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Letter from Warsaw

I’ve recived a letter from Warsaw (Warszawa). Beautiful letter from a good friend of mine.

And Yes! In Warsaw and in every big city in Poland people can speak English!!! You can buy books written in English, T-shirts with  English sentences written all over… People watch Desperate Housewives, House, The Shield, Family Guy, The Flintstones, The Jetsons (actually I grew up with those two lats ones), The Simpsons, Heroes, Lost, Modern Family, The Pacific, Dexter, Bones, Mad Men, Weeds, Gleeeeee…., Supernatural, Anathomy Grace or wait… is it Gray’s Anatomy… Almost everybody in Poland know Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t anymore. I used to, though, when I had lived in Poland 😉

So, Yes! People speak English in Poland. Why!? Maybe because it’s a mandatory subject in most of the schools. Maybe because if you want to be successful late in your life you need to speak at least two languages, and fluent Polish of course 😉 Meybe because people are very good educated in Poland. And if you want to study and get a good education it means: being able to read in a different language, go to a different country for a student exchanges, etc. Maybe because people there dream about traveling, and if you really want to enjoy it you should be able to speak at least English… English is everywhere…

Ok, back to my letter from Warsaw. There was a book, and a chocolate inside, too. A book I’ve been waiting for for a long time and the chocolate – sweet surprise. Don’t mind surprises like this one…, too bad it’s almost gone 😦

Thank You,