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Polish b-day in Polish restaurant…

…and I’m not trying to write a review in here, but it might look like it.

I’ll start from the fact that I’d been craving a real Polish food for a while. In addition to that particular craving I didn’t want to have to cook it myself. I wanted to feel like I’m in my childhood home. You know: my mom cooks and I just wait for her voice calling: dinner is ready!!!ย 

I thought that my b-day will be the perfect time to go and try out one (and the only one) Polish restaurant in the area This place is about 30 minutes drive (one way). My husband made a reservation a week before. When we got there we found out that we got lucky doing so. The place was packed, and more people were coming – no wonder, it was a Mother’s Day as well!

First of all when we got inside one particular thing hit me very hard! Yep it was almost like something slap me in the face! Very strong scent of women’s perfume. OMG it was strong! It was the woman’s perfumes who welcomed us! ugh!!! Ok, now I’m in Polish restaurant. That’s for sure!!!

This place is not spacial. It could seat about +/- 30 people. To be comfortable, to walk comfortable or to eat comfortable it should have 10 people less. All of their tables are “movable”. If you know what I mean. 1,5 by 2 feet little tables. If they have a party of two they use only one table. If they have party of 4 and more they rearrange them as they need. I understand that business is a business. The more people you serve the more money you earn. But I really wasn’t enjoying having had to move every time somebody tried to walk behind me.

Imagine when they served us the food everything was at the reach distance for our daughter [sigh]. As a free starter they serve bread that I really didn’t care about, because it wasn’t good. It didn’t taste like Polish bread. It tasted like a fresh beaked bread in a bakery near by from the basic bread recipe. Nothing special. Really. At least it kept our daughter occupied for the entire time we were there ๐Ÿ™‚

Their menu was good I would say. Focused on the few main Polish dishes. I was happy to see on their list: Tripe Soup! That’s right TRIPE. If you want to have a real Polish cuisine experience you’ve got to try that soup. They have Barszcz, Mushroom Soup, Pickle Soup, and ลผurek. Maybe I’ll send you to the website if you want to see what they have. It doesn’t make sense for me to write about it.


My husband had Pierogi Ruskie (russian pierogi) :

I had Silesian Dumplings in mushroom sauce:

I like to eat my dumplings just with… hm.. my dumplings. When my mom would make them I ate them with ketchup or some meat sauce she had made for dinner. That’s it, but normally you use them as a substitute for mashed potatoes.ย The conclusion is that you eat your dumplings with some kind of meat. My point is that it looked like our dinner is not going to cost us an arm and leg but we won’t buy it for a song or our daughter’s cute dance either ($45!). So I skipped the meat (since I’m not meat-eater, and it would have cost us more) thinking about the dessert (a huge eater of that ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Poppy Seed Cake:

and before I even had chance to snap a picture my husband was already trying it. I mean he has never seen or eaten a poppy-seed cake so he was very eager to try it. It was strange since he is not a big fan of new foods.

The dessert was the best part of my dinner. Normally I’m not a big fan of poppy-seed cake, but not eating it for years made me LOVE it! I have to admit that this cake was very tasty and fresh!

At the end I want to say that I didn’t mean to say anything bad about this restaurant because I’m planning to go there again, and I don’t want them not to let me in. It’s the only Polish restaurant in the area and actually I really liked the food. I tried my husband’s pierogi and they were surprisingly good. Very homemade like.

My husband really enjoyed that place. He thinks it original and he understands that they try to pack it as much as it’s possible. Most of the people eating there are Polish (from what I could hear around me) or have Polish heritage. People who, for some reason know Polish food. I think there is not that many of them around here. We are not in Chicago or New York. As much as I don’t want to live in Chicago or New York sometimes I wish I had bigger access to Polish products. It seems like what we have around here is very expensive.

Being honest: Polish food is not very elaborate. It’s simple, made from very cheap ingredients, so going to a Polish restaurant, ordering two dishes where:

– non of them includes meat,

– one of them is made from left over mashed potatoes and flour and mushroom sauce (a few mushrooms, milk and flour)

– one of them is made from flour, water, egg, mashed potatoes, fried onion, sprinkled with a bit of bacon

– a small dessert

We paid $45 for a food that in Poland you would get in Bar Mleczny! Don’t get me wrong. I had lived on food from Bar Mleczny for 5 years while I was a poor student ๐Ÿ˜‰ in Poland, and I loved it. The food served there is actually really good, and the portions are generous. But if you want to represent Polish cuisine abroad you don’t pick that kind of restaurant. Maybe 30 or 20 years ago it would be accurate… but gosh… NOT TODAY!

I think I prefer to stick to cooking Polish food at home, and to visit this restaurant once in a blue moon.




My daughter and me…

…or if you prefer Mommy and Me… and Happy morning Monday

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

I think I can consider those two photos as a self-portrait, (right…?) so I’ll link up with Jill, and her “self-portrait/couples” theme.



I was just goofing off instead feeding my Little Hungry Pants, but as you can see she didn’t mind it. She always likes when I make faces, more than often she mimics me, at least she tries very hard to say or to do the same…

This is how you look if you eat somebody’s elses sandwich which is not your own and you begged it from another mommy… That’s what she did yesterday at the park… I, on the other hand, feelt bad that she ate half of another kid lunch so I shared our puffs with him… ๐Ÿ™‚ Felt better after that! He liked it… at the end our doggy finished the sandwich… behind my back – of course!

and finally barszcz (beetroot soup)!!! – today’s lunch. Yumm! I was planning to take a photo of my favorite soup for a long long time. A few days ago I’ve made a huge pot of it so it will last for more than a few days since it’s only me who eats it ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t eat it everyday because I don’t want to get bored with this soup… It’s been almost the only thing I like to eat lately. Have you ever have that feeling that nothing taste good?! I’s been a while it’s happening to me… Almost nothing taste good… but inside I have that craving for… something good… don’t know exactly what… just something good… I need something good… Yesterday I was watching a commercial of some restaurant and they were showing a big plate of glazed ribs… I thought: OMG I wish I was there right now!!!

I am not meat eater… Never have been. But these days… there is something strange going on around me… And I’m not pregnant… and I am not in or nowhere near my period. Nop. Oh well I hope it will be gone soon because I’m getting tired of being in that physical and mental state…


Oh well… at least I like my tea and coffee STILL. I’m going to enjoy it right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs from my corner!

Can you clap?!


3 precious pictures

to make one even more precious

and today I downloaded a few free actions, plug-ins, scripts (whatever you call them) for my beloved GIMP. It didn’t happen without the pain, and frustration, and darn this and damn that (and much more those bad words that good people don’t want to read, but I want to write sooo bad here :-P, but ok I won’t).

This one is called National Geographic, and I love it!!!

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory FridayHosted by Cecily and Lolli

I know I promised to post a picture of barszcz… but I even didn’t eat it today (wait… Have I eaten today at all?)

I was too busy figuring out those plug-ins, scripts-fu, blah blah blah…

and we measured and weighted our Miss “I can almost walk by myself and if you hold me I walk like a stork”.

almost 30 inches

almost 22 pounds

She is growing so fast. I was looking at her pictures right after we came home from the hospital almost 10 months ago…

like this one


this one


OMG… look here

and I can’t believe…

Where did the time go?!