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Scavenger Hunt

1. Pop of color

(our daughter is learning how to swim. she’s getting better every single time. now she figured it out that to get to the spot she wants to be she needs to kick her legs. soo funny!)

2. Toy

(and that’s why I need to wash teddy bears every single week. our daughter likes to share and when she doesn’t our doggy likes to take it without asking…)

3. Hidden (yoga baby)

(new style of drinking a bottle. it doesn’t matter how, it works – that’s what matters)

4. Crossing Thresholds

(getting more and more comfortable with all the stuff on the playground)

5. X-ray

(remembering my accident from 2008. fractured spine, and many x-rays)

have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


Who gets the balls first…

I was trying to take some pictures of COLOR today.

Morning is the best time for me to take pictures. I have the entire day to come up with the idea how to edit it… and I don’t have to rush… But it always means that our daughter is around… trying to get to me or to the camera… or both… Today was even harder because I took away her toys for picture-taking purpose… I know I know… Just for a few minutes!!!

She took it back anyway… so nobody got hurt, and we actually had fun taking those balls from each other, back and forth… she thought I’m plyaing with her ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway she needs to learn about sharing… right?! and that moms has the privilege to use her toys for anything she (mom) wants to, and anytime she wants to… right!!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I knew that photographing those balls isn’t such a creative way of capturingg COLOR.ย  I’m not in a very creative mood lately. Anyway…

While trying to come up with something my daughter started taking away her balls – ball by ball… and I ended up with only one …

So called happy accident… or Lack of Luck… Happy accident for me… not for Japan… don’t get me wrong!


and this is how this picture looks without the edits.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


Heading for more coffee.

Have a nice Tuesday, everybody!
Enjoy it for me… I’m myself too tired to do it.

Her Dear Friend Rabbit… and My problems with white balance

Ewelina is making new friends among her toys and teddy bears…
It’s really nice to see her doing that.
She is such a social baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

Being honest I do not like the colors of these pictures. that’s why most of them are black and white or in sepia. I’m still trying to figure out white balance on my camera.
Since I remember I’ve always been taking pictures with Manual Mode.
And since I remember I’ve never have any problems with white balance. Nikon D5000 is different. It has SO many options to choose from that it seems like the camera itself doesn’t know which option is the best sometimes. I want something different that the camera wants, and I get the feeling that it fights with me every time I want it to be my way… Grrr…

And when it seems like finally we compromised the pictures get very grainy even with 200 or 250 ISO. It makes me so angry!!! I hate using the bilt-in flash so sometimes instead of using it I just use a higher ISO (like 320), but it still make no sense… grrrr….