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Southland Sightseeing

It feels like ages since I wrote my last post.

Well, it’s been a rough road that last month. Lots of ups and downs and something close to an aversion towards blogging. Nothing personal, just too little energy and too much in my head. 

No.1 turned 3


I managed to have two photo sessions. One is already on my blog here. For that session I had the opportunity to try a wonderful lens: 24mm f/1.4G ED AF-S. As I got used to it “Oh” ‘s  and “Ah” ‘s were coming out of me all the time. I was simply in heaven.

My second session was with a pregnant, beautiful mamma and her family. I didn’t have much time to post them on the blog, though.  Will do it shortly.


I have two newborn sessions in front of me so starting tomorrow I am getting back to the hats making mode. 

Last Saturday we came back from Orange County where we had gone for husband’s business trip. We did some sightseeing but mostly just from our car.


We visited my husband friend and his pets


There was a lot of coffee involved


Not as much as I thought of crocheting:


And two nights in hotels. I was very surprised how good our kids dealt with that. 


Before we had left the house we planned the trip so I could see the “Hollywood” sign. I was very excited about that but it actually didn’t happen, and I am not heart broken.

We drove by the place where we suppose to stand in order to see the sign:


but when we got there, there were cars on cars parked on cars. Cars to the left and cars to the right. In addition the kids just fell asleep after a quite long time of screaming. I did not feel like I want to spend my time looking for a parking and then climbing up the hill to see some big letters – and just for that waking up the kids. It felt so good to ride in silence. They wake up pretty soon anyway. Go figure.

At least we stopped to see the “Walk of Fame”. I really enjoyed that. 



I got lucky to find my favorite star within a few minutes from where we get out of the car. 


Then a few more:

trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-samuel-l-jackson-mom-photographer-17 trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-tom-hanks-mom-photographer-18 trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-walt-disney-mom-photographer-18



And just as we were packing everybody to the car the husband spotted this place:

trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-18 trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-19 trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-20

On the way back we saw a sand storm, or a beginning of one.


Oh… and we finally left our young doggy where she belongs – with a trainer.


and we picked up our Old Lady who during the last year has gotten so old, and blind, an deaf and oh… so disoriented. We got very close to actually not having her, but my crocodile tears had changed it. Not that I did it in purpose, but I just couldn’t stand the vision of not having her back. Simple. 


She still is the very loving and patient dog I remember. She always has been. 

No.1 has already taken good care of the Old Lady.  After a few times of trying to ride the dog we finally told her that the dog is sick (which is not far from the truth at all), so she shouldn’t be doing it anymore. It worked. Now she is very carrying and loving towards the dog. She brings her blankets and pillows. 


We are all happy to have her back. I can’t describe how happy I am. She is back where she belongs! 

warm hugs,  


Tutorial: “How to take self-portraits”, Part I – Basic Tips

When I was brain storming about from where I should start this tutorial, the topic of FOCUS came as the most important. It wouldn’t be as important if I had a remote, but this is the point here: I want to show you that not having a remote or tripod should not stand on your way to take on some self-shooting. 

I know that lack of remote was my biggest concern when I had decided to start the 365 Self-Portrait Project, but as it appeared later it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  

So, yes, focus… 

Well, when I started putting together the presentation for Part I, which supposed to be about focus, I noticed I keep writing very general info/tips that have nothing to do with focus, but are actually an important part of the kind of self-portraiture I’ve done.

 So, before we go anywhere further, here is Part I of the tutorial: Basic Tips. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Questions and suggestions are welcome, VERY 🙂

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

… so as my 365 Project came to an end I faced a decision what to do with this blog. Before this project there was a lot of cooking and baking in here but that won’t be the main topic here as I do not cook or bake like crazy anymore. 
From now on it probably will be an every-day-life photography blog with a new recipe now and then, and as you will see in this post, self-portraits are going to appear as well. 

mom photographer, self-portrait

I plan to participate in Photo Art Friday, that’s for sure. Digital art is not my niche but now when I’m not stressed about 365 Project I have more time to play with my pictures and exercise my imagination. This week theme, for example is: “entrance or exits“, and here is my attempt to it. 

mom photographer, entrance

I know I was saying about preparing some kind of series of post with self-portraits tutoring but as for now I don’t know where to start from and what to consider as important. So as for now I’ll just keep taking them and meantime, free of the stress and pressure of having to take a self-portrait each day, I will write down some advice how to take self-portraits (with examples of an actual picture).

mom photographer, self-portrait,at the park

Good news from this week: I finally received my business cards. I am not very happy with them but they will do for now.

mom photographer, business cards

And I could not write a post without a few shots of my precious NOT angels:

mom photographer, sisters playing

Many of you know how I used to complain that our No.1 has no interest in playing or sharing with her younger sister. So these days they’re becoming more like partners in crime.

mom photographer, self-portrait, watching creativeLIVE

I’m trying to self-educate these days. Being honest with you: from the day I decided to go pro with the photography business (two months ago) I have learned way more then during the last few years. I do watch online workshops, read tremendous amount of posts about photographing kids and working with families, tips and hints, and I crochet more in order to have more props for newborn sessions. 

Today I had spent my day watching creativeLIVE workshop “Lightroom Mastery with Ben Willmore”. Gosh… my brain is about to explode. This workshop is free if you watch it LIVE… so, all day today I had struggled to remember things and make some notes while handling the kids… Tomorrow is going to be the same, and on Saturday. ugh…. 

ok, last thing… sneak peek from my latest session:

mom photographer, siblings photo session

warm hugs my friends


Yes I Do… want to be a professional photographer

Today I’m at World Moms Blog talking about how I turned my passion for photography into a business. Or at least how I try to do so. There is a story behind it and a whole new world in front of me…

As many of you know, my passion for taking pictures is tremendous. For the last year there wasn’t a day in which I didn’t take at least one picture. I decided to put my passion to work by opening a photography business. I haven’t been this excited in many, many months!

The idea of me getting out there, doing something I love, pursuing my dreams and fulfilling myself is very appealing. I have known for a long time now that being a stay-at-home-mom was not going to fulfill me and working full-time, outside the house is even less appealing.

Read more…


365 Self-Portrait Project (week 19)

This week was pretty much normal. I got a few headaches and aches here and there in general. It’s because I do not sleep like I used to… (oh well). Our Sleeping Beauty is really good, though. I shouldn’t complain.


She likes to be held. A LOT. It’s pretty hard to be a walking swing chair for her with my sore back. Sometimes I feel like I just want to sit and scream it hurts so bad… .

(for those who don’t know: I had a very serious back injury several years ago)

It didn’t bother me with our No 1. She wasn’t very needy. This one is all about hugging, kissing and sleeping in our arms.


We visited a wonderful place on Mother’s Day. I couldn’t have gotten better flowers to celebrate it 🙂



On Monday we had started the day very early. Our No 2 woke up around 6am and she soon went back to sleep but not me. I stayed up just to be able to enjoy the quiet time in front of the computer and a big cup of tea before everybody gets up.

At least during those hours when I’m up with the baby I have the time to blog and play with my pictures! 


Before I even started the day, during one of the nightly feedings I created this:

This is one of the self-portraits I had posted last week so I knew I actually am not done with Tuesday’s self-portrait. I was really tired that day as we had a few wake ups that night what usually doesn’t happen.

I dragged myself to do the laundry and while doing it I had the most miserable expressions on my face, ever 😉 I was just tired. Really tired.

After I took this picture I had a different idea for it and I had decided not to post it until I create what I really had in mind but later I changed my mind and here we go. Me pretending that I’m calm and have everything under control. [totally staged photo!!!] 😉


Bath day and headache day. Lovely husband took care of the kids while I lied down for a nap. First I thought I am not going to be able to fall asleep, then I heard a terrible noise like something JUST GOT BROKEN and I knew I had to get up and see what’s going on and clean the mess…, but I couldn’t get up I was so tired. A few minutes after I was sound asleep.

When I got up there was a mess to clean up, of course. Our No 1 had gotten into a potted plant and broke the pot and there was a soil all over the kitchen floor which of course my husband tried to clean  but he is not good at that at all 😉

Photo Art Friday


“Hello World”

She is finally awake for longer periods and more often. She still sleeps a lot but when she doesn’t she smiles and follows us with her eyes and makes the funniest sounds ever. She is totally different from our No 1!

I struggled with those pictures like crazy. Most of my selfies I have taken with 35mm lens. I think I haven’t taken a single self-portrait with my wide angle/macro cap which used with 18-55mm makes the camera really heavy, at least too heavy to hold it in one hand while twisting it and trying to take a self-portrait.

That’s why I look a little troubled on those pictures below 😉

I will not post today’s photo in here as I really don’t feel like taking one right now but I want to be done with this post as soon as possible.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, my friends!

Hugs from my tired corner!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

365 Self-portrait Project – week 10th

… and it’s Friday.

… and it’s week 10th of my project which I have never though will last that long. The funny part of this project is that at the beginning I struggled with taking one photo a day… I didn’t have many ideas and it seemed to me like I was trying way too hard to be creative and to think out of the box. I felt like this project is some kind of competition so each and every photo needs to be perfect and… oh… ah… SO CREATIVE. I spent too much time each day thinking and worrying about it.

Today it looks so different. Sometimes I don’t take a picture till 11pm and I do not panic because of that what would have happened a few weeks ago if I did that.

Overthinking it I struggled with ONE photo a day. Today I struggle with picking ONE photo from many I’ve taken during the day. The perfect example of it is today’s post. I just couldn’t pick ONE. Like that triptych (365/67) with our dog. She was making such a funny faces that at the end I couldn’t decide which picture is the best example of her and her way of begging for some attention and love. Those three are only a small part of what she was doing, actually.

It was a lazy week. It’s been dark, cold, and rainy outside so altogether with the weather everything is cloudy. Mostly my mood. I feel heavier than ever and really tired all the time. A few days back I told my husband that I feel like I’m going to go into a labour much sooner than my surgery is scheduled for. Maybe it’s just because I am so uncomfortable that I wish it was over and that’s why I have all those thoughts. Who knows. Will see what happens.

So this is what I came up for this week:


Saturday. Bath time.


Sunday. One of those days: “Oh darn. I almost forgot…” So in this case there is almost always a mirror involved 😉 This time I struggled so much with the top photo I was about to give up. I had something a little bit different in mind but I’m quite happy with the finall effect.


Here she is. Our Lady Di begging to be pet.


It’s been really cold so those are my comfy, warm socks I got as a gift from my friend a while ago. They always work altogether with hot green tea and Food Network. Comfort to my body and comfort to my soul 😉


And again: late at night… it was right before midnight and I am not cheating here. They were taken BEFORE midnight 🙂


Cup of tea and my glasses. And no, I wasn’t wearing them. As I said before. Rain and clouds. Sunglasses aren’t necessary. Even less necessary if you’re sitting indoors all the time. Although I really like to use them for photography purpose. While I was taking those pictures…

… my daughter got up from her nap…

… and she saw them…

… and she couldn’t take her hands off them… .

So we played for a while until I saw her trying to step on them… .

… and the play was over.


Today’s morning. After shower.

Hope you enjoyed them my friends and have a wonderful weekend. Ours is going to be pretty busy it seems like. So I better put my feet up, rest and enjoy the period of silence and empty home.

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 7)

I’m writing this post today instead in Friday as I normally do.

Tomorrow we have to get up at the crack of dawn and leave for my doctor’s appointment.

In this situation there will be one photo less than usual in this post. I do not know how long I’m going to be gone, and after that if I’m going to be in a mood for blogging or in a mood of doing anything at all. So, I want to take care of this post today. While I’m still feeling alright.


Saturday I got up way too early. Everybody was still asleep. I started fixing some breakfast – homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes. I needed two bowls but bending and twisting these days is not for me. If I need a pot, a pan or a bowl I simply sit on the kitchen floor and look for what I need from this perspective. Much easier 🙂




I feel like these days everybody takes self-portrait picture in the mirror of a car. It’s not even funny anymore… but look… here I am… Don’t want to think more about having to take more creative and mindful self-portrait. Taking an advantage of the moment and my husband’s phone.


On Monday I had a shooting-get-together with a friend of mine who came to visit us. Finally I had a reason to wear my boots. Since I bought them several years ago I had them on my feet only once. Not that I don’t like them.

Anyway, we spent 6 hours walking around History Park in San Jose shooting (my friend) and posing (me and my daughter). I’m so eager to see all those pictures she took of me and my pregnant belly. I know they are spectacular and being aware of that doesn’t make the waiting time easier.


On Tuesday Monday’s shooting continued. Both days were such a weird experience for me. From both days I came back home with no more than 20 pictures (in total) taken by me (instead of hundreds). In addition every single time when I meet with J. I go home depressed (but motivated). She is such a great photographer. When I look at her photos and then at mine I see that my pictures aren’t half as good as hers. Boo. And I get angry and frustrated but not for a long time. We always talk a lot about it, though, and I always learn something new. With her, shooting it’s always a good experience, no matter how bad my pictures seem to be.


The next day I was exhausted. I wanted sleep and sleep and sleep even more.

Those who follow me in this project should notice by now that I do like mirrors, reflections in general. I see them everywhere and I try to take pictures of it almost every single time I notice a reflection. This particular one was in my mind for weeks. Every single time I looked at my fauced I felt like an addict. I wanted to grab my camera and start shooting. Finally yesterday at 9pm knowing that I won’t come up with anything better and more creative I took some pictures of me and my husband wandering around the kitchen.


Today while sharing my smoothie with our Miss in Yellow Dress. These days I always make enough smoothie for both of us. I made that mistake once and I won’t do it again – I made a glass of smoothie thinking that my daughter is not gonna like it. She didn’t like it before so I though she is not going to like it this time. I was so wrong. She ate almost all of it and I was left with a piece of bread with cream cheese for breakfast.

Today we had almond milk, orange, apple smoothie.

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Me, Myself and I

Here I am: a full month of self-portraits behind me. At some point I feel overwhelmed knowing that it’s ONLY a month and there is 11 more to go. The last two weeks were really hard with almost no inspirations or energy to think about creative shots. Oh well I did it anyway and I’m proud of myself (so far).


February theme for {In The Picture} – self-portrait project hosted by Urban Muser is “write on” so this is one of my interpretations. 


At the park staring at the sky and watching my daughter and my husband having fun. 

because while I was being lazy pointing my big belly up to the sky my family was doing this:


It just happened unexpectedly: while I was holding the camera in my hand my Little One had a breakdown and she needed a hug really bad. Snap, snap and I was done with my self-portrait for the day. I like when it happens so easy.


Ok, that is a weird picture. I mean, it’s a weird me in this picture, especially that look. I think I was checking if my camera is working and while I was checking it snapped. ugh… 

And yes, I tried to take a few more without that look but they came out much worse so I had to go with this one, explaining to myself: it’s not THAT bad after all.


I finally used tripod and I don’t know why I don’t use it more often. It’s so much easier with it. It would be even easier if I had the remote, but so far I need to get creative with what I have.


It’s getting warmer and warmer every day, but my feet are still cold like ice so even in a warm sunny day I like to have my socks on.


There was no more editing to this photo than color adjustment only. It was taken on our patio while my daughter was messing around with some brums and pots and I was sitting on the bench holding a piece of a broken mirror in front of me. This is my favorite photo from this week collection.

Chic Homeschool MamaPhoto Art FridayIn The PictureMommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

My twist on 365 Project

At the beginning of this year I joined a self-portrait project hosted by Urban Muser – “In the Picture”. To make my life more complicated (because it’s actually not that complicated, anymore) and harder, I’ve decided that my number of self-portraits is 365.

I’ll be posting my pictures once a week, on Sunday.

This blog actually started because of 365 project. The project didn’t last long but I still blog so I succeed at some point. Right?

Today I’ve got more than 7 pictures because I didn’t post anything last Sunday. I just wasn’t sure if I really should do that. I’m still not sure. It’s easy now, but I know it’s not going to be in a few months after our second Little One appears and I’ll be tired and tired and even more tired and the last thing I’m going to think of is taking self-portraits. Until, I’ll try to stick to my plan and not to think about excuses.

Lets start then:











I actually have no idea how I’m going to come up with 365 photos of myself. I barely started it and I’m already complaining. Bear with me, though 🙂

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

A few of my favourite things to photograph

it feels like it’s been ages since I took a diagonal picture – my favourite perspective, and of my favourite thing – reflection. So there they are:

I’ve been kind of distracted by all those photo challenges I’ve discovered lately… and trying to keep up with some of them I kind of stepped away from reflections… and I don’t know why, but from diagonals, too. Maybe because I’ve heard many, many people saying that they don’t like diagonals; diagonals are weird, etc. I love diagonals. For me it’s been very natural way of holding the camera, and taking a picture… I hadn’t thought about that until a few people pointed it out to me. Oh well.

I don’t think this one below is very good, but it will do for now.

This is my favourite little person to photograph. When you see that smile it’s no wonder why she is my favorite 🙂

One more, but this time for one of today’s photo challenges:

I’d heard about textures so many times in the past… and I was looking at people’s pictures thinking, “WOW! I would love to be able to do that someday!” I thought that working with textures is some kind of black magic, wicca, voo doo, or something that I will never have the patience to learn about…,  that it requires special magic software and skills and maybe a 6th sense… And someday it just happend… Just like that… It was really magical, maybe it really has something to do with magic afterall… lol…
I didn’t know that it is so easy!!! I mean I’m not an expert… and I’m far from being able to make a picture to look fantastic with some kind of breathtaking texture… but if you are reading it… and thinking the same about textures that I was before… please stop… it’s amazingly easy… really… 😛 It became one of my favourite ways of editing my pictures. Though I don’t want to become very monotonous with only one way of editing…

and that’s how the picture look without editing:

SOOC Saturday

Maybe because of one of my friends, Arline who’s been taking AMAZING photos of birds, and because of my jealousy about that… I like to take a picture of a bird now and then… I’m not anywhere near where she is with her skills and equipment… but… oh well… we can’t have everything… right 😉

btw, yes… this is picture from today… and yes… you are looking at a humming bird 🙂

Of course flowers are on my list of favourite things to photograph… but who doesn’t like photograph flowers!?!

and some of today’s challenges call for some flowers, too:

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 3



being honest with you I like to take pictures of almost anything… I’ve even been studying self-portraits photography… because that’s the less favorite thing to take pictures of for me! will see how that works 😉