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After the dinner bath is required!

Tha last time we talked my dear friend Joanna mentioned that her friend’s twins will kick her butt sometime in the future for some of the pictures she’s taken of them.

Pictures like:

this one


that one


one more

… and you think what will my daughter do to me for that (especially for pictures like the first one!!!):

Checking if there is any more left in the pocket!

Eat more or not to eat, that is the question! Hmmm.

I think she does that in purpose because she LOVES baths… but… she hates showers and water on her head. She screams bloody hell when I try to wash her hair or face! Besides that she could sit in the bath tube all day long!

Sometimes I get so frustrated while bathing her, but after being such a cranky and screaming baby she calms down very quickly and gives me that big smile after which I feel bad that I got angry at her. How could I?!

Hopefully she will be laughing at all those silly pictures and not getting angry or ashamed 😉


Homemade Banana Raisin Muffins

I got up, I fed my Not So Little Anymore Hungry Butt. I fed myself with a big portion of very dark, and even more than very strong coffee. In between I noticed those 4, getting very dark bananas. I noticed them the night before but I thought that I rather throw them away then bake a banana bread… That’s how lazy and… oh well… maybe not lazy, but just without the energy and without the old enthusiasm I am these days.

I pulled myself together (I think because of that strong coffee) and decided to use those bananas somehow.

I made banana raisin muffins! Very simple, and easy, and so yummy!

I made 21 muffins.

5 is left.

2 people to eat them!



2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 overripe bananas
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter (softened)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup raisins

(I added

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips)

– just for fun 🙂


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and arrange the baking cups in a muffin pan.

Mash 2 of the bananas with a fork in a small bowl so they still have a bit of texture. In a large bowl,

mix the butter until fluffy, add sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and at the end 2 mashed bananas.

In a separate bowl mix the flour with baking soda and salt, and add the mixture to the butter mixture. Fold in the raisins (chocolate chips, oats) and the mashed bananas with a rubber spatula. Spoon the batter into each of the baking cup and fill about halfway.

Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the muffins turn brown.


Not ordinary Sunday’s dinner… and not ordinary cookie…

Yesterday he wanted to surprise me!

Like, really really surprise me!

But I didn’t want to cooperate, so I ended up watching him bringing piece after piece bags with groceries, flowers, candles, etc… He said he is cooking a dinner. HE IS COOKING a dinner.

Hmmm… .

Valentine’s dinner.

Double “Hmmm…”.

The card is a little bit chewed because our daughter got into it very fast after it’s appearance in our place!

You have to know that it is VERY hard to surprise me! Mostly because I’m suspicious. Very! And I DO NOT cooperate easily with a plan that is not mine… And honestly I almost never have a plan… So If you have a plan, and you want me to follow it… Hm… we are in trouble!

In addition it is very hard to cook in my kitchen without me wandering around and peeking from behind your back and pointing stuff out.

So, what I’m trying to say is that we ended up cooking together. It was faster, less messy, and less frustrating for him… and at the end thinking about the cleaning, for me!

But I still appreciate him cooking for me 😉

Romantic Dinner Served! Yumm!!!

So, today I wanted to do something romantic, too. So I baked.

Those are peanut butter-oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chips cookies shaped into hearts 🙂

but wait wait… be honest with you I shaped them because I wanted to have something nice to take pictures off and to say that I was nice and romantic, too…

but wait wait… I really wanted to be romantic. He said that those cookies are delicious, and I think the shape didn’t add anything special to it. lol

but wait wait… I wanted to do both… be romantic, and have a romantic things to take pictures off.

So it worked out pretty well, I guess 😛


So let’s say:



and it was very Valentine-like 🙂


you don’t have to know that only a few of them are shaped like that… but… ssshhh…. it’s a Valentine’s Day.

Tasty Tuesday Morning!

I wish all of you could join me for some real coffee and my naleśniki! Instead, I’ve just dicovered that every Tuesday there is a virtual meeting for coffee drinkers! 🙂 yeay!

I’m getting more and more addicted to reading blogs, or just browsing through them!


Today I made naleśniki for breakfast. I do not post the recipe because I do not have one. All I do is mixing some flour, one egg, milk, pinch of sugar and oil… No measures…

My little trick that I’ve learned from my sister:

pour 1 tablespoon of oil or olive oil or whatever oil you use in hour home to the batter, mix it well. that way you shouldn’t have to use any oil on the pan while frying tha crepes.

..and you know what my first neleśnik came out super good. weird… isn’t it!?

My Little One liked only  the first few pieces… I think because I didn’t use sugar for her ‘s.

She started throwing it on the floor… but I don’t know if she didn’t like it, or because she wanted to feed our doggy. She started doing that sometime like a  week ago. She hangs down from her chair throwing the food and watching Di eating it.  I hope she won’t be like her daddy… so picky and so not into Polish (or any other different-than-american) cousine. Fingers crossed! 😉

Hopefully she’ll like it more with strawberries and different kinds of fillings… Someday!

Anyway I think they were delicious and even my loved one ate it… Don’t know what he liked more… the crepes or the strawberries sauce. I think the second one! 😉

I at the other hand ate two of them despite my terrible tooth ache!

Say: “homemade ravioli”…

and be sure that I’ll run as fast as I can these days to the biggest hidden somewhere in our house gun (if I have to I know where they are), and I’ll shoot you dead. I’ll choose the biggest one so to be sure that I’ll kill you for sure! DO NOT SAY: homemade ravioli around me… at least for the next few months.

Yesterday I decided to use my pasta maker. It’d been standing on my kitchen’s counter since Christmas and it was haunting me every time I looked at it… Finally I said: ok, that’s enough, time to face my ghosts.

Instead of making pasta I’d decided to make a ravioli. Why not I thought. What’s the difference between pasta and ravioli… I was soon to find out :-/

Everything had started so innocently.

2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

2 eggs

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon of buttre

1/2 cup of milk

I used my pseudo kitchen aid to mix the dough. It wasn’t working as good as I thought it would so I started to knead it with the power of my own hands 🙂

Not a big deal since I always do it with a homemade pizza dough. It’s even fun imagining that I’m working out that way 😉 After around 10 minutes of kneading the dough was ready for the pasta maker. It took me a while to figure out how that damn thing works, and why my dough is coming out with holes, looking more like a swiss cheese (my husband’s idea how to desribe it 🙂 )

I didn’t have enough space in the kitchen to spread the rolled dough and to start filling it after being done with rolling. I had to roll part of the dough spread it, fill it, seal it, cut it and put it aside. ufff… and all over again.

My kitchen was a mess! I got tired just thinking about cleaning it after all. In the middle of making this yummy mess (I wasn’t sure if after all it’ll be yummy or not) I wanted to sit down and cry. WHY oh WHY oh WHY I had that idea of making ravioli… I was simply pissed!

Despite this little break down I put myself back together, threw away the rest of the dough ( I had already had done 13 HUGE raviolis), cleaned the kitchen, and relaxed a little waiting for the water to start boiling

Time for the best part – waiting, after all that work put in those raviolis, to see how many of them will come apart…

At the end I was tooooooo tired to take any decent picture of ready to eat homemade ravioli. I placed my butt on the chair and didn’t want to move or do anything else. It was hard to move my plate around.

I finished my dinner, packed the past maker in the box and hide it deep and high in the closet for it to be forgotten. I do not want to see it again.

Pregnant belly, great food, and a good time!!!

More and more often I understand when somebody says he/she doesn’t have the time to take pictures for him/herself…

From the last Monday I’ve been sitting here… in my pyjamas… barely eating, drinking a lot of coffee, and green tea, cooking only when I have to… when I really HAVE TO… . Did I cook yesterday!? Hmmm… What was I doing except editing my photos yesterday… Hm… nothing! I’m kind of tired… And I need a break… Our place is a mess… A MESS. And I’m hungry, and I need to go to the bathroom… but there are so many pictures…, and I’ve got an idea(s)!!! and…, and… and…!!!

I’m not complaining!!! I’m really enjoying it 🙂

And no… I didn’t forget that I have a child to feed, to read to, to bath with 🙂 (the funniest part),  and to change the diapers for. She stinks too much to not to notice her… 😉 She is a little stinker, honestly. She is a great companion, too. She went with me to photograph a mom-to-be, and this is what she was doing:

We had put her to work even, and she didn’t like the idea at first. She is a happy camper normally, so a few words of assuring her that she DOES NOT have to go back inside this big belly, and she was back herself… Happy Poppy Pants!

… and this is that belly which carries the twins…

Their life is about to make the 180 turn!!! and I am not jealous about it. I used to take care of twins… and I know… 😉

But beside our photo session our mom-to-be fed us with an amazingly delicious eastern european cuisine!

BARSZCZ (home-made)

NALEŚNIKI (home-made)

and something that’s very similar to PIEROGI, but much smaller, and with chicken filling. Good that I’m a pseudo-vegetarian! 😉



Catching up with my pictures…

Our daughter very first ride in the shopping card without the car sit…

She was loving it. Me too 🙂

The next very first time (since very long time ago) I had shrimp for dinner. A LOT of them!!! And I was paying for it for the next two days with a huge stomach ache.

Jumbo Coconut Shrimp

I’m not a big eater anyway… When we were dating my husband used to make fun of me that I’m the cheapest girlfriend ever. In a restaurant I would eat his french fries and maybe a small salad. Sometimes I like to treat myself with my favorite food. However, there’s a big difference between treating yourself and treating yourself BADLY.

Chocolate Wave Cake

I don’t remember a day when I was THAT FULL! And I don’t remember when we were leaving a restaurant that fast. Our daughter made terrible mess under her sit and the table. Belive me – it wasn’t just a mess it was A  M!!!E!!!S!!!S!!!

Now I know how my kitchen’s floor would’ve looked like every time our daughter eats if we didn’t have our dog… our very private vacuum cleaner…. 😉

Just figured out what my problem is…

I know I was complaining about not being able to drink hot teas or coffees lately.
I figured it out why…

Yestarday after our Little Turtle went to bed for her nap I ran to the kitchen to make myself a cup of green tea. Happy I’ll be able to drink it HOT, finally! I hate cold tea. Especialy I hate cold coffee. I’m not talking about ice coffee, but simply cold coffee that was supposed to be drank a half hour ago, but… and there is a long list of what had to be done before I got to that cup standing abandoned on the table or wherever I left it…

… and I made it. BIG cup! I know it says soup… I forgot to say that I like my tea BIG, too! (and my coffee). I couldn’t find cup big enough for my taste and when I finally found it they were a soup bowls. I bought two… 🙂

When the tea was done I started taking pictures of it. I peeked outside and I saw our grapefruit tree with the one and the only one grapefruit on it 😉

When I was outside taking pictures of the fruit I saw that we’ve got some little tomatoes growing in here… How could I not have taken some photos of this phenomena. It’s January and we’ve got tomatoes 😉 I love living in California.

I went inside and started uploading pictures to my computer, and then I saw my tea – luke warm. Yuck!!!
I just can’t do one thing at a time. I always have to run around the house like in some kind of big mission. Like everything has to be done right now, and not a minute later. Like my life depends on it. Like I can’t put my ass on the sofa for just 10 minutes and RELAX and ENJOY myself when I can.

And those goddamned pictures 😉

At the end… I just love it!

But I would’ve loved it even more if I could drink my tea hot.

Don’t talk to me until my second cup…

… of coffee!!!

Finlay I got a coffee maker with all bunch of extra stuff. Happy Happy Happy mamma!
I’m not afraid of very early mornings and sleepless nights, anymore! No, No, No! I’m ready and prepared!

My Lovely Husband despite of the argument that he had with Gevalia’s employee on the phone decided to get me a coffee set that I found on promotion for a few bucks.
I mean I’ve decided that I want it. He decided that no matter what he’s going to get it for me. Too bad he got so upset with them while ordering it.

I’ve never had Gevalia before, so I’m eager to try it. I’m not very picky when it comes to coffee. I like it black, and strong. No sugar. For the entire period of my pregnancy I hadn’t been drinking coffee, not because I didn’t want to but because I’d stopped liking it. My body just said NO NO NO to coffee… Just like that. Some day I woke up made myself a cup of coffee took one sip and right away I knew something is wrong. I thought that maybe my coffee is old, or I did something wrong while brewing it… I didn’t know, and I didn’t have my coffee that day. The next day was the same and the day after that.
Few days after…. Surprise!!! “We are going to have a baby!”

So, after our Little Poopy Pants was born I hadn’t been drinking because I just didn’t want the coffeen to get to hers body but after months of sleepless nights I’d decided that one cup is not gonna hurt anybody, and I’ve decided that I’m not going to feel bad about it. I mean about drinking one cup of coffee… Some women drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes while breastfeeding… I do not do any of that stuff. So why not a small cup of coffee… ?!?

Tasting a raw squash

actually it wasn’t even a fight… Ewelina decided that she want to try a raw squash.
First of all the squash was a little bit too heavy for her, so she lost interest over it very quickly.
It was too hard for her, too!

but she couldn’t say, she didn’t try. Right? From what I’ve noticed she preferes potatoes! 😉
I don’t let her eat them raw but she can play with it pushing it around the kitchen’s floor.
From what I know raw potatoes are very unsafe for human’s stomach. They can make you VERY sick.
I remember when I was in fourth or fifth grade my friends used to eat them just to get sick so they wouldn’t have to go to school. I tried it too, but I accomplished nothing. I ate raw, very starchy and aweful in taste potatoes, and still had to go to school. It was very unpalatable lesson 😉

ok, back to my kitchen’s floor!
From the time she started playing with it, our doggy started behaving very strange. She was watching our Little Turtle very carefuly, and her eyes were focused on the squash for the entire time

When Little Miss Poopy Pants was done with the squash Di looked around saw me watching her… and… she actually did nothing… just moved a little bit closer to the squash, like I wouldn’t be able to see what her plan is 😉
Dogs! they think they are so smart! Don’t they!

She had lain there for a minute or so, and then it started!!!
Even Poopy Pants was surprised.lol

She moved quickly

just to see that it’s the same squash that she had had before the doggy got into it… and she went away…

That’s my today’s story that had happend yesterday!

Hugs from my corner!