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365 Self-Portrait Project (one week in Black and White)

Last week was pretty boring. Being in my final 8 weeks of pregnancy terrible headaches and nausea came back and there is nothing that can help me to deal with it. Gotta live it through. Today I’m feeling even more crappy that in the past few days, so I’ll try to be quick with this post.

To make it more interesting I’ve decided that all of this week pictures are going to be in black and white. An awful white balance had a big role in that decision, I have to admit (nop, I do not shoot in RAW, anymore). A few of this week pictures were taken with my 18-55 mm lens in a high ISO and sometimes they came out really dark. The problem is that on my camera screen they all look good and bright enough. After I transfer them to my computer the naked truth reveals – they are not a half that bright as they were on the camera screen. The thing is that I do not transfer my pictures every day. So if I took a picture on Saturday and saw that it’s much too dark and the white balance is totally screwed on Monday… You see my point. I can’t go back in time and take another, better picture for Saturday and Sunday. I need to go with what I have and pretend that I planned for it to be that way 😉


So on Saturday we had a doggy bath. She hates it what always amazes me to the limits. You need to know, that she used to be a hunting dog, and she would throw herself into a freezing cold water to bring a dead duck back to my husband. A few times I saw her jumping into a cold lakes playing fetch with us, but turn on the shower and call her name these days… you’ll see the most scared dog on this planet. I need to drag her through the entire house (from wherever she’s hiding) to the bathroom.

On the other hand turn on the shower and you’ll see our daughter taking her clothes off immediately. If me or my husband disappear in the bathroom without taking her with us, she cries. She loves baths!!! So last Saturday I had a bit of challenge trying to bath our dog while at the same time trying to not let my daughter inside the bathtub. She was already taking her clothes off and making her puppy eyes.


You might call it cheating, but I don’t think it was. This picture was taken on Sunday 1am… I can count it for Sunday self-portrait, right?! Checking on our daughter. She always go to bed with almost every single stuffed animal that she has and with 10 different books and with 3 blankets, plus a few of her favorite toys that play every single time you touch them… . They are everywhere and there is almost no room for her to lie down. She actually manges to sqeeze somehow between them and falls asleep. Every single night, before we go to bed, I need to make room for her in her crib so she can sleep through the night.

Quietly I take those toys out. One by one.


On Monday I tried a new bread recipe and it was delicious. Oatmeal Sandwich Bread – new family favorite. Next week I’ll try to post the recipe and a few pictures.

So, what you see here is me eating a slice of that bread with swiss cheese and a homemade jam. I grew up on those kinds of sandwiches.

Yellow cheese and jam!



Folding laundry. Not much to explain about those shots 🙂


Tired me, sick me, and in a crappy mood me. “Just leave me alone” me.


Yesterday was Fat Thursday so I baked angel wings. The problem was that every time I wanted to eat one my daughter wanted it, too. She got our dog attitude for begging for food. Even the smallest movement of my or my husband’s jaw doesn’t go unnoticed by our daughter, and when she sees it she is my or his best friend. I mean, really, just like a dog 😉 but the thing is that if you say: NO to our dog she understands and she takes it without much aggression (no aggression, actually). With our daughter is a different story. She doesn’t care about the word NO. It’s either her way or the highway.


A mirror on my bathroom shelf and me in it, tired… very!

Have a great weekend my friends. I’ll be preparing myself for a real maternity session with my talented and missed friend on Monday. She took beautiful pictures of my belly when I was pregnant for the firs time and after my daughter was born she visited us and we visited her... and oh I wish she lived closer… .

Anyway, today and through the weekend I’ll be praying to the Great Gods of Good Weather so we would be able do what we are planning to do and go where we are planning to go.

Photo Art Friday


Fat Thursday and Faworki always go together …

… at least in my home.

Fat Thursday –  is traditional Polish and German feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast would not be until Easter. (Wikipedia).

All Catholics know that – not that I am one, but I grew up in a very religious Catholic family with plenty of doughnuts and faworki every single year on Fat Thursday. More often we had homemade faworki than pączki (doughnuts). It was much easier to make for the family of 5 plus grandparents and, I think, we all liked them better than pączki.

These days, for me Fat Thursday is more like a cultural tradition not very much connected to religion. Being far away from my home country I take a thing or two from the religion I grew up with and make it a cultural thing. It kind of make sense even for Polish people living in Poland because Catholicism is connected very closely to the culture of our country, so even people that are not very religious still celebrate Fat Thursday by indulging themselves eating unlimited amount of doughnuts on that day.

In Warsaw, people waiting in line for doughnuts on Fat Thursday (source Thenews.pl)

I should’ve done this post yesterday but to the last minute I was convinced that I am not going to make anything for Fat Thursday this year. I went to bed last night thinking: I’m too tired to make something that it’s actually going to be just for me. My husband is not a big fan of deep fried foods. Of course he’ll eat french fries, fried onion rings, fried chicken and many different deep fried foods (all in the restaurant) but if I make something at home that is deep fried he does not want to eat it. Oh, and he has nothing against store-bought doughnuts – SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL HIM THEY ARE ALL DEEP FRIED!!!

Anyway, I got up this morning and couldn’t stop thinking about making faworki (chrusty, angel wings).

After making breakfast for everybody I put myself to work (I mean, my stand mixer). 

Those delicious little things are very easy to make and with all the ingredients that most of us have already in the kitchen.


2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp white sugar

4 egg yolks

5 tsp plain yoghurt (original recipe calls for sour cream) plus more if necessary

1 tsp vinegar

2 Tbsp. butter, softened

pinch of salt

orange zest (optional) – this is my twist to this recipe so actually it’s not necessary 

oil for frying

Put all the ingredients together in a big bowl and mix it in your Kitchen Aid or knead by hand until the dough is smooth and looks like that:

our little one burned her hand days ago and these days her favorite word is “hot”. She touches everything saying “hot, hot, hot” looking at me for the nod if she got that right. This time she didn’t 😉

If the dough is too dry and doesn’t want to hold together just add a teaspoon of plain yoghurt. If it’s still too dry add one more until the dough holds together, is nice and smooth and easy to shape into a ball.

Wrap the dough in a plastic wrap, aluminum foil or parchment paper and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. After that time take it out cut into four pieces, leave one piece out and put the 3 left back to the fridge. When you’re done with cutting, folding and frying that first part, repeat everything with the remaining 3.

On lightly floured surface roll the dough very thinly. The more thin the dough the more crispy the pastry will get after frying.

When done rolling with a sharp knife cut the dough into 1 1/2 inch wide and 4 inches long stripes. Make 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch long slit in the middle of each strip.

Working with your both hands open the slit in the middle. Take the top and fold it towards the slit. Pull the end through the slit.

Gently pull both ends and you made yourself a perfect angel wing 🙂

Repeat with the remaining strips.

Fry in hot oil. You can check the oil if it’s ready by putting one corner of the raw angel wing in the oil. If it starts to sizzle and bubbles appear it means that the oil is ready.

Fry on both sides until golden brown. The heat should be on medium high for the best results. Keep an eye on them as they tend to burn really fast.

You might want to put them on paper towel to soak the extra oil out. While still warm heavily sprinkle with powdered sugar. I mean, REALLY heavily 🙂

Keep it high enough so your Little Ones can’t get into it while you’re not watching.