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Self-Portrait of the Photographer {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA}

Who’s up to a challenge? 🙂

Ewa Samples Photography

Taking pictures is my passion. It is a passion of every photographer out there, at least this is what I believe in.

We spent hours on end shooting, editing, thinking about locations or location hunting, visualizing sessions with clients, browsing the Internet and organizing our Pinterst boards. Everything for one purpose – to become a better photographer and to serve our clients better. Many of us have mastered and memorized all the techniques of encouraging our models to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We know a lot about posing, how to make people look good, how to use the light and how to use every bit of space as a good spot for a photograph.

We take tremendous amounts of pictures weekly… Don’t we.

But how many pictures of ourselves, with kids, with spouses or without them, do we have?
How many times when somebody said, “hey you’ve…

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Photo Art Friday, b-day girl and spiders

First of all…








This young lady origins from the grumpy kind (my blood).

Very recently she has learned to climb on mom’s bread machine.

She walks like a pro, but sometimes she still prefers to get on four – mostly when she has to keep up with her Big Sis.

She loves to blink at mom and dad. 

She wears sunglasses like a real star. 


And not like her sister, she eats almost anything


She makes a great bunny


and she loves to be her Big Sister’s partner-in-crime – or it’s the other way around… (probably).


This week’s theme for Photo Art Friday is “shadows and/or light”. I’ve missed last few weeks 😦
I dug out this picture from my archives:


and this one is from few days ago:


I finally finished my shawl, something I wanted to make for a long, long time, but always thought it is too complicated to make. 

And I must share with you those few shots of baby spiders we saw the last weekend. What an awfully great experience 😉 

Crochet Granny Squares Kid’s Poncho and Hat

This project had its beginning because of a few left-over granny squares. When I saw them I immediately thought about making granny squares hat for my daughter; I came across one somewhere on Pinterest and it stuck in my head since.

So, as soon as I dug out those left-over squares from a box with unfinished crochet project I knew what I’m going to do.




Then out of nowhere I came up with the idea of making her a matching poncho. The work was terribly slow and frustrating because I had made the poncho way too big for her and had to unravel part of it at some point. That had made to put this project aside for a week or so.



we do have a matching blanket as well. I made the blanket when I was pregnant with her. It has served her pretty well.


HIT THE “PUBLISH” BUTTON by an accident… 

Will add the pattern soon!!! (although, you can make it with any granny squares)



Photo Art Friday – Portrait

Good Morning from my dark (in light, not mood – thanks god) and quiet corner, 

This week’s theme for PAF is “portrait”.

Well, I’ve got many of those! 😉
Every single day there is a new portrait. 
Every single trip to a park – new portrait(s). 

So I had a lot to choose from. 

No.2 is a very moody girl. She can change her state of being from very, very grumpy to very, very happy within 5 seconds. And she just switches from one to another all day long (just like her mamma, by the way!). 








No. 1 LOVES balloons. 

This girl doesn’t need a lot to be happy but balloons made her exalted. 


I’m in process of 3 projects.

2 sewing project (one already done) and 1 crochet project.

I’m actually stuck as I do not have the materials to finish the second sewing project and the crochet one, well, there is more unraveling that crocheting now, so I am very discouraged.



we’ve got a little piglet growing here. 
Nothing like her Big Sister who after her very picky father is a picky eater herself, No.2 eats almost ANY DARN THING! 


and a few latest shots of her:



I had many more PORTRAITS to share but I don’t want you all to get bored with all the kids stuff, and I need to start the day myself, as the magic word (or two): IN-LAWS!!! is/are circling around our home like a fly… 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 42nd)

This week was a little bit crazy. Camera crazy, I should say. I had a photo buddy visiting us for a few days so it’s not really that hard to guess what we were doing. 

We were speaking Polish. Yeay!!!

We were cooking food that normally is not served in our home : Polish food made universal but for vegetarians only 😉 

We were taking many pictures.

Oh, how I wish I had weeks like that more often.


On Friday I’d started making a mat for the dogs crate but I haven’t finish it as my sewing machine is acting crazy and I can’t figure why.


Playing with the kid in a “flying bear” and a “flying doll”. 


On Sunday my friend arrived and we all went to a pumpkin patch.

This picture is not a self-portrait. It was taken by my friend. 

We did not take any shots of No. 2 because she was sick and had spent the entire outing swaddled in dad’s arms while two camera crazy Polish women were chasing even more crazy No. 1.


For such busy with taking pictures week something very weird had happened.

On Monday I did not take a single self-portrait as well as there wasn’t a single photo taken of me by my friend.   


On Tuesday I had fixed the mistake from the previous day by taking A LOT of self-portraits. 

altogether with MANY pictures of NO.1 and NO.2

The weather was just perfect and despite a few kids breakdowns we spent about 4 hours at the park. 


How surprised I was when not really knowing that my No. 2 can sit on her own already I was holding her for the photo shot and when I finally let her go (expecting she is going to fall down after a few seconds) she just sat there, and sat… and she gave us the most serious look the small child can give you; The look which is sweet but not when you want to take beautiful pictures of a child to be used in your portfolio.    


We also captured many moments with aunt Jo in the picture. Normally she is always behind the camera.  

And the sitting elf, again 🙂  

and her sister using my tripod as her microphone:

Before that I had no idea that she knows the concept of a microphone… It looks like she is very familiar with it. 


“Hey, what ya doing up there?” 

No. 2 is getting more and more curious about what’s going on around her.   

She is very close to start to crawl.



Finally, the real Fall weather has gotten to here. Warm socks and plenty of ho tea is a must!!!      

This picture reminded me that my cup of tea is empty. Time to fill it up.

Stay warm my friends.

Photo Art FridayIn The PictureKleinworth &Co

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 41st)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I try to publish one or two posts in between each Friday, so there aren’t only self-portraits here.

Not everything always work out the way we want it… huh?

This week just flew by. I wasn’t very busy, though.

Or… maybe I was…

Having two kids is already a piece of work, so saying I wasn’t busy would be actually a lie. Two days without the husband. Sewing, crocheting, cleaning.

Yes, you read it right: I finally made my first sewing creation: skirt for No.1

Just look for me in the next Project Runway 😉

Oh… and I had a WONDERFUL photo shoot on Saturday. It was truly amazing.


On Friday, quick shot of my favorite belt (Yes, my belt, not my butt). I bought it about 10 years ago. It’s been with me through bad and good.


On Saturday I was the photographer

and she was the model:

and I snapped a few pictures of this guy:

Back in days he was my ESL teacher.

Today, a dear friend.


The next day there was a pain. A horrible pain.


My Little Darlin always gets in a picture. No matter if I want it or not.

Me envisioning something is a one thing, but making it happen… oh dear, that’s a different story.


On Tuesday husband was gone for almost all day, but before he left I’d made him banana pancakes for breakfast.

and later I’d tried to fix a small problem in something I’ve made for No.2:

Those leg warmers were a little too big on the top part and I had to do something to make them fit better.

Can’t really say I fixed it!

Did I mention that No. 1 always gets a way to be in a picture ;)
Did I mention that No. 1 always finds a way to get in the picture 😉

At least it all had inspired me to take some pictures of our cranky-not sleeping-but definitely yawning a lot No.2


With the husband gone for the day and my headache back, there was no way I could survive that day without any pills.



I know those two picture are a little of a stretch.

Here, there is almost nothing of me… that tiny piece of my foot…

and here, there is not very visible reflection in our dog’s eye.

Photo Art Friday

But you know what, I took much better shots of our daughter having fun and that’s what matters the most. Those simple moments of happiness… all because there was a wind blowing in her face and leaves dancing around her.

I think we all could learn a lot from our kids. Mostly how to enjoy our life.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Get out there and feel the wind!


I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to answer to all your comments from last week. I’ve been more into the real life than the Internet one this past week. It felt really good, actually. Maybe I should do it more often 😉

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 40th)

First of all I want to share with you a great news!

This Monday my post about this project was published on Bonbon Break website. You can read it here!!!

So far it has received 203 “likes” on their fb page, and 93 “likes” on their webpage. Honestly I am so, so surprised that it drew so many readers; At the same time I am so thrilled and happy. As I wrote here, on my blog, and then I repeated it in this essay for Bonbon Break:

At some point this project took on a life of its own. It became more about US than about ME. More about motherhood than just one mother.

I am so thankful for and so inspired by all the comments I’ve gotten here, on Bonbon Break, as well as on World Moms Blog; it’s thanks to this post for WMB  Kathy from Bonbon Break has found me and asked if I would be willing to share my experience in this project with their readers!

It is a fact, the last touch to this post comes from my husband. He went through this essay, sentence by sentence, in order to find grammatical and stylistic errors in it, change them and explain why “this way not the other”.

It was, still, such an amazing thing to read one person’s words

I love this one…, the message, the writing, and the photos!

Still, how big of a smile appeared on my face when I read those words!

Somebody liked MY WRITING!!! IN ENGLISH, so to speak!

Fun Fact:

People who know me from High School and College know how much I hated English language. I was bad at it, it frustrated me, very often I was depressed because of it, especially while in college, where I had to repeat one year of English classes. Even then I almost failed, second time. Believe me! My English speaking and writing skills sucked REALLY, I mean, REALLY bad!!!

I was the last person, my teachers thought, would be out there writing blog, expressing my thoughts in full sentences in English language!

It is amazing where life takes us. Isn’t it.

Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to write an essay in Russian!


On Friday I took some silly photos for my post about coconut-coffee facial scrub.

I really like the first picture but the second one is a funny one so I’ve decided to use both…

There is nothing wrong in showing my cross-eyed face once in a while 😉



One of those picture that doesn’t have much story behind it. It took me almost an hour (while both kids were asleep – MIRACLE!!!) to finally gave up and stop taking pictures. I wasn’t happy with a single photo I had taken that day. I tried this and that. I was completely out of ideas. I mean COMPLETELY.

They were all really bad.

I looked bad, the light was bad, the idea was bad.

A lot of writing as for a picture without a story behind… huh? 😉



fun time,

play time.

Loosing more hair time.


Braids on my head is a thing I was famous for from high school. I would sit in class, making small braids in my hair. Not only in class but almost anytime I had my hands free. It has always relaxed me. Have no idea why.


Ok, I think that this is great example of a picture without a story behind it!

So I leave it like that.


“What I wore Wednesday” – it’s a name of many link-ups out there. Something like this one. Of course, I never participate in those.
It’s nice, though, to visit them and see that people out there wear nice cloths, shoes, make-up. I do look the same almost every single day. If we go somewhere I wear things that are comfortable, tops ready to be pulled up in a hurry in order to feed No.2. How nice and stylish do I look going to the park with my girls, you think?

It’s funny that these days going grocery shopping I feel like it’s my time to look nice, wear nice shoes, rings and earings.

So, yes, this it what I wore on Wednesday,

and on Tuesday:


This is for this week Bonnie’s them “Liquid”:

How do you like your tea?!

Photo Art Friday

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 39th)

What a normal week we’ve had.

One day at a time; that’s how I live these days.

It works.


For sometime now I’ve been thinking about putting up a post or a series of posts about self-portraits. I’ve received many emails as well as many comments asking questions about this project, about lenses I use, about camera I use, about places, time, if I use tripod, if I use remote, from where I get the courage to get in front of the camera each day, the ideas, etc.

I wrote and essay about this project for Bonbon Break, which will be publish on the 8th, and while writing it I just realized that sharing my story and my experience might be a help for many women out there, who are as afraid of being photographed as I used to be.  The essay for Bonbon Break is more like the one I wrote for World Moms Blog.

I’ve learned a lot since I started this project and it wouldn’t hurt if I share this knowledge.

So, I want to ask you, if you think it is a good idea to put together something like that. Would you want to read it? Would that interest you?!

I am not saying I would do it right away. First I need to finish this project in order to feel like I can teach/coach/guide somebody else. 


On Saturday we went to a b-day party where in a quiet office-room I would breastfeed my Little One.


On Sunday I’d played with No. 2 who likes to be close to me. She is getting better in playing on her own but she is the happiest when I am near by, within her reach.


As our No.1 says: “you wanna play blocks?

Yes. I want to play blocks, my dear. Lets play and let your sister play, too. Ok?

She’s got some sharing issues lately, so we’ve been working on them.

by the way, No.2 is extremely aware of the camera. She is only 5 months old (ok, almost 6), and whenever she sees me with the camera she transforms into this smiley, lovely darlin who looks like an angel, like a “zen baby”, as my friend named her. It’s unbelievable.

Photo Art Friday


That day I’ve tried to take a different photo but what I ended up with were those two. As my friend said: Big Ewa (yep, that’s my name) and Little Ewa. Does she really look like me?! I don’t see that.


It’s been ages since I write something in my journal. Actually after finishing my last one I just stopped writing a new one. With all the blogging and photographing and being a parent I just didn’t have the time for it, and I think, I just had lost interest in writing; the real writing, writing in Polish, writing the real thoughts, the raw thoughts without having to think about the audience. You know what I mean.

About two weeks ago I picked up one of my empty notebooks and started writing.

Those are not very happy words, but to write them down helps.


One of those shots: “Ok, let’s do it as quick as possible and be done for the day. Turn right, snap. Thank you very much!

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Fridaythe long road

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 31st)

This week there was a little too much crying and being fussy as for my taste. I’ve even considered buying a pacifier for our No. 2, but please DO NOT ENCOURAGE me to do so, because if I buy it I’m going to hate myself for doing it!


Afternoon at the park. Short break to snack on some apples…

…and back to having fun…

Happily Mother After


I made myself a headband. In one hour. Not bad, huh? Considering the fact that I didn’t use sewing machine for that and I’m not really good at sewing (with sewing machine or without) anyway… .


Some of you already know that I used be an Au Pair. That’s how I came to US.

On Sunday we’d visited Oakland and my host family. Those two little cuties on the right were 3 months old when I came to work with them.

Today they are 5, I’ve two kids on my own… and it seems like I’ve been changing diapers forever. lol.

Time flies like crazy.

Our daughter had so much fun playing and stealing other kids balloons:


Driving back home we had stopped to take a picture of this wonderful view to which I used to wake up for almost two years:


This week Bonnie’s theme is “gift(s)”.

So this is my virtual gift. Chocolate peanut butter cookies. From my kitchen, to yours 🙂

Photo Art Friday


… and that’s how I’d looked for almost entire day on Tuesday. I could have changed but it doesn’t make sense. After 20 minutes I look the same. Our No. 2 is a Little Spitter :/

This week has been extremely busy for my husband and he hadn’t have the chance to help me with those two little stinkers. At the same time I do not dare to go and take a shower leaving them without my supervision. One time, I hadn’t been paying attention for a few minutes and this is what had happened when I wasn’t watching: 

By the time I saw it, No. 1 already had used almost the entire box of wipes for perfectly clean No. 2 (I had changed her few minutes before that).

She is such a crazy kid.

Today, for example, I woke up to her new song she has created.

It goes like that:

“I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.”

A few months back she was singing a song which will stay in my memory forever: “”Water, water, drink it.” x 10.

Gosh… she is so creative 😉


Spinach corn bread…

Y.U.M.M.Y !!!

with some chard chips and beans (do not pay attention to the ketchup). SO DELICIOUS!


Please, do not be fooled by this little Miss HAPPY FACE Only When Mom’s Camera is ON. She already fooled my friend who calls her “The Zen Baby”. She always looks so content and happy whenever she sees the camera pointing at her.

looking up 🙂

This kid is going to drive me insane pretty soon. She does not like to be left alone. She needs to be close to me almost all the time. And close means in her reach. If I get further than that she screams. The only time she is ok being by herself is when we are outside in the swimming pool area. She watches me and No. 1 swimming, eating her hands or feet, or perfecting her rolling over skills.

That’s why I’ve spent almost every single day this week at the pool. It gives me some time off from her. She is happy and I am happy and No.1 is in heaven. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

So, that having said, this is how I had to do the dishes today…

Hope you all are having a great week.

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory FridayChic Homeschool Mama

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 30th)

Short intro to this post:

Our No.1 is in the “terrible two” stage and she looks just like that:


Day and Night.

No. 2, even though she looks very happy and content here:

isn’t any better, actually.

Mornings are the best for us.  She is mostly happy but when we get to about 12pm the fun part begins. The only way to make her happy is to put boob in her mouth. It works every single time. It means she is tied to me for the rest of the day, till about 11pm when she finally falls asleep for more than 30 minutes. And when she finally  goes to bed I lay in mine, and instead of sleeping, I just lay there… thinking…

Speaking about thinking; this project is getting harder and harder each week. I do want to keep it in this “family journal” theme but I’m running out of ideas. With each passing day in order to keep it interesting with not only feet, hands and from arm’s length face shots, I need to think more about what I’m going to do, and sometimes feet, hands and from arm’s length face shots are what I end up with 😉


Don’t judge one by ones patio 😉

It’s a mess and I struggle to find an extra energy to make it look nice.


I got a little creative here.

At first I had some troubles with the right focus but finally when I placed myself in the right spot it was nothing but relaxing fun 🙂


I desperately need a change.

I crave it like a dry plant water… .

I should star with a new hair cut, I guess.


One of those “arm’s length” shots.


My morning shot of energy. Physical, as well as mental energy. Too bad I can’t drink more than one cup.

Who would like to breastfeed for me, so I could drink more than 2… hm… 3… hmm… 3 1/2 cups of my dear ambrosia… ?!!!

Anybody?!!! Pleeeaaaaaseeee!


trying to create something totally different I ended up with this .gif . Not really what I had in my mind but it’ll do for now.


Photo Art Friday365/210

That’s exactly how I feel!- Like I am going crazy!

btw, who knows a good way to get rid of dark circles under eyes… ?

Oh… wait… I know one. It is called “sleep”.

Hope you guys are feeling more sane than I am.