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Iced Inka & Milk Drink

I don’t know if that happened to you, but it happened to me twice.

First time when I got coffee maker. Before, I used to drink a la Turkish coffee and I was just fine. I was saying that I actually don’t need a coffee maker. After I got it I though: how could I lived for soooo long without it?!

The same happened this year. I feel like I’m happy with what I have, speaking about my kitchen tools. I mean, I need this or that, but at the end I always can go around and find a substitute if I’m missing one or two things (like, for example cookie cutter). I think everybody does that.

Till now, when (which these days means “every day”) I wanted a smoothie I would use my blender. This poor thing blends and chops almost anything for me.


Now I have “frozen treat & drink maker”. To not to sound like I’m writing a review for which I got paid (I didn’t) I will just say it’s called Ninja and I love it. I don’t know how I could lived without a mixer like that for so many years 😉

A few days ago when I made a smoothie it actually looked and tasted like ice cram. Gosh… so good!

Today for breakfast, I fixed myself something I call “Iced Inka Milk Drink”… with whipped cream and chocolate on top(!!!!). That’s right – for breakfast.

What’s Inka?

This is Inka:

old picture from my archives

Simply it tastes like coffee. Not quite the same but very similar.

Iced Inka Milk Drink:

Ice cubes of milk and inka (equal amount of each). I used 12 small cubes of each.

Blend it together adding a little bit of not frozen milk.

Topped with whipped cream and shredded chocolate.

And the whole world just stopped turning for a few minutes.

Me, my breakfast and an interesting email… .

…and if you remember me talking about my daughter sleeping with almost all her teddy bears (toys) and books – here is the evidence:



The Perfect Day

I call it The Perfect Sunday.

Perfect because I got the chance to drink a coffee. As a coffee lover I really miss my morning coffee. With my first pregnancy it was really easy to quit drinking it. It just came naturally. One day I could not finish my morning coffee. It tasted bad and smelled awful. My body said: “No, you are not going to drink it”, and I didn’t. For the entire pregnancy and for few months more after Little Stinker was born.

This time is different. I had a few days when I couldn’t drink it, but with my 1st trimester that feeling disappeared and there is nothing that keeps me away from coffee these days. There is one thing I do.

I do not buy coffee so I don’t have it at the house. My last package of coffee ended up a few weeks ago. Since then I had only one cup a few days ago… and one more yesterday.

About a week ago we watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I just went through that movie to find one moment where I see myself.lol

Don’t remember her name but there is a woman who’s on the “drinking fresh juices only” diet and she’s doing her shopping and it happens she passes by a shelf filled with coffee. It’s 40th minute in the movie. So funny!

Link to this movie here or you can watch it’s on Netflix.

Anyway, yesterday we walked to the nearest Starbucks and everybody got something. Day was beautiful. Fall in its fullest. Husband got his hot chocolate and newspaper. Little Snow(wo)man ate her cheerios. I got my black coffee. Even doggy got lucky and could clean up leftovers our daughter left under her chair.

Today coffee is just a beautiful memory which scent I can still smell around me 😉 …

… and I am left with frozen berries smoothie and a cup of green tea.

Of course, I had to share my smoothie,

because no food will go unnoticed when she is around 🙂

Oh well.

Few more months… . Just a few more months… .


Don’t talk to me until my second cup…

… of coffee!!!

Finlay I got a coffee maker with all bunch of extra stuff. Happy Happy Happy mamma!
I’m not afraid of very early mornings and sleepless nights, anymore! No, No, No! I’m ready and prepared!

My Lovely Husband despite of the argument that he had with Gevalia’s employee on the phone decided to get me a coffee set that I found on promotion for a few bucks.
I mean I’ve decided that I want it. He decided that no matter what he’s going to get it for me. Too bad he got so upset with them while ordering it.

I’ve never had Gevalia before, so I’m eager to try it. I’m not very picky when it comes to coffee. I like it black, and strong. No sugar. For the entire period of my pregnancy I hadn’t been drinking coffee, not because I didn’t want to but because I’d stopped liking it. My body just said NO NO NO to coffee… Just like that. Some day I woke up made myself a cup of coffee took one sip and right away I knew something is wrong. I thought that maybe my coffee is old, or I did something wrong while brewing it… I didn’t know, and I didn’t have my coffee that day. The next day was the same and the day after that.
Few days after…. Surprise!!! “We are going to have a baby!”

So, after our Little Poopy Pants was born I hadn’t been drinking because I just didn’t want the coffeen to get to hers body but after months of sleepless nights I’d decided that one cup is not gonna hurt anybody, and I’ve decided that I’m not going to feel bad about it. I mean about drinking one cup of coffee… Some women drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes while breastfeeding… I do not do any of that stuff. So why not a small cup of coffee… ?!?