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Dance and Play like nothing else matters

So far, I am very lucky when it comes to taking pictures of my kids.

Sometimes No.1 gets tired of it but for the most of the time she is VERY cooperative.

I just need to say: “smile!”

and if there is music playing, well… then I have the perfect situation:


 Photo Art Friday

I tried to make this picture more “vintage” for Photo Art Friday theme (vintage) but all the textures and things I’ve tried beyond this point looked awful.

Taking an advantage of one day without a headache, yesterday I went with the kids to the park and later that day I put together this cute movie (my new hobby – making movies)

Today, I’m back to normal, what means the headache is back and I feel like I want to shoot myself in the head to stop it!

Hope you all are feeling way better than I am!

warm hugs from my corner!


Photo Art Friday, Minimalism NOT and stuff

This is my attempt to this weeks theme for Photo Art Friday: “Minimalist” 


yes, it is a Facebook comment. One of many of the same or bigger length (longer length, should I say…hmm?). 

It is not from my wall, it’s a shot of my husband’s computer screen. The discussions he gets into turn into an obsessive arguments for most of the time. They are mostly about gay rights, religion, gun control and Obama. When he sees an opportunity to get into an argument with somebody on his Facebook he takes the chance 9.5 times of 10… and then I have to listen all about it… even worse, he makes me read it!!! imagine! 

So, there is NO minimalist here… 

Changing topic. 

If you remember my last week frustration with my computer… well… I got around it (not completely but at lest to the point where it is not driving me completely insane), and have been very busy with making short movies. They suck, but gosh I had so much fun making them. 

They are just a few minutes long so feel free to watch them. 

The first movie I made, it’s the one I was complaining about in last post. My husband says, he has never enjoyed “coffee” as much as while watching this movie 🙂  

The second one, I think is better, but youtube converted it into a crazy looking movie. 

The last one is from our time at the park from a few days ago. The quality is very bad because youtube changed something. After I uploaded it I got a message that they detected the movie might be to shaky (or something like that) and asked me if I want them to fix it. I clicked yes, and the outcome is horrible. So just in case, NEVER USE THIS OPTION ON YOUTUBE. 🙂

and just want to let you know, I have started putting together tutorial for taking self-portraits. I thought I will have it done by now but, as usual, life happened…, but in a good way. 

I hope for more “life happened”s  like that, you know 🙂 

So in this optimistic, not very minimalistic post, I wish you all happy Friday extended to happy Saturday and Sunday… 😉

Introduction to a new series: “How to take self-portraits”

I have finally decided to start a series of posts about how to take self-portraits. btw, this post is long, so please grab a coffee/tea and enjoy! I was writing it for almost 3 days!!! 

I am not a pro. I do not claim I am one. I am still learning and I hope to learn even more by doing this series.

The 365 Self-Portrait Project has taught me how to overcome a few obstacles that many people come across when they want to start taking self-portraits:

–          Lack of remote

–          Not having a tripod (I have one but believe me, in 366 days of 2012 I used it less than 10 times)

–          Having two kids around all the time

–          Low self-esteem/Shyness

–          Posing

–          Creativity (lack of it, I meant)

–          Boring life

–          Lack of time (how can you have a boring life and a lack of time at the same time?)

I could think off a few more things but as for now those are the biggest problems I remember I encountered at the beginning. I still have some issues with those things, believe me. I do struggle with focus, what probably will force me to get a remote in a few weeks (I already found one that I would want to get). I do struggle with creativity and my posing sucks; I do have a funny story to tell about it, though.   

Having taken on this project (365 Self-Portraits in one year), in a very difficult time of my life has given me something than many self-portrait artists don’t have to go through while creating their portraits.

This past year was terribly hectic. I was pregnant, and then I wasn’t. I was mother of one child, then all of a sudden I had two of them. I was ok with my pregnant body and I really enjoyed to take photographs of pregnant me, but after the baby was born, immediately, I got very aware of my post-pregnant shapes, and jumping in front of the camera was the last thing I wanted to do.

With two little kids, where one is a “never wanting to let off the booby” kind, it was even harder to get creative or be on my own, in peace and quiet, having all the free time, trying this or that, until I am happy with the shot. I actually had limited time, limited opportunities, and limited energy (VERY limited energy). Many pictures were taken “on the run”, literally. My camera was always around and I would take it every single place we went. I just couldn’t afford to lose a good opportunity to take a self-portrait while doing…, well, while doing anything.

As a family we do not have very active social life so we are not in many situations that other people would take a photo of us and our kids together FOR us. Even if … I am always not very happy with pictures that strangers take for us while we are out and about. I hate that most people do not know how to handle a DSLR set on MANUAL. My camera is always on MANUAL, so if I forget to change it or at least explain a few things to the person it means that most of the pictures we are going to be on are overexposed or underexposed, and that somebody will be out of focus, read WE, the family, will be out of focus (and I know it from my personal experience). The outcome is predictable: those pictures are always deleted, what makes my husband really mad. And don’t you agree that those pictures always look the same. Boring. Flat. They look just like any other family portrait taken by a stranger where the only difference is the background (and outfits).

Do those pictures look boring:

what about these:


ok, the last example is not the best. I have to admit I did a poor job encouraging my husband to get into the picture in this project. I will have to change that this year. 

Anyway, when it is you who is in charge of taking pictures as well as posing in them you can control EVERYTHING! Don’t like it? Do it again. Something is out of focus? Re-focus and shot again. The picture is overexposed? Change the settings and DO IT AGAIN. Don’t like the perspective/angle? Move the camera, refocus, check the settings, and take a few more pictures. You can repeat the process until you’re happy with at least one photo. Sometimes it takes time but the more you do it the better you get in doing it right in less time. At the end it is you and only you who decide how much of you people are going to see.

The thing is, if you do it on your own, in your own time frame, surrounded by things you like, and maybe listening to a favorite music, you will feel more comfortable to just be yourself in front of the camera. To make a goofy face, to have a natural smile, to be more playful, or romantic, etc. The sky’s the limit.


Being honest with you, I do not have the entire plan for this series lined up in front of me. It’s not like I already have done the creative thinking and I have written all the topics and dates for them. NO. To make a good and informative post with a few examples and explanations I need time – sometimes I don’t have it (time), that’s why I don’t promise to publish “one post a week” with a new topic on how to take self-portraits. I will try to do my best, though. I think, it probably will be one post a month.

I enjoy doing it and I do it because I want to do it, not because I must do it. I want it to stay that way. I want to keep it healthy. Healthy for me. I had been through a period where blogging, getting comments and new followers would take over my personal life, my mood. I based my happiness on the number of comments and visitors to my blog. So no, I will not allow myself to slip into the same situation again.

You have to be aware; this is different from just taking a self-portrait and posting it here with a few words describing the photo. This series is my next challenge. Normally photography is a very intuitional process to me. Here, in order to explain things I’ll try to go into more technical parts of this process: f-stops, ISO, light, post-processing, lenses.

It is going to be a self-educating process. If there is one person out there who will learn something from it as well, I’ll be thrilled.

So please, if you don’t understand something I am going to talk about, just be patient and ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to ask and it could teach both sides (me and you) something new. I appreciate all the questions. I do want to help women to get out of the closet and be comfortable with their own images, no matter what age and shapes.  

To stay updated with each post from this series you can simply follow this blog, my Facebook page or Twitter, but being honest with you, I am not a Twitter person. I tweet rarely, and mostly those are updates from my posts, nothing else. The best way to stay in touch is to follow my Facebook Page.

I will not be giving any assignments or self-portrait themes, and I am not going to create link-ups. If some of my posts inspire you to go out there and to experiment with self-portraits, I encourage you to come back to my blog and leave a link to your post with self-portraits in the comments section of the most recent post from this series.

To check which is the latest post from this series if you just mouse over the button where is says “Self-Portraits”. Do not click on it. A small list will show up. 

screenshot 1

Now there is only one thing:  “365+1 Self-Portrait Project”. Clicking on it will take you to the whole year of my self portraits. Post after post. 

After this post is published I’m going to add one more option: “How to take self-portraits”. Clicking on it will take you to posts from this series ONLY. 

screenshot 2


My next post, actually first in which I give some real advice, not just plain talk, about “how to” take self-portraits is almost ready and will be up on the blog next week. I am going to talk about achieving reasonable good focus without using the remote, as well as how to do it all without a tripod. 

 So lets the fun begin! 


A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

… so as my 365 Project came to an end I faced a decision what to do with this blog. Before this project there was a lot of cooking and baking in here but that won’t be the main topic here as I do not cook or bake like crazy anymore. 
From now on it probably will be an every-day-life photography blog with a new recipe now and then, and as you will see in this post, self-portraits are going to appear as well. 

mom photographer, self-portrait

I plan to participate in Photo Art Friday, that’s for sure. Digital art is not my niche but now when I’m not stressed about 365 Project I have more time to play with my pictures and exercise my imagination. This week theme, for example is: “entrance or exits“, and here is my attempt to it. 

mom photographer, entrance

I know I was saying about preparing some kind of series of post with self-portraits tutoring but as for now I don’t know where to start from and what to consider as important. So as for now I’ll just keep taking them and meantime, free of the stress and pressure of having to take a self-portrait each day, I will write down some advice how to take self-portraits (with examples of an actual picture).

mom photographer, self-portrait,at the park

Good news from this week: I finally received my business cards. I am not very happy with them but they will do for now.

mom photographer, business cards

And I could not write a post without a few shots of my precious NOT angels:

mom photographer, sisters playing

Many of you know how I used to complain that our No.1 has no interest in playing or sharing with her younger sister. So these days they’re becoming more like partners in crime.

mom photographer, self-portrait, watching creativeLIVE

I’m trying to self-educate these days. Being honest with you: from the day I decided to go pro with the photography business (two months ago) I have learned way more then during the last few years. I do watch online workshops, read tremendous amount of posts about photographing kids and working with families, tips and hints, and I crochet more in order to have more props for newborn sessions. 

Today I had spent my day watching creativeLIVE workshop “Lightroom Mastery with Ben Willmore”. Gosh… my brain is about to explode. This workshop is free if you watch it LIVE… so, all day today I had struggled to remember things and make some notes while handling the kids… Tomorrow is going to be the same, and on Saturday. ugh…. 

ok, last thing… sneak peek from my latest session:

mom photographer, siblings photo session

warm hugs my friends


365 Self-Portrait Project (week 51 & 52)

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and very relaxing start of 2013. This post is massive and I am sorry for that. Please grab a cup of tea or coffee and take your time to go through it. 
With all what was going on around here I had to skip one post. I have been taking self-portraits I just didn’t have the time and energy to put it all together and publish here.

Those are my last days of this project. There is only few days left, and I am feeling a little nostalgic about it. It was a tremendous challenge sometimes. Now it is nothing but a pleasure to be able to look back at all those pictures and remember day by day what  I was up to.

It’s been a journey! Really!

There is a few more pictures to be taken and it is not the last post from this series, so I won’t get all nostalgic here… not yet!


Last Friday it was raining and inspired by some of the pictures my friend took in the rain, I decided to go out and try something with the rain, too. I just got wet, and ended up with an arm’s length  head shot. 😦

mom photographer, self-portrait 351


The next day, on Saturday we left for Christmas. It was raining and I had plenty of opportunities to do some “rain shooting”, although it had to be from the outside of a moving car.

mom photographer, self-portrait 352

mom photographer, x-mas road trip, collage 1

mom photographer, x-mas road trip, collage

The trip did not go the way we had planned it and at some point we had to stay at a hotel.

mom photographer, self-portrait 352a


The next day, before getting back on the road we had to run some errands … and while doing it those pictures were taken.

mom photographer, self-portrait 353

and we hit the road again

mom photographer, x-mas road trip, collage 2


Merry after Christmas, my friends. I hope they were full of joy and happiness.

mom photographer, self-portrait 354


Gifts, gifts, and more gifts… not a big fan of this part but, oh well… at least kids were happy!

mom photographer, christmas pictures, collage

Later the same day life had gotten very bitter, and while each year I think that my Christmas can not get any worse… the next year it actually gets worse, and worse, and I right now I don’t want to think about the next year.

mom photographer, self-portrait 355


Back on the road. This time following the u-hauling husband. 360 miles home with not very happy kids on board.

mom photographer, self-portrait 356

and while driving I took some pictures of the amazing landscapes are we were passing through.

mom photographer, x-mas road trip, collage 3

It wasn’t the first time we were driving those roads but never before I had seen snow there, so I was pretty excited about it. We stopped just to let No.1 to touch the snow but she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. She was pretty scared… I have no idea why.

She said “she is scary” 😉

mom photographer, x-mas road trip-4

mom photographer, x-mas road trip, collage 4


When we got back home, this is what was waiting in our mail box. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 357

Post card from one of my clients. I couldn’t be any happier. It took my mind away from all that stuff that was going on in my head, and it made me smile. 


Just a quick snap. Nothing special. After we came back from our trip it was nothing but feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that has to be done around our place. I wasn’t really feeling like being extra creative with the self-portraits.

mom photographer, self-portrait 358


Then I got an eye infection, or whatever that was. Very painful and uncomfortable. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared, though. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 359


Last Sunday I had a family photo session after witch we went for a lunch.  

mom photographer, self-portrait 360

And this is a sneak peek of this session. What a great day we had! 

mom photographer, family photo session



mom photographer, self-portrait 361


The First day of the 2013 we spent on a beach. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 362

mom photographer, self-portrait 362a

mom photographer, half moon bay


Not in a mood for pictures 😉

First of all I spent all day in my pajamas.

Second of all, the day before I had this big plan for the next day. You know the one in witch I rule the world; I clean the whole house, go grocery shopping, maybe go for a walk with kids, etc. 

Then I got up, looked at the piles of laundry here, boxes there, and I knew I need a coffee first. So I had my coffee and feeling a little bit better I vacuumed. And that’s how I ruled the world yesterday.

 mom photographer, self-portrait 363

 The last few pictures I am going to post next week. I want take my time to sum it up although I should say, I already did it with a post on BonBon Break “365 Self Portrait Project – A life changing Resolution“. It was published today. So far I can’t think of a better summary, sure, I should have said “thank you” more but this part will be here, on my blog. 

This essay is my second piece written for BonBon Break. The first one “Portraits of a Mother” was chosen to top 5 posts in 2012. What a great way to start the New Year and to finish this project.

In addition, if I can say I helped at least one woman to change her approach from “running away from the camera” to “willingly staying where she supposed to be” (and I know I have!) I will call this project a success of my life! 

Warm hugs!

Photo Art Friday

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 49th)

One more week behind. It’s getting closer, and closer to the end of this project. Sometimes I can’t wait… sometimes I’m sad about it.


Last Friday:

mom photographer, self-portrait 337365/338

I definitely need a haircut!!!

mom photographer, self-portrait 339

On Saturday I had a newborn/family session. I got very lucky to be able to photograph such a beautiful family:

newborn session, mountain view 365/339

On Sunday I spent most of my day processing the newborn photos but first COFFEE,

mom photographer, self-portrait 338 with bananana (as No.1 says it) pancakes

mom photographer, self-portrait 338a 365/340

Monday was park day.

mom photographer, self-portrait 340 The weather was gorgeous. mom photographer, gorgeous fall weather

At some point I and No.2 got tired and while this picture is not really the best, it tells the real story of a mother trying to relax. I bet many of you know the plot.

The sun is shining on my face and warms up my entire body. My Little Darling just dozed off while eating. I feel like my eye are getting heavier as well. It is nice, relaxing, comfortable. I wish, I was laying in a hammock right now, but in this circumstances I am happy that the playground is empty, just us. It is quite, peaceful. I closed my eyes…

– MOOOOM!!! MORE WATER, please!!!

Gosh… it felt so good for a few second… but not anymore.

mom photographer, self-portrait 340a


The next day was a park day, too. The weather is too beautiful to sit at the house. We walked to the park and here is the entire walk captured.

mom photographer, self-portrait 341a

Speaking of motherhood captured. Here is one more example:

mom photographer, self-portrait 341

This wasn’t the hardest hit I’ve received from her… but it got me by surprise, that’s for sure.


This picture is called: “I’m going to shoot myself” 😉

On Wednesday I received a package from Poland and it had my old, old, old, analog camera. The one that I love so much.

At the same time, I know that it needs some repairs and general inspection, and that will costs some money. The conclusion is: I am happy and frustrated at the same time. I have my cameras but to be able to fully enjoy them I will have to wait, and that is KILLING ME even more than not having those cameras with me!

mom photographer, self-portrait 342


Today’s shot was a small practice for Saturday family photo session. Love the light on my Little Ones face!

If the weather stays as gorgeous as the last several days I am not planning to be shooting indoors on Saturday, that’s for sure!

mom photographer, self-portrait 343

So, I think that would be it for today.

Hope you guys are staying warm and happy!

embrace the cameraBlack and White Wednesday

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 48th)

We had lots of rain this week. And it got cold.

But today the sun came out and it’s the sunny Fall again.

mom photographer, fall leaves

I did have a photo session yesterday, and it went good, I would say. The funny thing is that the director of this entire session wasn’t me, but the boy I was photographing. He wanted to jump there, swing here, slide like that or run like this… while his sister was on the very shy side. More pictures here.

mom photographer, kids mini-session

Everything while my husband was baby sitting our kids:

mom photographer, kids on the swing

Lets get to self portraits, though. 


Like I didn’t post enough of those pictures last week, here you have one more. Following me, every step I take, baby. She  is much more happy since she got more mobile. Now she can crawl to any place she want to and that makes a tremendous difference in her behavior, and that makes her momma very, very happy, as well.  

mom photographer, self-portrait 330a


Now, I have no idea where we were going that day but we were going somewhere and while packing kids to the car I snapped this picture. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 331


On Sunday No.1 handed to me a coupon asking me to take a picture of Micky Mouse

mom photographer, self-portrait 332


Shower time… or after shower time. I don’t remember. It looks like I do not remember many things these days. 

mom photographer, self-portrait 333


Play time 

mom photographer, self-portrait 334


So, I had this idea for the photo shoot I had this week. I was planning to make a garland which I did make but it came out terrible. The bright side of it is that I had practiced my sewing, and I have to admit – I am getting better…  

mom photographer, self-portrait 335


Yesterday, tired after the photo shoot and all evening editing, I just didn’t feel like I want to take a single photo, but I had to so I snapped what I call “whatever”. To make it more interesting I just merged 3 pictures into one. Don’t think that by doing so I made it more interesting, but at least I tried 😉 right?

mom photographer, self-portrait 336

I hope you guys are having a great week and wishing you a nice and warm weekend. I’m having a newborn photo session tomorrow, so I better get back to writing my ideas down and browsing the wonderful Pinterest!

btw, I do have a new Facebook Page for my professional photography, you can head over and “like” it, or not… no pressure 🙂

Mommy-and-Me-Monday-Button-125Kleinworth &Co

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 47th)

The very great news is that this week I lost my laptop, all together with all the self-portraits I had, and many more pictures. All my textures from Kim Klassen, Bonnie, and from different websites. Many great crochet patterns that I had saved as PDF’s…

Everything thanks to No.1 – it appeared my computer did not like milk. Who would have thought that? huh?

I lost my cute “momphotographer” watermark. I created it with a font I had found on Internet and now I don’t remember the name of the font so I don’t know where to look for it. Actually, I don’t even feel like doing so.

I had to download new photo editing software and  here is the good news. I was able to get new Lightroom and I AM LOVING IT!!! Before I was working on Lr 2 and I thought I have no need to try the new version. Gosh… I couldn’t be more wrong… What a difference!!!


While having my morning coffee I was enjoying No.2.

No. 1 and her dad were still asleep.


Got myself a new chocolate. Dark chocolate with quinoa. Sooo good!

I am not in my forties but already have developed a specific taste buds for cheese and chocolate 😉


So, the story behind this picture is that my Little One is the “glued to her mom” kind of baby. Wherever I go there the sound of four-leg follower, most of the time there is a crying sound as well.


There is no reason to use a plate sometimes… Don’t you think?


Yeah… glued… again…

…and holding on in case if mom moves or walks away in which case she’ll go with her…


It rains… finally. Not that I am happy because of that, but so far we had such a gorgeous weather it was weird… Now is normal; cold and wet.

365/ 329

All chocolate gone: not good!

I hope you guys having a good week and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

I am going back to my crochet creations. Have made two hats this week and now I am stuck on matching cocoons… something is not right and I can’t figure out what… ugh…

Photo Art FridayIn The PictureFourteen Forty-button

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 46th)

If you celebrate it… – Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Those who wonders – No, we do not have Thanksgiving in Poland 😉 (answer based on a real question.lol)

Anyway, this week is full of me and my hand(s) doing something with the food. I don’t know how that happened but it did. 


On Friday we had orange honey chicken stir fry for dinner. This dish is not the easiest/fastest to make but it is super delicious and my entire family loves it.   


On Saturday I had a photo session. It was great! The weather forecast said it’s was going to rain so we were prepared with umbrellas and the right kind of boots, but it actually didn’t and we had fun improvising 🙂

and there was a plenty of time to play with my favorite thing: reflections!   

Sneak peak from this session is on my new website: here and here.

It’s my new baby; I have decided to go public with the photography business. I am very excited  about it!    


On Sunday I took the picture of my boots (the blue ones) after being partially cleaned… I could not think of a better picture, not only because from the minute I woke up I had the most painful headache ever, but, because that day I was re-living the previous day over, and over again… especially while looking through all the pictures  I had taken. 


The next day, fixing pasta salad for lunch, with a terrible headache (again) and no energy to think of a better self-portrait.


Very recently we have started introducing solid food to No.2. 

She does not like it.

I don’t like it.

She is very stubborn and does not want to eat it.

So I give her a face cloth with which I wipe her face. She likes to play with it and bite it, so while she opens her mouth to bite the cloth I shovel the food in it. It does not always work. Most of the food ends up on me, on the floor, on her…  Maybe finger food would be a better idea in her case.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Making cranberry sauce in orange juice, with some brown sugar, cinnamon and orange peels.

The cranberry sauce is the only dish I really enjoy. I do not care for the rest of the dishes served during the Thanksgiving dinner.   

This year there is only us celebrating… without being  guests, having guests (or the in-laws).       

And because of that I am not cooking a lot and I am not stressing myself out. 

I had the time and the energy to bake two cakes:

– Polish cheesecake, using mix of Mexican and American cheese (now you can call it a multinational dish !!!)

– apple pie for my husband

using Bonnie’s texture: “Signed & Sealed”

Photo Art Friday



Hmm… Instead of a turkey, we roasted a wild duck, and a chicken in case if the duck failed (which of course did fail). Today was the first time I roasted whole chicken and duck. The chicken was delicious while the duck didn’t cook through and it made terrible, greasy mess inside the oven (our dog is going to be very happy in a few minutes).

Right now we are all making a room for some desert and a cup of tea.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving at least as much as I did. 

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday ”Kleinworth

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 45th)

Nothing very interesting has happened this week. The time flew by like… eh… like everything what flies fast… 😉


Wait… actually one very interesting thing had happened. I had a family/newborn photo session last Friday. Had so much fun doing it, and  I have learned a few things; One of them was that I will not bring any of my kids to photo sessions (if I have more, of course). No matter how small they are. I thought, I’m doing the right thing, you know, No.2 is the most needy baby ever, she is the “momma needing” baby… so, even for a second I did not think I could leave her with my husband… .

Off we went…   

And I ended up shooting pictures like a super woman. In one  hand the camera, in the other No.2. Believe me, I was so sore the next day, it was hard to move my arms. I was tired, but I was happy tired.



Using Bonnie’s texture “Drips of Rainbow” and merging two pictures together (three if you count the texture), I created this:


Fish lips… Can you do that?! 😉


These days it feels like doing the laundry is endless. Folding clean, washing dirty. Never ending circle. I actually hate folding laundry  and now I understand why my mom made us fold our own clothes as soon as we were able to do so… (it means, very early in life!).    


On the way to a doctor we stopped and had lunch at Olive Garden, my husband favorite place. Honestly: I have no idea why he likes it so much. The only thing I can eat there are: their “house salad” and bread sticks. Everything else is just drowned in cheese or so, so salty, it is almost inedible.      

At the doctor:

The doctor said that despite her rich in fiber/s diet (mostly newspapers!!!) she should start eating something else. I am not really looking to it, but wanting it or not… the first tray of tasteless carrot puree was made…

(still life with a twist for Bonnie’s challenge this week)

Photo Art Friday


While I was making this delicious “kale – Italian sausage” soup  

I was accompanied by the scream of No.2.
She can scream like that for as long as it takes you to finally give up and pick her up. Then she sniffles for the next half an hour making you feel guilty for her miserable being…


Just a quick photo shoot before the sunset.

and a funny thing:

Hope you guys are having a decent week, and wishing you even better weekend.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday