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It’s been a full week since THAT day.

I don’t know how women feel after a natural childbirth. I only know how they feel after a c-section and having that knowledge I was REALLY SCARED and DEPRESSED before our second one was born. The closer I had gotten to the surgery date the more worried I was. After my first c-section the pain was excruciating. I was physically but mostly mentally exhausted. I would cry at night because my painkillers (vicodin) wouldn’t give me much relief. I could barely move but I had to because we were in the middle of moving.

Our first night in the new place we spent in the ER. It was exactly a week after my first childbirth.

I’ve got only a few pictures of our first kiddo when she was a newborn. A few from the hospital and a few taken now and then in between packing and unpacking our stuff. My memories from that period are not very clear and I feel bad about it. Maybe that’s why somewhere on the way I got PPD and from there everything went really dark.

After we settle down my friend Joanna came to visit us and she took some great pictures of our almost two weeks old daughter.

The same Joanna took my latest pregnancy photos (which are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, btw).

Let me share some of my favorite shots:


So, back to my ramblings about the labor and the time after. What I’m trying to say is that I feel like I missed so much from the early period of our first daughter’s life. I didn’t enjoy it either. It was hard. It was painful. It was too much. It was not what I expected. I was nothing like I dreamed of.

This time is different. This time is just how it suppose to be for every mother. Beside the pain from my incision which is really not that bad with all the painkillers 🙂 there is nothing that could keep me from enjoying my kids (newborns and two olds) 😉

I know how fast time flies when you have kids so this time I don’t want to waste a single minute of my newborn’s life. I know that having gone through PPD once it’s more likely it will appear again. So I try to watch for the signs and in the meantime I enjoy every single minute with my kids.

For me enjoying time means taking walks, baking/cooking or simply taking pictures. I’m still not up to doing many things in the kitchen or walking so I take pictures of my kids. Every single day.

And I’m sorry that for sometime now my blog has been all about newborns and two year olds, labour and motherhood (more personal in general), I’m not used to it myself but that will get back to normal, I promise 🙂

So here she is, one week old in a way too small basket:

Sleeping almost all day and night.

Sleeping almost anywhere I put her. 

Her tiny feet which are magical in newborns:

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

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Too early to come out!

… and I thought everything will go smooth this time.

Even with our hospital being very liberal about “natural” birth giving after primary cesarean delivery, and being ask that question (“Which way you want to deliver?”) many times I know, I want c-section again. There is no way I will want to go through a half of what I went during my first labor.

The plan was simple. On given me day I show up at the hospital and they take my baby out. It couldn’t sound any better. It suppose to happen in 3 weeks.

On Monday my contractions started and they were very regular for 24 hours. Yesterday we decided to go in and have me checked. So we went and we spent 7 hours in Labor & Delivery. They hooked me up to the monitoring machine and after 2 hours of observation I was hooked to an I V . That didn’t help. So I lied there for next hour while the doctors deliberated what to do with me.

After that hour I was given a shot which stopped my contractions but I had to be under observation for almost 3 hours after that. I do not remember the name of it but it made my heart beat 3 times faster and my temperature jumped sky-high. I saw weird lights flying in front of me and I just wanted to go home, have something to drink and eat (since I got to the hospital they didn’t let me eat or drink at all), and when I was about to fall asleep they decided to let me go home.

So, we left the hospital with an advice to try to keep that baby inside me for at least one week.

I’m gonna try!

And here I am. No baby, yet. On bed rest with only one contraction today, so far. Today I got up with the hospital wristband and a bandage where my IV was. Last night I was too tired to take those off.

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Tired hugs!