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It looks like rain…

Everytime there is talk about rain or rain clouds I always recall a song from Winnie the Pooh. I’ve got pretty funny memories tied to that song 🙂

For the last few days we’ve got pretty cold and gloomy weather but it doesn’t rain. When it rains it’s always a night time. So when I got up yesterday and saw those pretty droplets all over the plants I couldn’t resist – I had to take a few shots.

I’ve noticed that these days I take pictures only of food and my daughter, so yesterday’s session was pretty “refreshing”.



And only in California we have ripening tomatoes in January  🙂

Just a few, but still… .

Anyway, we’re not worried about the rain. We’re prepared. We’ve got a tent that takes the rest of the free space in our bedroom and we like to sit there and pretend we’re invisible and nobody can see us when it’s time to go “nigh nigh”, therbye even rain won’t get to us 😉