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Do you like your neighbours?!

I DON’T!!!!

It’s midnight, for a few days now, we’ve been trying to go to bed earlier than usual. We try to get up earlier just to feel better in general, and to have more things done during the day.

Again, it’s midnight. Later than we had planned (because of “The Proposal“) we’re in bed. I’m really tired but I can’t sleep. I can’t even hear my own thoughts because of the neighbours upstairs – walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Imagine studio apartment (11 feet by 20 feet) right above our bedroom. HOW MUCH Of FREAKING WALKING DO YOU HAVE TO DO at 1 am living in a place like that ?!!?!?! Maybe somebody can explain that to me because I can’t understand!

It’s 0:30 am – nothing has changes. I can hear my daughter waking up because of all that noises they are making upstairs. It’s so annoying. I’m laying in bed thinking that the two last nights it was ok, they were moving in. Tonight it’s unacceptable. I’m thinking if I should go there and tell them something, anything, to stop walking, to start flying … I don’t know … maybe I should politely asked them if they don’t mind to go to freaking sleep!!?! So I’m laying patiently making friends with my anger. I am a nice woman. I don’t do things like that. My husband does, but at this point he is asleep, or pretending he is!

It’s 5 am. Something woke me up. Can’t say what that was but I’m awake at that point, listening. Of course, what would that be? Our neighbours! It seems like they are jumping upstairs! They’re not walking. They running back and forth. BAM BAM BAM!!! Every single step!!! BAM BAM BAM!!! I’m afraid in a few minutes the ceiling will land on us. My husband got up, went outside and a minute after that he came back just to ask me: “What should I tell them?“. I thought, I would say: “Are you f****** out of you mind? All night long?! If you won’t stop right now I’m going to cut your legs off. With a kitchen knife. It’s the only sharp thing I have at the house and I won’t ask my husband to give me any of his tools because I don’t want him to be accused of anything because he might lose his job here“! 🙂 What do you think! Would that work?! Or maybe: “You know what save yourself the energy and the time and stop unpacking because YOU’RE MOVING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer (as I was once told… thank you very much!) but… people! how much brain does it take to know that YOU SHOULD BE A LITTLE BIT QUIETER at night because NORMAL people sleep at that time!

At 6 am our Little Daughter woke up, sick, and tired, and hungry… and grumpy! as we all! At that point I am IN RAGE! By 8:00 am I had bathroom and patio cleaned, and plum cake baking in the oven! It was time to clean the kitchen floor! And there I am! scrubbing the floor!

When I’m angry I clean. When I clean on my knees, scrubbing every single spot at 8:00 am it means DON’T TALK TO ME, DON’T LOOK AT ME, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT TALKING OR LOOKING AT ME!!!

In between the floors I had my coffee. In the jar! Why not! People can’t respect other’s people lives so why can’t I have my coffee in a jar? 🙂


As for right now I hate my neighbours and the only thing that could change it is NOT TO HAVE ANY!

Happy Monday, everybody!