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Crochet Granny Squares Kid’s Poncho and Hat

This project had its beginning because of a few left-over granny squares. When I saw them I immediately thought about making granny squares hat for my daughter; I came across one somewhere on Pinterest and it stuck in my head since.

So, as soon as I dug out those left-over squares from a box with unfinished crochet project I knew what I’m going to do.




Then out of nowhere I came up with the idea of making her a matching poncho. The work was terribly slow and frustrating because I had made the poncho way too big for her and had to unravel part of it at some point. That had made to put this project aside for a week or so.



we do have a matching blanket as well. I made the blanket when I was pregnant with her. It has served her pretty well.


HIT THE “PUBLISH” BUTTON by an accident… 

Will add the pattern soon!!! (although, you can make it with any granny squares)




Photo Art Friday: Self-portrait

Well, I feel a little bit challenged. This week’s theme for Photo Art Friday is: “self-portrait”
I bet, many of you expect of me something great here, but I have been feeling a little (or a lot) under the weather lately, and all my plans for some real self-portraits photo session that I had in mind went to hell… 

self-portrait (1 of 6)-Edit

Today I’ve decided to get a little creative with those few shots I managed to take this week and this is what I ended up with:

self-portrait (4 of 6)-Edit-2

In addition I took a few self-portraits for my giveaway that is going on my facebook page, and this is one of them:

lens bug (11 of 14)

oh… and how could I not share the latest news with you.
No. 2 is walking:

Hope everything is going well in your corner! 

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 47th)

The very great news is that this week I lost my laptop, all together with all the self-portraits I had, and many more pictures. All my textures from Kim Klassen, Bonnie, and from different websites. Many great crochet patterns that I had saved as PDF’s…

Everything thanks to No.1 – it appeared my computer did not like milk. Who would have thought that? huh?

I lost my cute “momphotographer” watermark. I created it with a font I had found on Internet and now I don’t remember the name of the font so I don’t know where to look for it. Actually, I don’t even feel like doing so.

I had to download new photo editing software and  here is the good news. I was able to get new Lightroom and I AM LOVING IT!!! Before I was working on Lr 2 and I thought I have no need to try the new version. Gosh… I couldn’t be more wrong… What a difference!!!


While having my morning coffee I was enjoying No.2.

No. 1 and her dad were still asleep.


Got myself a new chocolate. Dark chocolate with quinoa. Sooo good!

I am not in my forties but already have developed a specific taste buds for cheese and chocolate 😉


So, the story behind this picture is that my Little One is the “glued to her mom” kind of baby. Wherever I go there the sound of four-leg follower, most of the time there is a crying sound as well.


There is no reason to use a plate sometimes… Don’t you think?


Yeah… glued… again…

…and holding on in case if mom moves or walks away in which case she’ll go with her…


It rains… finally. Not that I am happy because of that, but so far we had such a gorgeous weather it was weird… Now is normal; cold and wet.

365/ 329

All chocolate gone: not good!

I hope you guys having a good week and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

I am going back to my crochet creations. Have made two hats this week and now I am stuck on matching cocoons… something is not right and I can’t figure out what… ugh…

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 41st)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I try to publish one or two posts in between each Friday, so there aren’t only self-portraits here.

Not everything always work out the way we want it… huh?

This week just flew by. I wasn’t very busy, though.

Or… maybe I was…

Having two kids is already a piece of work, so saying I wasn’t busy would be actually a lie. Two days without the husband. Sewing, crocheting, cleaning.

Yes, you read it right: I finally made my first sewing creation: skirt for No.1

Just look for me in the next Project Runway 😉

Oh… and I had a WONDERFUL photo shoot on Saturday. It was truly amazing.


On Friday, quick shot of my favorite belt (Yes, my belt, not my butt). I bought it about 10 years ago. It’s been with me through bad and good.


On Saturday I was the photographer

and she was the model:

and I snapped a few pictures of this guy:

Back in days he was my ESL teacher.

Today, a dear friend.


The next day there was a pain. A horrible pain.


My Little Darlin always gets in a picture. No matter if I want it or not.

Me envisioning something is a one thing, but making it happen… oh dear, that’s a different story.


On Tuesday husband was gone for almost all day, but before he left I’d made him banana pancakes for breakfast.

and later I’d tried to fix a small problem in something I’ve made for No.2:

Those leg warmers were a little too big on the top part and I had to do something to make them fit better.

Can’t really say I fixed it!

Did I mention that No. 1 always gets a way to be in a picture ;)
Did I mention that No. 1 always finds a way to get in the picture 😉

At least it all had inspired me to take some pictures of our cranky-not sleeping-but definitely yawning a lot No.2


With the husband gone for the day and my headache back, there was no way I could survive that day without any pills.



I know those two picture are a little of a stretch.

Here, there is almost nothing of me… that tiny piece of my foot…

and here, there is not very visible reflection in our dog’s eye.

Photo Art Friday

But you know what, I took much better shots of our daughter having fun and that’s what matters the most. Those simple moments of happiness… all because there was a wind blowing in her face and leaves dancing around her.

I think we all could learn a lot from our kids. Mostly how to enjoy our life.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Get out there and feel the wind!


I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to answer to all your comments from last week. I’ve been more into the real life than the Internet one this past week. It felt really good, actually. Maybe I should do it more often 😉

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 34th)

This week was one of those that passed by like an express train. I haven’t done much. Haven’t baked or cook much. Haven not read much.  Haven’t touched the sewing machine… and you know what? I felt exhausted. Each day felt like I’m running on fumes.


On Saturday I did some laundry.

These days it feels like every day I do laundry.

There was a week when whenever I needed clean clothes I was pulling them out of a basket because I just didn’t have the will to fold/hang them. I’d used one basket for dirty clothes and one for clean until we almost emptied the basket with the clean clothes. It seemed like husband didn’t mind this strategy at all.

by the way, don’t pay attention to the crying face behind me… she just wasn’t in a mood… .


On Sunday I had finally finished my fingerless gloves. They look great and I am so proud of myself for making them.


On Monday I had started making matching headband.


On Tuesday No. 1 had asked me for a banana for breakfast. I grabbed one, peeled it, gave her the peel and throw away the banana. When I saw the look she gave me I knew something is not right. Then I saw banana peels in my hand. I had not idea what I was doing.

 I told her:

“One more time you decide at 4:00 am that you “all done night night” this is what you gonna eat for breakfast… “

“No more “all done night night” at 4 am. You got me?!”

She said:


Right… :/

Those picture were taken while I was waiting for my coffee the next morning, while No.1 exhausted after 3 hours break from sleeping in the middle of the night was sound asleep, but No. 2 wasn’t!!!


Even if sleep is not a crucial part of a mother life, it is crucial to stay sane… 😉


I need to go on diet. It feels like. But I really don’t want to. What I really want is to get back to exercising a few times a week. Yoga, walking, jogging, something. Anything. Nothing big. I just need to loose a few post-pregnancy pounds, and late at night ice-creams and chocolate are not helping with it.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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Enjoying our time before the big change

This is definitely my last post before the second baby arrival and probably my last post for a while.

This past weekend we enjoyed great weather and even with me feeling uncomfortable and tired we had spent some time playing together outdoors. 

Saturday we spent our afternoon in the nearby park:

On Sunday we went to a great Farm Park, one of our favorite places to visit.

This mean creature was trying to find a way to bite me for the entire time I stand in front of her.

This one didn’t give a damn about anybody and anything. Oh, how jealous I felt looking at her:

Didn’t know what to think about this one:

That didn’t look comfortable but different things work for different creatures. right?:

We found some eggs, too! They weren’t painted and, I bet they didn’t taste like chocolate either.

Our daughter had the most fun!

Finally, yesterday I made a hat for our soon-to-be born:

If you interested in the pattern – it’s from here. Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t change a few things in this pattern but that’s not important 😉

I have never crochet a hat before so this was a bit intimidating.

There is a few things I want to have done for her (read: crochet) before she gets here but I think I won’t make it… Still, there will be plenty of time in the hospital so I am not so worried. I just want to have a few cute things for her newborn pictures. Though, I have no idea if I’ll be up to doing it when I get back. I hope I will. 

Till then, my friends!


Metal cans and plastic bags don’t have to end up in trash

I’ve been working on this one project for sometime now. I would’ve done it weeks ago but I lost my interest in crocheting for a while and in addition my scissors are so dull it’s really hard to use them so, many times I just would lose my patience and stop working. I need to get a new pair but there is always something more important to get… .


my first idea was to “dress” nice my metal cans. I wish I had more ideas to use them for because I throw away so many it makes me sad :/

The ones that I keep I like them to look nice, at least.

Few days ago using my old yarn scraps I made a can cover:


The next day I made different basket. I planned it to be a cover for my second can but when I got to a certain height I’ve noticed that it will work without the can inside 🙂


I named this yarn “Charmin ultra Strong“. Not very creative considering that it was made from Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper plastic packaging (now you know what kind of toilet paper we use.lol). Here is a great tutorial of how to make plarn – yarn made from plastic bags.

Now I need to  finish my different plarn. This one will be called “The rest of it” as it’s made from all kinds of plastic small bags like the store-bought bread bag. When I started it we were still buying breads from the store. These days we don’t so to finish this plarn ball I’ve started using all kinds of bags.

old picture from my archives

I do not use the regular plastic bags that you get in the store to pack your groceries in (those I keep for a different plarn ball). I use every plastic package of already pre-packed in plastic produce that we buy at the store, like tortillas or diapers. My husband buys many things online for his office so every single thing that comes to us is packed in plastic bag. I keep those, as well. It’s fun and great for the environment and thanks to all of it I received a nick name: “miss recycling girl”.

For those who are interested this is the pattern I used for both of my projects:

free crochet basket pattern pdf file

Of course I modified it a little and if you’re interested in details just leave me a comment asking about it.

Mondays @ All Things Fee!

Getting ready for cold days


After my kind of long break I’m back to a blogosphere. That break was really really needed.

It’s Fall already. Where did that time go?! Geeze. It flies so fast.

It’s getting cold here in Cali and we are getting ready for those cold days 🙂

btw, while making those I learned the difference between “gloves” and “mittens”. In Polish language gloves are gloves. No matter how many fingers they have 😉

From my childhood I remember my grandmother making us those mittens all the time. So we don’t lose them she would connect them with a string going around neck under the coat and through it’s sleeves. I didn’t know back then but mittens connected by a string are called “Idiot mittens”. lol. Now it makes sense.

Pattern for “Baby Mittens”:

Being honest with you I do not understand that firs part of this pattern: 2 = 1/4″ wide (…) 9 sc = 2″; 9 sc rows = 2…. blah… blah… blah… WHAT?!

Small baby fits 2 + 1/4″ wide palm 1+1/2 ozs baby sport yarn and F crochet hook. 9 sc = 2″; 9 sc rows = 2″.
Medium fits 2 + 1/2″ wide palm 2 ozs worsted weight yarn and G hook. 4 sc = 1″; 4 sc rows = 1″.
Large fits 3 + 1/2″ wide palm 2 +1/2 ozs chunky weight yarn and I hook. 3 sc = 1″; 3 sc rows = 1″

… it’s like Enigma code for me… but even without understanding that part I was able to make those mittens with no further problems. They came out just a little bit too big for her but that’s ok. They’ll last longer 😉

MITTENS: (make 2 ): Cuff: Row 1: Ch 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn. ( 8 sc ).
Rows 2-18: Working these rows in back loops only, ch 1, sc in each st across, turn. At the end of last row, fasten off.
HAND: Row 1: Working in ends of rows across one long edge, join with sc in first row, 2 sc in next row, ( sc in next row, 2 sc in next row ) across, turn. ( 27 sc ).
Rows 2-3: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Row 4: Ch 1, sc in first 10 sts; for Thumb opening skip next 7 sts; sc in last 10 sts, turn. ( 20 ).
Rows 5-8: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Row 9: Ch 1, sc first 2 sts tog., ( sc in next 7 sts, sc next 2 sts tog ) across, turn. ( 17 ).
Row 10: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Row 11: Ch 1, sc first 2 sts tog., sc in next 6 sts, sc next 2 sts tog, sc in next 5 sts, sc last 2 sts tog, turn. ( 14 ).
Row 12: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Row 13: Ch 1, sc first 2 sts tog., ( sc in next 4 sts, sc next 2 sts tog ) across, turn. Fasten off. ( 11 ).
THUMB: Row 1: Working in skipped sts of Row 3 at Thumb opening, join with sc in first st, sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in last 3 sts, turn. ( 8 sc ).
Rows 2-3: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Row 4: Ch 1, sc first 2 sts tog., sc in next 4 sts, sc last 2 sts tog., turn. ( 6 ).
Row 5: Ch 1, sc in each st across. Leaving 8″ end for sewing, fasten off. Sew ends of rows together.
Assembly: Fold Mitten in half, lengthwise matching sts, sew sts and ends of rows tog., leaving Cuff open.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Crochet bathroom rug

I am really bored, you may think, but actually I am totally in love in crochet. I just want to sit and crochet and crochet and crochet 🙂 First day I’ve decided to make that rug we went to a Michaels and I bought just 2 balls of yarn. One black and one blue. After two days I had to go back there and buy 2 more. Even then it wasn’t enough, so we ended up going to the store one more time for two more balls, and there is just a little bit black yarn left.

If you interested this is the pattern:

Ch 55, 2 s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each remaining st of ch, working 4 s c in end st of ch, working on opposite side of ch, 1 s c in each remaining st, working 2 s c in same st as beginning, join in 1st sc.

2nd Round. 2 s c in same space, 2 s c in next st, 1 s c in each of the next 52 sts, 2 s c in each of the next 4 sts, 1 s c in each of the next 52 sts, 2 s c in each of the next 2 sts, do not join or turn this or following rounds. Place a marker at beginning of each round.

Next (x) Rounds. 1 s c in each s c increasing at both ends when necessary to keep work flat, join at end of last round.

Last round: sl around. fasten off.

Bacause I do not have the exact amount of stiches to increase in each row a few times I ended up unraveling rounds because it was too much (and the edges started to wave) or it was too little (and the edges started to curl).

Because I used two colors it’s very visible where I joined them. I kind of don’t like it. Next time I’ll know that in a pattern that you do not join rounds I should use one color if I don’t want the joints to be that visible.

Now I’m planning to make matching toilet seat cover, and top tray 🙂

In addition I keep forgetting about one great think that have happened to me a few days ago. My picture was featured at Evoking You. I am really happy about that.

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Crocheting with plastic bags

Yep, it’s exactly what you see! Yarn made from plastic bags.

How I made it?! Easy!

It’s funny because every time we went shopping we would take paper bags. Now I don’t bother to ask them for papers because I don’t mind (and I actually want) plastic bags. They are so cool for crochet projects. Strong and kinda shiny after all.

I used it together with my old yarn to add a little more color since all of my plastic bags were white.

That pattern is very easy!

1) Start with magic ring

2) 10 sc inside the ring

3) Tide it up

4) Join with sl sc

5) *4 ch, skip one sc, sl in next sc *, repeat * 4x.

6) *2 ch, 4 dc in the loop made from the 4 ch below it, sl in next sc (sc between those two 4 ch loops)*, repeat *4x.

7) (how many ch. you want) – this is the length of the chain between flowers

8) sl in 3rd (or fourth) ch from the hook – it will make a loop

9) 10 sc in the loop

10) repeat from no 4) for as long as you want

Off I go to make some more yarn 🙂

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