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Johnny Garlic’s

As much as I like Guy Fieri my husband doesn’t!

That didn’t stop him from taking us to Guy’s restaurant Johnny Garlic’s.

We had planned to visit the one which was recently opened in San Francisco but after searching the web I found out that there is one not so far away from where we live.

I did want to go there really bad but after reading many online reviews about this place I wasn’t very thrilled. Knowing how picky eater my husband is I had thought that the trip is going to be a waste of money but he wanted to take me there anyway, and he did.

Right from the start we were welcomed by a tv screen with Guy’s Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives“. Inside plenty of souvenirs like t-shirts, “Triple D” books, sets of knifes, and Guy’s special sauces… .

I ordered the Black n’ Blue burger with garlic fries:

while fries are pretty normal thing for me to order at a restaurant, a burger is a totally different story. First of all I can’t say the word “burger” without my husband grinning. I had no idea how funny I sound saying it until he pointed it out. That’s not the only reason why I try to avoid any foods that have the word “burger” in it, but pretty much this is the main one 😉

I had no idea why I ended up with this particular dish in front of me. Maybe because it had blue cheese and I wanted to try the famous Guy’s “donkey sauce“. The burger itself wasn’t outstanding. It tasted very ordinary, I would say. On the other hand the fries were delicious!!! “Hurt my stomach for two days” and “killing the mosquitos with my breath only” garlic fries!

My husband had Guy’s Big Bite Burger with Pretzel roll (without the donkey sauce, of course!!!):

Both our portions were really generous not to mention the unlimited DELICIOUS bread they served as a starter with a dip I was about to lick of the plate.

Many reviews we had read online complained about the service which in our case was great. Our waiter didn’t look like Guy Fieri but he surely acted like him what was pretty funny!

My husband sometime after a few bites of his burger had discovered that his meat was uncooked. He mentioned it to the waiter and he called the manager, they both started to apologize. We were offered a free dessert or a free dish for my husband to which we had to say “no, thank you” as the kids were getting really cranky and we had to leave. They were really great trying to fix that mistake, though. At the end they took off my husband’s dish from the bill as well as half of mine. I have no idea why as I ate almost everything, leaving only a few fries behind 😉

Overall I think it a place worth to visit and we will probably go there again. Next time I will settle with a salad, though (and garlic fries). I figured, it’s a great “cheer me up” place.

(* for those who got this post twice to their email box: I had to delete the first post as WordPress screw it up and I couldn’t fix it. I had to write a new one. I apologize for that)

Simple BPM



Baked spinach-beets balls with yogurt cinnamon chili pepper dip

Don’t you think I’m getting tired of spinach smoothies. No. 

I think those will stay in my diet forever. Love those green energetic morning shots. ALMOST better than a cup of black coffee… almost.

Last night I had a craving for something with spinach… but for dinner. A few weeks ago I spotted “Bake Spinach Balls” at Frugal Feeding blog. Since then I wanted to make them really bad. Finally it happened.

Looking for spinach in my fridge I saw one little and forgotten beet. And I had an idea. As a result of it I ended up with delicious spinach-beet balls. I was so excited and thrilled that I’m finally making it that I actually forgot to add cheese and to coat them with bread crumbs (as in original recipe). Despite that those were really good and didn’t fall apart.  

Not having coriander and greek yogurt I fixed plain yogurt dip spiced with cinnamon, chili powder, herbs the provence and all spice. I know it sounds crazy and right at this point you would think… “gosh, she must be pregnant!”, but I can assure you that even when I am not pregnant anymore I’ll be coming back to this dip… and to this entire dish.

Recipe for spinach-beets balls:

2 handfuls baby spinach,

1 small beet, steamed, peeled and grated,

1 egg,

1/3 cup bread crumb (or more)

1 Tbsp butter,

1 clove garlic,



Original recipe calls for parmesan cheese. I forgot about it but even if I used it I wouldn’t have used parmesan. I’m not the biggest fan of it and every time a recipe calls for parmesan I use cheddar, jack or swiss and never feel bad about it 😉

Those 3 are always in my fridge.


Melt the butter in a pan add minced garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add the spinach and sauté for about 2 minutes. Drain the liquids and transfer the spinach to a mixing bowl. Add grated beet, egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Mixed everything until you are able to shape a small balls. You might need to add more breadcrumbs for that purpose. 

Preheat oven to 350 F. Place the balls on baking sheet. Bake for about 30 minutes.

In original recipe those balls are coated in bread crumbs before placed in the oven. I forgot and they were still delicious. 

All of those pictures I took outside. I was dinner time and our apartment is way too dark to take a decent photo indoors. So I went outside… of course with our barefoot daughter who wanted to eat that dip right from my plate. She knew it’s a yogurt and she LOVES yogurt but she had to wait, so she sat next to me and started playing with dirt.

Ingredients for my weird dip:

1/3 cup plain yogurt

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. chili pepper

1/2 tsp. herb de provence

pinch of all spice

Feel free to try it but if you don’t like it I won’t get upset 😉

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