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Getting ready to say “goodbye” to the patio doves!

Our patio doves are almost ready to leave us.

Today the nest is empty. Doves are gone. They are not gone gone. They’ll be back for the night, I think.

They learned to fly yesterday.

Those are the last few pictures I’ve taken the day before they went out for walk around the patio fence! 🙂

and this is where I found them yesterday! hanging out at the other end of the patio fence… peeking outside!

… waiting for mom to come home…

and when she came back she started feeding them but then I came out to take some pictures and they just freezed!!! all of them!

I’m not good with the sun flare shots, but yesterday I just couldn’t not to try it. The light was just perfect!

and then, she {snapped}Click it Up a Notch

After I left them (kind of because I still was watching from the inside) the mom had started flying back and forth from the spot where they were all standing to the nest. She had done that about 3 times. After that one little dove did the same. I totally screwed that up – I had my camera set up on manual with all the setting when I was shooting outside. So I just wasn’t fast enough to adjusts everything and I ended up with 0 pictures of the fist attempt to flying of our patio dove. Grrr….

I was still hoping for the second dove to do the same…

That time I was all ready!!! 😉

It didn’t happen though.

Mister/Miss Lazy just walked back to the nest…

Today I got up, checked on them and they were already gone! I saw them hanging out on the fence a few times, but for the most of the day they are gone.

Oh well… Finally I’m getting closer to have my patio back!!! 🙂

and… My Little Red Pants making faces while eating a piece of bread and doggy waiting for the right time to steal it from her.

and baby getting naked.

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hugs from my corner, everybody!