissolve the yeast and sugar in 1/4 cup of pretty warm water until bubbly. In a separate bowl mix together flour and salt. Make hole in the middle and pour the yeast mixture inside it. Gently mix with your hands adding remaining water, olive oil and lemon juice until the dough is not sticky anymore and forms a soft ball. Add flaxseed meal and shredded cheese. Knead until they are well incorporated into the dough.

At this point cover it with towel and let it rest for an hour or until doubled in size.

Follow the steps from 4 to 11 as in directions for bread maker.

Go well with almost anything, and they taste the best warm!

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Lemon and Cucumber Water

When the weather is crazy hot, like these days, and when I do not feel like drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, which I never feel like doing, the best way to change it is LEMON, or LEMON and CUCUMBER WATER.

My husband makes fun of me drinking water with cucumbers in it, but he says if that makes me to drink more water and keeps my headaches away… well… “suit yourself, honey” 🙂  (two things he hates dearly: lemon and cucumber!!!)

Yesterday I added a few raspberries to my jar and the water was even better. 

The water is so refreshing I want to drink it all the time.

This water does not only taste great but it is very good for you, too.

Cucumbers contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, two antioxidant nutrients that can help protect the skin from sun damage. Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin, which helps keep skin looking vibrant while caffeic acid protects skin cells from UV radiation. Cucumbers also have natural anti-inflammatory properties and help to prevent water retention. Cucumbers also contain silica, an essential component of healthy connective tissue.

Lemon water suppose to help you to kick the coffee habit, but I am not really fond about it, as I DO LOVE COFFEE and do not plan to stop drinking it anytime soon 🙂 Although, I have noticed that drinking it I do not feel tired at all during the day. 

Lemon water helps boost immune system and control blood pressure. It balanced pH in our bodies, helps with weight loss (helps fight hunger cravings), clears the skin. There is many more benefits of lemon water…

My recipe is very strong in lemon flavor, and only slightly cucumber-ish.


3 quarts water

2 lemons

1/2 English cucumber

10 raspberries (optional)


Wash lemons and cucumber. Slice one lemon and the cucumber. Put them in a container with water. Squeeze the juice from the second lemon and mix it with water.

If you use more fruits you can smash half of them to release the juice and put the purée in the water altogether with the non-smashed fruits. Mix it well.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before using.

There is a tremendous amount of recipes for this water on Internet. Some are with mint. Some are with lemon zest. Some are with cucumbers without peels. Some with natural sweeteners… etc.

For me this one works the best. Has the right amount of lemon and cucumber flavor.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friends.

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Because sand is yummy!

We went to the park today, and guess what… My daughter was the most dirty kid around, and she was the only one that was eating sand like I haven’t been feeding her for days. In addition she was drinking water from the puddle like I didn’t give her a sippy cup 5 minutes ago (which she throw on the ground). First she was splashing it around, once she sat in it, and after that she was licking that water from her fingers and spreading it all over her face, and back to the sand area to get some more sand in her… 🙂

and then, she {snapped}

I’d tried not to be crazy with my camera as I always am while in the park. I’d decided not to take it out so often, and just let my daughter play without my lens in her face all the time. Because of that I lost a few good shots of her.

At least I catched her stealing food from her little friend. That’s so true that grass in greener on the other side. She had her own sandwich which one piece she was holding in the other hand but, still it wasn’t enough.

It’s actually fun to have such a crazy kid. But it;s not funny to have to bath her or shower her a few times a day…  🙂

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Finally I was able to join Ashley and her Scavenger Hunt.

1. Classic Still Life

In this case it is not “classic” and totally not “still” but floating on water.

2. Self – portrait

3. On the floor

4. Lines

5. Fresh

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

Hugs from my corner 🙂

Bath time

Ok, Ok, Ok… I know I shouldn’t be HOLDING MY CAMERA in tha bath tube, together with a splashing evrywhere baby! But I was, and it turned out that only my strap got a little wet… The camera made it safe and sound through the “in the bathtube” session :-), and I ended up with some good shots!

And maybe this pictures don’t look very peaceful… but yes… bathtube is the most peaceful place for me. A few candles, bubble bath, closed door, silence! My favorite little person, and my favorite place… Linking up with paper mama.

The Paper Mama

Family Day, Walk, Thongs, Creek, Park, etc…

– what a great day we had yesterday! 🙂

Campbell Park, Campbell,  CA.

Cute small park, with (it looked like) neglected (a bit) creek…

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful place, but too small for that amount of people running, bicycling, walking, working out on the stations placed on the side of tha walking/running/bicycling path. Dogs, cats, squirrels allowed, too. I was trying to enjoy that walk, but with the people running in front of me, behind me, next to me, and few more passing us by on theirs bicycles at the same time and a few more trying to squeeze themselves and theirs strollers between that action going on in front, behind and next to us. Imagine … oh… and me trying to keep our dog away from their wheels, legs, strollers… Hm…

…and there she is. Pedaling slowly and with grace. There is something about her that doesn’t wanna let me to take eyes off of her… ass. I don’t think that she cared about women not being able to take eyes off of her in particular… 😉 But who knows… It’s California, nothing surprises me here…

Tight see through pants with “T-back” style thongs 🙂 O yeah baby… Show me more!!!

Why does it have to always be me who look away in order to feel ok with myself and my perception of aesthetics?!? Why can’t it be the other side? But… who cares about aesthetics these days…

If you want to look sexy don’t wear your underwear at all… Why bother!?! But at the same time don’t go to the restaurant and sit with your legs wide open… PLEASE!!! I did have my biology classes in school…

You just look ridiculous, not sexy!

But at the end if you feel very comfortable wearing a string sticked deep inside your butt cheeks while riding you bicycle… Go ahead. Knock yourself out!!! We are living in a free world.

And now some of my pictures taken during that crazy walk…

And the creek. It doesn’t look like dirty or neglected on those pictures, but believe me… It is!

Normally I would’ve taken more pictures, but not this time. After all I had a great time sitting on the grass and watching Miss Wet Pants eating leafs, and getting dirty… 🙂 That was fun!

Sparkling year of 2011

Too all my Dear and Dearest Friends:

Happy New Year!

I want to share with you an amazing qoute:

Magic Happens. Somewhere out there something wonderful is unfolding. This is as true for this very moment as it is for any other. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not there to see it; but rest assured there will be more perfect moments to be found than you can fit in a lifetime (…) Your best chance of finding something unique is to give something unigue a better chance of finding you.
Guy Tal

This particular quote is referring to the nature (landscape) photography, but I’ve found it very likely to use in everyday life…

I wish you all of it!

I wish you magical moments, and wonderful experiences.

I wish you the strenght and patience to go and look for uniqueness.

I wish you luck and good timing for the uniguenss to find you 🙂

I wish you very magical 2011.
Just remember: MAGIC HAPPENS! 🙂
and you really don’t have to look very far to find it!

The pool area and stuff…

Sometimes somebody thinks that something looks like a mess.
The same thing for somebody else is a subject of interest (I don’t mean a “subject of cleaning”), like there is nothing strange with that picture, like there is something beautiful in it…

For example our pool area for quite a long time had looked like we do not have landscapers. We do. But it happens that in California is Fall right now, and everything, everywhere looks like the landscapers are out of job.

For me it looked beautiful. The leafes lying on and under the table, and chairs.
I would go out of our apartment just to stand there in front of the pool area, and look at the beautiful yellowish tree, and the leafes laying around.

For so many days I had been peeking, and looking, and standing there thinking of how beautiful picture it would be if I wasn’t that lazy and took my camera out with me…

And finally that day had come, and I assure you I wasn’t standing on my head…

ah… I would have forgotten… This is the “and stuff” part of this post: