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Too early to come out!

… and I thought everything will go smooth this time.

Even with our hospital being very liberal about “natural” birth giving after primary cesarean delivery, and being ask that question (“Which way you want to deliver?”) many times I know, I want c-section again. There is no way I will want to go through a half of what I went during my first labor.

The plan was simple. On given me day I show up at the hospital and they take my baby out. It couldn’t sound any better. It suppose to happen in 3 weeks.

On Monday my contractions started and they were very regular for 24 hours. Yesterday we decided to go in and have me checked. So we went and we spent 7 hours in Labor & Delivery. They hooked me up to the monitoring machine and after 2 hours of observation I was hooked to an I V . That didn’t help. So I lied there for next hour while the doctors deliberated what to do with me.

After that hour I was given a shot which stopped my contractions but I had to be under observation for almost 3 hours after that. I do not remember the name of it but it made my heart beat 3 times faster and my temperature jumped sky-high. I saw weird lights flying in front of me and I just wanted to go home, have something to drink and eat (since I got to the hospital they didn’t let me eat or drink at all), and when I was about to fall asleep they decided to let me go home.

So, we left the hospital with an advice to try to keep that baby inside me for at least one week.

I’m gonna try!

And here I am. No baby, yet. On bed rest with only one contraction today, so far. Today I got up with the hospital wristband and a bandage where my IV was. Last night I was too tired to take those off.

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Tired hugs!


Self-portrait 365(6) Project

It’s time for my self-portraits post.

This week was especially hard for me. I think I’m running out of ideas and I’m getting to a point in my pregnancy where I feel like a whale (literally). I even walk like a whale… I mean, I know whales don’t walk but imagine it for a second. Swinging from right to left while walking… yeah… that’s me!

It’s really hard to point a camera at myself feeling like that. Every time I took a picture and saw it on a camera screen I didn’t like it at all. So I tried again… and again… and again… and I got really tired of trying… and many times I choose to use a picture where I’m blurry somewhere on the background… . Those are my favorite shots. I even don’t feel comfortable with showing my fingers (today’s picture) or toes as they get really swollen more and more often. 


This is a page from my daughter’s book which she torn apart.

Now it’s your turn. Look at the mirror and tell me what you see. I hope you see somebody beautiful outside and inside. I hope that at least you feel much more comfortable with what you see than I do.


It supposed to be totally different picture but every time I took a shot I cut out some part of me. I didn’t plan for it to look like those two (two with the least amount of cut parts of me). I took more than 20 pictures and IN EVERY SINGLE ONE there was a part of me missing. This is what you get when you’re too lazy to use tripod essentially :/


Quick peek through the blinds every morning to see what’s going on outside and what the weather looks like. Most of the time the weather is great and most of the time nothing is going on… 🙂


Ok… I need love but I need some chocolate as well. In my case though, the chocolate part hurts really bad. With every single bite my heartburn grows enormously. Oh well I really need some pleasures these days, even if it lasts for a few minutes only and I’m ready to pay for it with pain.


We’re in the process of potty training. It’s going really good considering that a month ago our daughter screamed her lungs out if we put her on the potty chair without a diaper on. She DID NOT want to sit on that WEIRD HOLE for even a second. It seems like in a few more months we will be done with diapers, not completely though… new pooper will arrive so… the fun will continue.


This week I have learned that I do know how to use an old t-shirt to strain a cheese from the whey but I have no freaking idea how to use a cheese cloth for the same purpose. It makes an interesting subject to use while taking pictures though. 


Ok, this picture is totally fake (not in the Photoshop fake way, though). I just don’t paint my nails. NEVER. The last time I did it was 2 or 3 years ago. Seriously. I took this picture because I had this idea wandering through my head for days now.

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Wishing you all wonderful weekend.

Warm hugs from my whale-like corner!

Self-portrait 365 Project (part 3)

Small changes in my schedule.

So far I’ve posted my self-portraits on Sunday, but I changed my mind. First of all because I do not like to blog on weekends. In addition, in the past if I posted something on Sunday it was only for Ashley “Scavenger Hunt”. I’m am not every week participant in her link-up but if I do decide to do that I do not want to end up with two posts in one day.

The main reason I do this project is because I was inspired by Urban Muser’s project {in the picture}. Her link-up opens every last Friday of the month so from now on I’ll stick with Fridays to post my selfies. In meantime I do post a few selfies on my flickr as well.

My previous self-portraits:

1) 1-10/365 

2) 11-17 /365

Now lets move to this week shots:


My every hour or so routine: washing my face with cold water. It helps me with my hot flashes through the day.


Laundry day. Don’t have to explain much just that our laundry room is a great place to take pictures in. It’s not pretty not to mention very clean (with all the people using it) but the light inside is just beautiful. If I could move out all those driers and laundry machines it would be the perfect room for a photography studio!


My daughter didn’t want to cooperate with this shot. She thought we are playing and every time I have my camera near her she wants to touch it and play with it, so instead of sitting still she moves towards me. It’s really hard to take a sharp picture of any part of her body at this point, but I did it after 20 very blurry shots.


In my opinion this is the weirdest shot of me I’ve taken so far. I can’t explain it. I just look so different in it… and those eyes. Eyes on this picture are the main reason I’ve decided to use this photo.


When I saw this picture on my camera screen I planned to crop it so my daughter is not on it. When I saw it again on my computer screen I really liked it the way it was.

In The Picture

Right now I’m happy that I’m done shooting myself for today. It’s pretty warm outside so I probably should take my lazy pregnant butt (and the baby… and a dog) for a walk.

Hope everything is ok with you all. Have a great weekend. I can’t wait for my Sunday walk with a coffee (one cup per week) and a doughnut in our local “Happy-Doughnut” coffee shop 🙂 

Self-portrait 365 Project (part 2)

I made it to week 2. Very excited about that.
50 to go!

Last week I was very spontaneous with my self-portraits. This week was better. Before I took my photos, much earlier I already had the idea of how I wanted it to look, sometimes a day in advance (!). It doesn’t mean that at the end the photo looked like I wanted it to be, but at least I had a clue and I worked around it. It wasn’t like that with every single shots, though… just with a few. 

Lets start week no 2:


That day I almost run out of time. I took this picture very late in the evening.


Having breakfast. Homemade zesty granola, a few strawberries and blueberries topped with a little bit of plain yoghurt and milk. 


Growing… .


Making (eating!!!) cream cheese filling for carrot cake muffins. It was so good. The filling, I mean. Not crazy about the carrot cake itself.

At the same time my daughter was thinking about what to get into while I wasn’t watching. My husband showed her how to use one thing in the kitchen and now she gets into everything. I’m in deep troubles!!!


I took this picture early morning after having a little bit of trouble with waking up. Later I took another one and I couldn’t decide which one to make my picture of the day so I merged thos two into a one.


It’s been raining for the last few days. I had a different idea for this shot or at least I had a different picture in my head before I took it. I tried and I tried and my feet got too cold to stand it that freezing (almost) puddle any longer. I’m not happy with this picture at all, because it’s nothing I was hoping for but considering the pain (cold) I went through to take it I’ve decided to use it anyway.


Don’t need to explain that one, I guess 🙂

I hope everything is well with you. This gloomy weather makes me so lazy, sleepy and more tired that I already had been. Today’s picture instead of a tea should have a package of coffee in it. I was waken up at 6:30 am this morning to a thought: “loud neighbours should be illegal or at least shooting them should be legal”. ugh!

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