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An Ordinary Day

A few days ago I took a bunch of random pictures. I didn’t notice it at first, but after I moved them on my computer they kind of shown our day. From the very beginning to almost the very end 🙂

Of course, almost all of them have our daughter as a focal point.

Of course, it starts with COFFEE.

The most important thing, not in my pictures but in my entire day, before anything and anybody else is… MY MORNING COFFEE!

Making it,

drinking it,

enjoying it.

Today the wake up call was about 7 am. I do not count the call at 3am (till about 5am).

Our daughter was awake for almost half of the night. She woke up sometime around 3 am, we watched Netflix to about 4:30am, then we put her down to bed but she wasn’t sleeping. I could hear here turning and “talking” and doing everything else, but not sleeping. She got up before 7am this morning. Where does that energy come from?! Gosh. I am exhausted.

After that few precious sips of warm coffee I’m ready to start the day. Lately I’ve discovered my daughter doesn’t like scramble eggs. I made it once, I made it twice, I made it more than three times. Every single time I ended up fixing her something else because she would throw the scramble eggs on the floor for the dog to enjoy it (not once, not twice, but every single time I’ve made it). At least I don’t have to clean that. Our breathing, four-leg vacuum cleaner is the best thing that could ever happen to frustrated mom, who is not only frustrated because her daughter doesn’t want to eat what she just made,  but because in addition the floor is one greasy, sticky, yellow mess. AGAIN [sigh!!!!!!] and… baby is still hungry and “think, think, think” what else to make for her!

Oh well. At least bread is my savior! When she doesn’t  want this or that she ALWAYS likes the bread… and I like that 😉

After we are done eating, cleaning, changing diapers, time to play under the table with full belly and happy face.

Playing time on the sofa while watching cartoons or whatever mom’s watching (lately Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix).

After that it’s a nap time.

Relaxed, full of energy, ready to play. She is back. Time to put away everything what I was doing before. She loves my yarn, and I hate when she tangles everything. YES, she does that, very often!!! So the conclusion is easy. I do not crochet while she is awake, but still, she always finds a way to get into it.

While she is busy drinking from her bottle I like to play with her feet, or massage her belly… or just cuddle with her.

Walk to the park and running around.

She loves the swing! And I love it, too, because when she is in the swing it means no running away baby which means  standing in peace, IN ONE PLACE, no running after the baby, one happy mom.

Sometimes we practice our swimming skills. She’s getting better and better every single time we go to the swimming pool… and every single time she’s loving it.

Dinner time, and of course bath or shower time. Watching tv time, buziak and night night time!  Ufff…

But before  buziak and  night, night  time it’s doggy’s time to eat… outside, of course. Baby just watches her through the door, drooling because of the dog’s food 😉 Yep, she likes dog’s food. We wouldn’t be feeding that four-leg vacuum of ours outside if there wasn’t need for that.

It’s so good to be a baby. Too bad we do not remember those trouble-free days. Too bad she won’t remember it. It’s such an amazing time in our lifehood. Don’t you think? Kids play, and eat, and play, end eat, and play, and so on! We should all be able to remember those days, just to have something to get back to in our adulthood.

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Sunny afternoon at the park…

Ewelina’s making new friends 😉

Having fun with herself (as always)

… and trying new food…