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365 Self-portrait Project (week 17)

This week was very… hm…Β  I would say “transitional”.

I’m getting to a point where I can fall asleep in almost any position and at any time.

In addition, our losing weight and sleeping all the time Little One transitioned into a very hungry baby who doesn’t want to sleep if we do not hold her. After my husband digged out an old swing chair that issue got a bit easier to deal with, though.Β 

but, enough of my ramblings. lets get to this week self-portraits


On Saturday we went to Babies”R”Us and got a mirror for the back seat. It works great for taking pictures πŸ˜‰ After that we had a wonderful time at the Iris Garden I blogged about a few days ago. It was a perfect day it a perfect place!


Sunday was a lazy day for everybody. Not having the swing chair at the house yet, for almost half of the day I was working as the most comfortable pillow ever.


Monday was really crazy. Trying to have at least one thing done I looked like that:

Our place looks like a battlefield and I actually have no control over it anymore. The food I’ve cooked this past week wasnt’ really very good. I’m too tired or in a hurry while making it. In between screaming infant, begging for attention toddler and begging for food dog (or stealing it from the toddler who later gets so angry because of that) there is a little space left for my attention to be focused on cooking.Β 

I know I will get use to it but for now it’s crazy around here.

In addition this project takes an extra time, as well as blogging which I think I’ll have to limit at some point.

I do not want to stop this project, though, because it brings me a relief for most of the time.

While everything around me is focused on everybody else in this project I can focused on myself. Just for a few minutes per day but it’s always a few minutes more than zero.


Here I was enjoying homemade avocado-spinach-banana ice cream and a quiet “me time” in the bathroom. That quick shower I took in the middle of that day was so nice I didn’t want to go back to that craziness.


Brushing my teeth πŸ™‚


First that day while checking my emails I saw a great news: I sold my first print EVER!!! Picture of a KETCHUP. That brought a big smile on my face and made my day

A few minutes before I took this picture I got popped on by our No 2. (that’s why I do not have any pants on). It has happened a few times this week and it feels like I will never learn πŸ˜‰

Later that day I took one more picture which I think is really sweet:Β 

Our Little One does not appreciate kisses, yet πŸ˜‰


This self-portrait was inspired by Bonnie’s theme for this week:

a piece of photo art that references, in even the most oblique way, the title of one of your favorite books“.

I do have 3 books on my shelf that are next positions on my to-read listΒ  :

– “A World without Women” by David F. Noble,

– “Woman Hating” by Andrea Dworkin,

– “Women who hurt themselves” by Dust Miller.

Those are not my favorite books but I do love to read about women and women’s issues in general.Β 

No wonder one of my favorite books is “Eat, Pray, Love” BUT before it was made into a movie!!!

At the same time the second favorite book on my list is “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsing πŸ™‚

In addition when it comes to today’s picture, I do feel pretty down lately wondering if it’s just because I’m tired or because my PPD is appearing again :/

We’ll see.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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The stork does bring babies

The title to this post comes from a friend of mine who saw one of those pictures on my fb page.

It actually is a perfect title for this series of photos.

I am not going to write a lot today as our Sleeping Beauty has decided to sleep only when in my arms so I’m writing this post with my one free hand and it’s not very comfortable writing. In addition, I think those pictures do not need a lot of words.


I can’t forget that there is a second precious girl at the house that needs the same attention as the new one:

and  then, she {snapped}Better in BulkLive and Love...Out Loud

The Sisters

So far, our one-person-bigger-family is getting along pretty well.

Everybody is happy and content. I think, those not fully slept through nights haven’t hit my body system, yet. They need to build up for a longer period then I’ll be speaking different language πŸ˜‰

Now I’m simply enjoying my two precious daughters without thinking about anything else.

It looks like The Big Sister is not really jealous of our family’s new member. Of course she is like a bull in a china store around her but other than that she really tries to be as helpful and loving as she can.

I do try to make her feel like I don’t push her away focusing only on the Little One. Of course with my still healing incision I can’t play with her or hold her on my laps what makes that goal a little harder to achieve. She helps with bringing clean diapers and taking the dirty ones to the trash and she just LOVES doing it. It’s so funny how such a small task can bring so many good emotions. Every time she sees her little sister laying uncovered she bring her a blanket. Today she put a book on her face trying to “share” it with sister.

In general, she just can’t take her eyes and hands off that Little Creature who’s appeared here so suddenly and from nowhere and because of that I can’t take my eyes off both of them for a single second.

Since that Little Precious Sleeping Beauty joined us we all have had a really great time. We are not new to the parenthood and having a newborn around is not scary anymore so actually we enjoy it more than when we were experiencing it for the fist time.

Black and White Wednesdayand  then, she {snapped}

Such a cutie…

Ewelina is almost 5 months old… and she amazes us so much every single day.
She’s got two teeth, and she can sits up withouth our help… πŸ™‚
She can roll over from her back to belly, but she can roll over back. She gets upset, and we need to run to help her get back on her back ( get back on her back… hm… is English really funny, or am I too tired to write this sentence right). Whatever it is it’s funny… English, Ewelina, rolls over, rolls back (or not), doggy, etc…

ah… and today’s photography session was funny too.
A few months ago I tried this outfit on her, and it was much too big… Yesterday before I dressed Ewelina up in it I thought it’s still too big, but I’ll give it a try…
And I was like:
Upss… – almost too small. lol

She looked so cute in it that I couldn’t think of anything else just to take some pictures of her.
It came out, that this outfit didn’t play any big role in our photography session… Oh well. Believe me or not she looks really beautiful in it…

The very new teeth… two of ’em


I’d taken something around 3 dozens of photos of Ewelina’s face, lips, nose, chin, tongue… everything trying to capture her two growing teeth…

This is what I got:

She had a small break down in the middle of our session πŸ™‚
It didn’t last long…, and doggy didn’t care about it too much. Di was happy she could cuddle with somebody for a while…, and it didn’t matter if that somebody is screaming her head off…

Little Helper ;-) upsss… Sleeper!!!

To make a long story short…

Today morning… She insists on helping me with the laundry. So, every mother knows – it’s her/his way or no way… πŸ˜‰ After a small talk I talk her into just watching me. She is happy with this compromise. Uffff…. πŸ™‚ Happy Child. Happy Parent.

After about 5 minutes…

…little helper is gone to the Morpheus Land πŸ˜‰

Such a funny baby we’ve got here!!!