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Tortilla bowls

Tortillas are the “must have” in our house lately.

My husband likes quesadillas.

Our daughter can eat them just with peanut butter. She likes them a lot!

I like to use them in all kinds of wraps. So far, my favorite are spinach-strawberry wraps on homemade whole wheat tortillas.

My husband is not a big fan of the homemade ones so we still buy them for him.

Anyway, homemade or not we eat a lot of them.

Lately I’ve discovered tortilla bowls and the are a big hit in our home.

Whenever I make them our daughter tends to eat more of what’s inside, what I use to sneak more veggies in her.

They are super easy to make.

I use big muffin baking forms:

Not to torn the bottoms of the tortillas, very delicate I fold the tortillas inside the muffin form. 

Bake in 350 F for 10 minutes.

Fill with whatever you want.

Sometimes I make it just for my daughter so she has a funny bowl for her nuts to snack on. She loves it! And I have less dishes to wash 😉

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Dinner in 11 pictures…

… or in 14 if you counted the double ones and the gif 😉

Today I want to share with you one recipe that I think its’ worth to share.

Tortilla Lasagna

For my dish I use 4 tortillas, and 8×8 glass baking dish. 2 tortillas on the bottom, and two as a second layer.

For bigger dish use as many tortillas as you need to cover the bottom completely and double the ingredients.

For my size of this dish I use 2 cups shred cheese:

1 cup mild cheddar cheese,

1 cup jack cheese,

1 green zucchini (or yellow, or mix of both). I had only the green one.

1/2 purple onion (big one)


1 small

1 tablespoon olive oil… Fry it for about 15 minutes.

(click on the photo above)


1 cup broccoli

1 cup salsa

Mix it well, and simmer on the very low heat for additional 5 to 10 minutes.

While you cooking your veggies fry one chicken breast in a second pan.

When the chicken is done add it to the veggie-salsa pan, mix it well.


Pour half of that mixture on the top of the first layer of tortillas

Cover it with half of the shredded cheese. I added some green peas and corn, but it’s because I really like those, and I cook almost everything with green peas and corn 😉

and… second layer


plus veggie-salsa and cheese layers with a few tablespoons of extra salsa spread on top.

Bake uncovered in 400 F for 40 minutes.

Eat and enjoy 🙂

It’s one of my favorite dishes. It’s good with the chicken but if you’re not a big fan of meat it’s a great vegetarian dish as well… (just skip the meat).