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Introduction to a new series: “How to take self-portraits”

I have finally decided to start a series of posts about how to take self-portraits. btw, this post is long, so please grab a coffee/tea and enjoy! I was writing it for almost 3 days!!! 

I am not a pro. I do not claim I am one. I am still learning and I hope to learn even more by doing this series.

The 365 Self-Portrait Project has taught me how to overcome a few obstacles that many people come across when they want to start taking self-portraits:

–          Lack of remote

–          Not having a tripod (I have one but believe me, in 366 days of 2012 I used it less than 10 times)

–          Having two kids around all the time

–          Low self-esteem/Shyness

–          Posing

–          Creativity (lack of it, I meant)

–          Boring life

–          Lack of time (how can you have a boring life and a lack of time at the same time?)

I could think off a few more things but as for now those are the biggest problems I remember I encountered at the beginning. I still have some issues with those things, believe me. I do struggle with focus, what probably will force me to get a remote in a few weeks (I already found one that I would want to get). I do struggle with creativity and my posing sucks; I do have a funny story to tell about it, though.   

Having taken on this project (365 Self-Portraits in one year), in a very difficult time of my life has given me something than many self-portrait artists don’t have to go through while creating their portraits.

This past year was terribly hectic. I was pregnant, and then I wasn’t. I was mother of one child, then all of a sudden I had two of them. I was ok with my pregnant body and I really enjoyed to take photographs of pregnant me, but after the baby was born, immediately, I got very aware of my post-pregnant shapes, and jumping in front of the camera was the last thing I wanted to do.

With two little kids, where one is a “never wanting to let off the booby” kind, it was even harder to get creative or be on my own, in peace and quiet, having all the free time, trying this or that, until I am happy with the shot. I actually had limited time, limited opportunities, and limited energy (VERY limited energy). Many pictures were taken “on the run”, literally. My camera was always around and I would take it every single place we went. I just couldn’t afford to lose a good opportunity to take a self-portrait while doing…, well, while doing anything.

As a family we do not have very active social life so we are not in many situations that other people would take a photo of us and our kids together FOR us. Even if … I am always not very happy with pictures that strangers take for us while we are out and about. I hate that most people do not know how to handle a DSLR set on MANUAL. My camera is always on MANUAL, so if I forget to change it or at least explain a few things to the person it means that most of the pictures we are going to be on are overexposed or underexposed, and that somebody will be out of focus, read WE, the family, will be out of focus (and I know it from my personal experience). The outcome is predictable: those pictures are always deleted, what makes my husband really mad. And don’t you agree that those pictures always look the same. Boring. Flat. They look just like any other family portrait taken by a stranger where the only difference is the background (and outfits).

Do those pictures look boring:

what about these:


ok, the last example is not the best. I have to admit I did a poor job encouraging my husband to get into the picture in this project. I will have to change that this year. 

Anyway, when it is you who is in charge of taking pictures as well as posing in them you can control EVERYTHING! Don’t like it? Do it again. Something is out of focus? Re-focus and shot again. The picture is overexposed? Change the settings and DO IT AGAIN. Don’t like the perspective/angle? Move the camera, refocus, check the settings, and take a few more pictures. You can repeat the process until you’re happy with at least one photo. Sometimes it takes time but the more you do it the better you get in doing it right in less time. At the end it is you and only you who decide how much of you people are going to see.

The thing is, if you do it on your own, in your own time frame, surrounded by things you like, and maybe listening to a favorite music, you will feel more comfortable to just be yourself in front of the camera. To make a goofy face, to have a natural smile, to be more playful, or romantic, etc. The sky’s the limit.


Being honest with you, I do not have the entire plan for this series lined up in front of me. It’s not like I already have done the creative thinking and I have written all the topics and dates for them. NO. To make a good and informative post with a few examples and explanations I need time – sometimes I don’t have it (time), that’s why I don’t promise to publish “one post a week” with a new topic on how to take self-portraits. I will try to do my best, though. I think, it probably will be one post a month.

I enjoy doing it and I do it because I want to do it, not because I must do it. I want it to stay that way. I want to keep it healthy. Healthy for me. I had been through a period where blogging, getting comments and new followers would take over my personal life, my mood. I based my happiness on the number of comments and visitors to my blog. So no, I will not allow myself to slip into the same situation again.

You have to be aware; this is different from just taking a self-portrait and posting it here with a few words describing the photo. This series is my next challenge. Normally photography is a very intuitional process to me. Here, in order to explain things I’ll try to go into more technical parts of this process: f-stops, ISO, light, post-processing, lenses.

It is going to be a self-educating process. If there is one person out there who will learn something from it as well, I’ll be thrilled.

So please, if you don’t understand something I am going to talk about, just be patient and ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to ask and it could teach both sides (me and you) something new. I appreciate all the questions. I do want to help women to get out of the closet and be comfortable with their own images, no matter what age and shapes.  

To stay updated with each post from this series you can simply follow this blog, my Facebook page or Twitter, but being honest with you, I am not a Twitter person. I tweet rarely, and mostly those are updates from my posts, nothing else. The best way to stay in touch is to follow my Facebook Page.

I will not be giving any assignments or self-portrait themes, and I am not going to create link-ups. If some of my posts inspire you to go out there and to experiment with self-portraits, I encourage you to come back to my blog and leave a link to your post with self-portraits in the comments section of the most recent post from this series.

To check which is the latest post from this series if you just mouse over the button where is says “Self-Portraits”. Do not click on it. A small list will show up. 

screenshot 1

Now there is only one thing:  “365+1 Self-Portrait Project”. Clicking on it will take you to the whole year of my self portraits. Post after post. 

After this post is published I’m going to add one more option: “How to take self-portraits”. Clicking on it will take you to posts from this series ONLY. 

screenshot 2


My next post, actually first in which I give some real advice, not just plain talk, about “how to” take self-portraits is almost ready and will be up on the blog next week. I am going to talk about achieving reasonable good focus without using the remote, as well as how to do it all without a tripod. 

 So lets the fun begin! 



365 Self-Portrait Project (week 42nd)

This week was a little bit crazy. Camera crazy, I should say. I had a photo buddy visiting us for a few days so it’s not really that hard to guess what we were doing. 

We were speaking Polish. Yeay!!!

We were cooking food that normally is not served in our home : Polish food made universal but for vegetarians only 😉 

We were taking many pictures.

Oh, how I wish I had weeks like that more often.


On Friday I’d started making a mat for the dogs crate but I haven’t finish it as my sewing machine is acting crazy and I can’t figure why.


Playing with the kid in a “flying bear” and a “flying doll”. 


On Sunday my friend arrived and we all went to a pumpkin patch.

This picture is not a self-portrait. It was taken by my friend. 

We did not take any shots of No. 2 because she was sick and had spent the entire outing swaddled in dad’s arms while two camera crazy Polish women were chasing even more crazy No. 1.


For such busy with taking pictures week something very weird had happened.

On Monday I did not take a single self-portrait as well as there wasn’t a single photo taken of me by my friend.   


On Tuesday I had fixed the mistake from the previous day by taking A LOT of self-portraits. 

altogether with MANY pictures of NO.1 and NO.2

The weather was just perfect and despite a few kids breakdowns we spent about 4 hours at the park. 


How surprised I was when not really knowing that my No. 2 can sit on her own already I was holding her for the photo shot and when I finally let her go (expecting she is going to fall down after a few seconds) she just sat there, and sat… and she gave us the most serious look the small child can give you; The look which is sweet but not when you want to take beautiful pictures of a child to be used in your portfolio.    


We also captured many moments with aunt Jo in the picture. Normally she is always behind the camera.  

And the sitting elf, again 🙂  

and her sister using my tripod as her microphone:

Before that I had no idea that she knows the concept of a microphone… It looks like she is very familiar with it. 


“Hey, what ya doing up there?” 

No. 2 is getting more and more curious about what’s going on around her.   

She is very close to start to crawl.



Finally, the real Fall weather has gotten to here. Warm socks and plenty of ho tea is a must!!!      

This picture reminded me that my cup of tea is empty. Time to fill it up.

Stay warm my friends.

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 37th)

This week we’ve had a slight improvement. No. 2 is playing by herself a little more. She sleeps more, too.

But even with that improvement I want to scream. Just like that:

Bjork. Photo: John Baptiste Mondino

and here a little song for you all. One of my favorite artists: Bjork.




Instead of screaming, though, I look rather like that.

This Little Creature (No.2) we’ve made teaches me a lot about my limits, and it’s not pleasant.


While doing grocery shopping on Saturday.


On Sunday we went for a hike. Not very long, but long enough for everybody to get tired.

I link-up this picture to Bonnie’s theme this week: “the beauty of aging“.

I my case the beauty of aging is just growing up to a moment when I finally am not fighting with everybody and everything. When I do not go upstream just for the sake of being the one who does it. When I have my own family. My kids. My love. When I finally can talk with my parents like equals while humbly admitting they know more, and they are more experienced than I am. No matter what.

Photo Art Friday

We had a break to eat and drink.

No.2 seemed to enjoy her 1st hike.

When we walked back, the last few hills dad had to carry both our Sweethearts.

The dog had a great time, as well.


Making an apple pie. My husband’s favorite.


It hasn’t been very quiet around. The only time when I can relax a little and hear as little as possible of the baby’s crying and our No. 1 jumping/running/yelling/screaming/being herself is when I am in the bathtub with my ears below the water. I hear only the sound of me breathing and the water running in the walls. It is beautiful.


Ok. I though, and though and though about this picture. I hate it. This is how I look in the morning. These days the first thing in the morning is washing our doggy and her crate. She is always dirty and sticky. Not completely potty trained she has her night accidents.

I did take different pictures that day but I deleted them from the camera by accident. This one is what I ended up with and well… I wish I had something else.


As much as carrying N0. 2 in this carrier hurts my back, it is better than using the stroller. Especially when I have to take the puppy for a walk and I can’t leave No.1 and No.2 by themselves at the house.

Yesterday we had a small tantrum while coming back from one of those walks.

This is how it ended up.

Good, this picture do not have a sound. There was a lot of crying and screaming.

But I kept my poker face. Or maybe I’m just that tired 😉

By the way, if you saw me setting up the camera for this self-portrait and then managing everybody to get to the right spot and staying there you would give me an award. I have no idea how I made it. Those two on the leashes, No.2 in front of me trying to grab the camera and being on my way all the time. Ugh… someday I will laugh out loud looking at those pictures.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

What are your plans?

I do plan to spend it in front of the TV, watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time on Netflix while eating homemade chocolate pudding 🙂 Can’t wait. Now I just need to walk everybody.

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 32nd)

As for this week, nothing special has happened. I got upset a few time, angry (in-laws in the house!!!), I felt terribly tired and frustrated (not only with kids but with myself, as well). So… I would say: life as usual.


Just goofing off with No. 1

Such a playful little creature she is.

And sometimes it is hard to keep up with her.


Late at night I baked an apple pie. The next day we were going to visit friends and I had offered to bring something sweet.

Having said that, I’m reading a book “A tiger in the kitchen” where I have found words which couldn’t describe any better of what I feel:

Outside the kitchen, life was complicated and meandered in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways. But with my mixer in hand and two sticks of softened butter in front of me, the possibilities were thrilling and endless – and the outcome was entirely governed by me. There are few things more basic or satisfying than kneading a ball of dough or rolling one out. Having a mind than can not stay quiet, I’ve never been able to meditate without going stir-crazy. But give me a ball of dough and the not-so-distant dream of pipping hot cherry tart with a beautiful lattice weave top and a generous sprinkling of confectioners sugar, and a feeling of serenity washes over me. My mind instantly hushes.


On Sunday we went to visit friends and had such a great time.

We came back home late at night and that’s an artsy snap while washing down my make-up.



Drinking lemon-cucumber water. So yummy and refreshing.


My morning routine.

Drinking coffee first.

After that making face scrub/mask from leftover coffee grounds, honey and coconut oil.


Do you see what I saw?!?!?


Grey hair.

That night I pointed those two crazy looking hair to my husband and instead of saying: “oh, that’s nothing, honey, just two gray hair” he started picking through my hair and pointing out each grey string he saw… I had counted about 7!!!!


Totally out of my comfort zone piece 🙂


Today morning, while attempting for the first time homemade pop tarts:

I came up with an idea for this week Bonnie’s theme – “container(s)”.


Have you ever felt like your mind is a one huge container filled with many wanted and unwanted thoughts?

Very often I feel like this container of mine is a mess. There is no order in it. It’s a labyrinth in which I get lost all the time!  

I feel like a hoarder who has a very hard time to clean up her container full of unnecessary things. Things that are bad, rotten or rusted… things from the past that brings nothing but bad memories and feelings. But I hold on to them.

using Bonnie’s texture “Starburst”

Photo Art Friday

Wish you all a wonderful weekend, my friends.

Chic Homeschool Mama

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 16)

Last week was pretty stressful for me.


Last Friday I had my stitches removed and the same day we were told our Little Sleeping Beauty is loosing too much weight. It made the post-pregnant and still very emotional myself very upset. Today everything is back to normal and we are all happy again 🙂


On Saturday while trying to take some shots I had to deal with my daughter running back and forth in front of the camera. This is the best shot I ended up with. Pretty much the perfect shot for Urban Muser’s theme for this month: “shake it out” 😉

Photo Art Friday365/108

I love my camera. Can you tell.

I have more shots from this “session” that I plan to put together as one separate post. I probably will write it sometime this week.

Most of my self-portraits are very spontaneous. I do not think about them. I just go with my day as it comes and in a particular moment when I remember about this project or when I think I’m doing something that’s worth to be captured I just take my camera and shoot.

Sometimes when I’m totally out of ideas I take the camera, point it at myself and start shooting until I get something that’s interesting or until I get tired 🙂


Enjoying our quiet time.

It’s crazy how our Little Not Eating Enough Girl in one week has turned into Not Wanting to Sleep and Eating Every 10 minutes. Today I can’t have anything done without me holding her while: 

making breakfast,



doing laundry,

or simply hearing her screaming for some attention or my boob 😉

Better this than me trying to wake her up for every feeding with no success and her loosing weight because of that.


We’re having pretty nice weather lately and I try to sit on the sun from time to time to give some vitamin D to our newborn who still has some jaundice.


Watching cartoons, “Cat in the Hat”, and eating breakfast: avocado-dates-peanut butter pudding.


For quite sometime I had planned to avoid shots where my stomach is shown.

Then I thought: That’s ridiculous! I just had a baby so why should I be ashamed of my body. There is nothing wrong with it.

btw, I was making delicious apple cupcakes 

Not the best but pretty good 🙂


This should be called “The things I never wear”.

It’s been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long I had some nice necklace or a nice high heel shoes on me.

I actually do not wear hight heels but I have a few pairs, just in case.

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 13)

This week we are still 3 people (plus dog) household. Next week that is going to change and I can’t wait. I think, I am more scared that anything else. We are going to have TWO KIDS!!! When did that happen 😉


Saturday was a lazy day from what I remember. It rained all day with a few breaks and during one of them I took a tripod and my camera outside and in a hurry I took this picture.


Sunday was unbelievable boring. Gosh, I thought I’m going to kill myself. Wandering around the house I got so grumpy and cranky that at some point I just lied down trying to relax and just be, but that didn’t last for a long time. Anyway I was so happy when that day finally ended.


It suppose to be a picture of my necklace but with about 20 pictures taken non was with the right focus so… that is the best one.


I had planned for this picture to be completely different BUT as you can see on the second picture to take it was almost impossible with my Little Darling standing in front of me trying to eat that strawberry. Too bad I couldn’t take a photo of her from up front. She was standing with her mount wide open hoping I will give it to her and I finally did.

… and of course the dog is always where I am. These two always follow me whenever I go. So these days the only place I can hide and have some “me time” is my bathroom but that works when my husband is around. If he is not those two are in the bathroom with me as well (no matter what).


Don’t know how to explain that self-portrait.

That day I was in a mood of something different and I was celebrating one week to my surgery 🙂


Taking this picture I thought that I have to make one week of my selfies devoted just to my rings. These days my fingers are too swollen to wear them but normally my rings are very important part of me. This one is the oldest ring I have. It’s almost 15 years old and there was a long period in my life in which I wouldn’t go out without it. If that happened and I noticed that it’s not on my finger I went back home to put it on. Good old days 😉


Yesterday I started to crochet a scarf for newborn pictures. I have some ideas for when our Little Sister gets home and I thought I need some pictures props. I’m planning to make some nice and easy head bands, too.

I would’ve be done by now with this scarf but I run out of yarn. Gotta visit Michaels today.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

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365 Self-portrait Project (week 12)

I’m so happy that despite all those problems I had last week I made it to this week and the project is still up and running 🙂

Shots from this week are not really good. They are dark and grainy and I wasn’t very inspired in general. My contractions decreased around Monday, mostly because I stopped doing almost everything. Since then most of my time I spent on the sofa watching tv, reading a book and playing with my almost forgotten old photos because I didn’t have anything new (only my self-portraits) to play with… ah and in the meantime I wrote something for World Moms Blog. Post is up today: “From Picky Eater to Spinach Smoothie Enthusiast”. Feel free to stop by and grab a recipe for a delicious spinach smoothie!


Saturday I was playing with my reflections in the ovens’ door and my daughter joined along 🙂 She loves when somebody sits on the floor. She gets very excited when that happens.


Lady Big it should say 😉


As I said… Most of the time I’m on the sofa. Here, I’m reading Terry Pratchett’s book. I forgot how I love this guy but now I got a few of his books that I haven’t read and I’m all set for my bed rest. 


After we came back from the doctor’s appointment where I was introduced to not so satisfying news. My doctor said she wants to keep me pregnant as long as 39 weeks despite those contractions. She just said that in case if they get really bad and regular I have to go to the hospital and most likely I will have that baby delivered. As of today I have just a few contractions during the entire day and they are not very painful. It looks like the baby will come on scheduled time. Good for her but not very comfortable for me.




Reading my cook book I won from The Country Cook giveaway more than a month ago. I was so happy I won it! It’s actually pretty good with many great recipes. So far I made only one dish but it’s because I haven’t been feeling very creative in the kitchen lately. 


Starting my day with a pill for heartburn. Each day, every day 🙂

 Today after my morning routine I saw my daughter playing with a tripod so I joined her. 

There is a photographer’s soul growing inside her.

Have a great weekend, my friends. I’m getting back to my book 🙂

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365 Self-portrait Project – week 10th

… and it’s Friday.

… and it’s week 10th of my project which I have never though will last that long. The funny part of this project is that at the beginning I struggled with taking one photo a day… I didn’t have many ideas and it seemed to me like I was trying way too hard to be creative and to think out of the box. I felt like this project is some kind of competition so each and every photo needs to be perfect and… oh… ah… SO CREATIVE. I spent too much time each day thinking and worrying about it.

Today it looks so different. Sometimes I don’t take a picture till 11pm and I do not panic because of that what would have happened a few weeks ago if I did that.

Overthinking it I struggled with ONE photo a day. Today I struggle with picking ONE photo from many I’ve taken during the day. The perfect example of it is today’s post. I just couldn’t pick ONE. Like that triptych (365/67) with our dog. She was making such a funny faces that at the end I couldn’t decide which picture is the best example of her and her way of begging for some attention and love. Those three are only a small part of what she was doing, actually.

It was a lazy week. It’s been dark, cold, and rainy outside so altogether with the weather everything is cloudy. Mostly my mood. I feel heavier than ever and really tired all the time. A few days back I told my husband that I feel like I’m going to go into a labour much sooner than my surgery is scheduled for. Maybe it’s just because I am so uncomfortable that I wish it was over and that’s why I have all those thoughts. Who knows. Will see what happens.

So this is what I came up for this week:


Saturday. Bath time.


Sunday. One of those days: “Oh darn. I almost forgot…” So in this case there is almost always a mirror involved 😉 This time I struggled so much with the top photo I was about to give up. I had something a little bit different in mind but I’m quite happy with the finall effect.


Here she is. Our Lady Di begging to be pet.


It’s been really cold so those are my comfy, warm socks I got as a gift from my friend a while ago. They always work altogether with hot green tea and Food Network. Comfort to my body and comfort to my soul 😉


And again: late at night… it was right before midnight and I am not cheating here. They were taken BEFORE midnight 🙂


Cup of tea and my glasses. And no, I wasn’t wearing them. As I said before. Rain and clouds. Sunglasses aren’t necessary. Even less necessary if you’re sitting indoors all the time. Although I really like to use them for photography purpose. While I was taking those pictures…

… my daughter got up from her nap…

… and she saw them…

… and she couldn’t take her hands off them… .

So we played for a while until I saw her trying to step on them… .

… and the play was over.


Today’s morning. After shower.

Hope you enjoyed them my friends and have a wonderful weekend. Ours is going to be pretty busy it seems like. So I better put my feet up, rest and enjoy the period of silence and empty home.

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 7)

I’m writing this post today instead in Friday as I normally do.

Tomorrow we have to get up at the crack of dawn and leave for my doctor’s appointment.

In this situation there will be one photo less than usual in this post. I do not know how long I’m going to be gone, and after that if I’m going to be in a mood for blogging or in a mood of doing anything at all. So, I want to take care of this post today. While I’m still feeling alright.


Saturday I got up way too early. Everybody was still asleep. I started fixing some breakfast – homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes. I needed two bowls but bending and twisting these days is not for me. If I need a pot, a pan or a bowl I simply sit on the kitchen floor and look for what I need from this perspective. Much easier 🙂




I feel like these days everybody takes self-portrait picture in the mirror of a car. It’s not even funny anymore… but look… here I am… Don’t want to think more about having to take more creative and mindful self-portrait. Taking an advantage of the moment and my husband’s phone.


On Monday I had a shooting-get-together with a friend of mine who came to visit us. Finally I had a reason to wear my boots. Since I bought them several years ago I had them on my feet only once. Not that I don’t like them.

Anyway, we spent 6 hours walking around History Park in San Jose shooting (my friend) and posing (me and my daughter). I’m so eager to see all those pictures she took of me and my pregnant belly. I know they are spectacular and being aware of that doesn’t make the waiting time easier.


On Tuesday Monday’s shooting continued. Both days were such a weird experience for me. From both days I came back home with no more than 20 pictures (in total) taken by me (instead of hundreds). In addition every single time when I meet with J. I go home depressed (but motivated). She is such a great photographer. When I look at her photos and then at mine I see that my pictures aren’t half as good as hers. Boo. And I get angry and frustrated but not for a long time. We always talk a lot about it, though, and I always learn something new. With her, shooting it’s always a good experience, no matter how bad my pictures seem to be.


The next day I was exhausted. I wanted sleep and sleep and sleep even more.

Those who follow me in this project should notice by now that I do like mirrors, reflections in general. I see them everywhere and I try to take pictures of it almost every single time I notice a reflection. This particular one was in my mind for weeks. Every single time I looked at my fauced I felt like an addict. I wanted to grab my camera and start shooting. Finally yesterday at 9pm knowing that I won’t come up with anything better and more creative I took some pictures of me and my husband wandering around the kitchen.


Today while sharing my smoothie with our Miss in Yellow Dress. These days I always make enough smoothie for both of us. I made that mistake once and I won’t do it again – I made a glass of smoothie thinking that my daughter is not gonna like it. She didn’t like it before so I though she is not going to like it this time. I was so wrong. She ate almost all of it and I was left with a piece of bread with cream cheese for breakfast.

Today we had almond milk, orange, apple smoothie.

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Self-portrait 365(6) Project

It’s time for my self-portraits post.

This week was especially hard for me. I think I’m running out of ideas and I’m getting to a point in my pregnancy where I feel like a whale (literally). I even walk like a whale… I mean, I know whales don’t walk but imagine it for a second. Swinging from right to left while walking… yeah… that’s me!

It’s really hard to point a camera at myself feeling like that. Every time I took a picture and saw it on a camera screen I didn’t like it at all. So I tried again… and again… and again… and I got really tired of trying… and many times I choose to use a picture where I’m blurry somewhere on the background… . Those are my favorite shots. I even don’t feel comfortable with showing my fingers (today’s picture) or toes as they get really swollen more and more often. 


This is a page from my daughter’s book which she torn apart.

Now it’s your turn. Look at the mirror and tell me what you see. I hope you see somebody beautiful outside and inside. I hope that at least you feel much more comfortable with what you see than I do.


It supposed to be totally different picture but every time I took a shot I cut out some part of me. I didn’t plan for it to look like those two (two with the least amount of cut parts of me). I took more than 20 pictures and IN EVERY SINGLE ONE there was a part of me missing. This is what you get when you’re too lazy to use tripod essentially :/


Quick peek through the blinds every morning to see what’s going on outside and what the weather looks like. Most of the time the weather is great and most of the time nothing is going on… 🙂


Ok… I need love but I need some chocolate as well. In my case though, the chocolate part hurts really bad. With every single bite my heartburn grows enormously. Oh well I really need some pleasures these days, even if it lasts for a few minutes only and I’m ready to pay for it with pain.


We’re in the process of potty training. It’s going really good considering that a month ago our daughter screamed her lungs out if we put her on the potty chair without a diaper on. She DID NOT want to sit on that WEIRD HOLE for even a second. It seems like in a few more months we will be done with diapers, not completely though… new pooper will arrive so… the fun will continue.


This week I have learned that I do know how to use an old t-shirt to strain a cheese from the whey but I have no freaking idea how to use a cheese cloth for the same purpose. It makes an interesting subject to use while taking pictures though. 


Ok, this picture is totally fake (not in the Photoshop fake way, though). I just don’t paint my nails. NEVER. The last time I did it was 2 or 3 years ago. Seriously. I took this picture because I had this idea wandering through my head for days now.

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Wishing you all wonderful weekend.

Warm hugs from my whale-like corner!