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If I should have a daughter…

  – what do you think!?

I would’ve let her sit with me in a booth in a restaurant. No high chair would’ve been needed.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

I would’ve been sooo embarrased about her making such a big mess that I if I could’ve I would ask the weitress to bring me a cloth and a broom to clean everything up before we would’ve left. It’s crazy how messy so small human being can get!!! I said: If I could’ve, because as simple as that might sound it’s not. My husband wouldn’t let me do that!!! Forget about it 😉

and at the end my Spring (for Happy Monday Photo Challenge) and Flower (Shot and Edit SOOC) shots.

this one is a pretty new shot. and nop.. it’s not what you think… this picture hasn’t been edited yet. it’s just my crazy lens.

The rest are from two weeks ago, and I didn’t have the chance to post them (till today) 🙂

btw, do you have any idea how to pronounce “sarcococca”!!?

Happy Monday everybody!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

First of all I want to say  thank you to Ashley. She’s used one of my ideas as the next week’s Scavenger Hunt item.

This Sunday Hunt (that happened on Saturday) was kind of funny.

Let’s start:

1. Vanishing point

2. Square crop(s)

3. Under

4. Welcome to the Jungle

version A)

version B)

version C)

and finally last version – D)

A little explanation. As most of the parents know… with the kids there is almost always a mess. They play with stuff that they’re not suppose to; they find stuff that’s hidden deep, they prefer to play with newspapers, pots, bags, shoes, even if the house is drown with toys!!! That’s what our daughter do lately – digs for treasures in the kitchen… And when she finds something it looks kind of like this:

with something extra

Click to play this Smilebox greeting

5. Calm

I had thought about using the picture below for the CALM item… Our daughter is standing all by herself. It’s been happening more often now. A few more weeks and she’ll be walking. That’s for sure!

But then… I thought about our doggy being so calm ALL THE TIME when Miss Standing By Herself For More Than 5 Seconds play with her… what means: she pulls on her ears, nose, tale, and everything else; she kicks her, and scratches her, and eats her food from her bowl and spills her water from her bucket; she sits in her crate and bother her all the time… even then… she is the walking example of CALM!  So the choice was kind of simple!

And a few more shots of our Growing So Fast Little One!

Foto Macro Friday!

Magical Macro! I love macro! I’ve been waiting for this macro Friday all week. Didn’t know what I’ll shoot though. Woke up this morning still having no idea for today’s macro… I knew I have this snail shoots from yesterday, but still wanted to take some different shots today!

My husband found this little guy on our patio… I said: ślimak ślimak pokaż rogi dam Ci sera na pierogi... But it didn’t work… aparently snails don’t speak Polish in here … what was I thinking!?

I do not have any fancy macro lens… just my   52mm 0.45x wide angle & macro. This little macro cap is not that easty to operate. It’s not stable. It’s very very VERY sensitve to any movements. Most of my macro shots are not sharp because of that… my hand is always shaking… and even a little bit is always a little bit too much with that thing… but still… it’s better than nothing. Right?!


Peeking outside this morning I saw our plants all wet from the sprinklers that shouldn’t be on today… Hm… I saw those drops and I went crazy… OMG… I could see in my head the macro shots… Oh well I have to admit… it didn’t turn out how I imagined… but I’m pretty happy with what I got! Enjoy!

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

For more macro shots (if you interested) go to Blogging from Bolivia.


Just walk…

If you feel bad, just walk.

If you feel happy, just walk.

If you feel angry, just walk.

Walk is better than talk…

Yep… It is!

I don’t believe in talk…

Yep, I really don’t !

I believe in therapy walk!

Walk is always fun!

Even more fun with a camera in your hand!

This walk started from our daughter’s “whining” sounds. She saw the stroller outside and she couldn’t stop banging on the window, so we went for a walk. I think that’s what she wanted 🙂

She is always hungry so we took her spoon with us, too bad she lost it on the way. No more taking spoons for a walk !!!! 😉

Of course pictures taking is indisputable. There is always time to take a picture of something, enything. Many times it’s a plant or a tree. Mostly something that we  really like but we don’t know the name.

I take my pictures for fun. He, in order to upload it to some kind of “gardening forum“. He always post those pictures and people from this forum tell him what that is… Nice 🙂

And I take them (I mean – pictures) to have something to do in addition to being a mom and a wife. It makes me feel better… it make me feel busy-ier 😉

… and be honest with you they are not always amazing and beautiful. it takes time and some effort to change them into something decent and wow-like 😉 My husband always says that I really really like taking pictures, but after I upload them to my computer the real fun begins – editing !!!

this is how the picture above looked before editing

Talking about before and after let me just post a link to a one of my weekly photo challenges, and sign in for this week 🙂

That’s how our last walk went… I hope you enjoyed it, too!

It’s much better to enjoy it yourself, so get up, dress up (if it’s cold outside) and take the first step… ah… and don’t forget your camera… it doesn’t have to be any fancy one… głuptak will do the job, too. 😉