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52mm 0.45x wide angle & macro

Oh My Friends!!!

Doubled my glasses doubled my Power 😉 Thanks to my Love One I got a small gift yesterday! Happy I am… !

As Joanna would’ve said:
I wouldn’t want to use it. The more glasses you use on you camera the wors quality of the picture you get.
– and I agree!!!

byt at the same time… I’ve never complained about the quality of my pictures, and have never heard anybody else saying something about it…, or maybe I’ve got very kind friends. I don’t know… what I know is that I LOVE this little something attached to my 18-55mm lens.
This lens gives me the opportunity to take very unique pictures with unique perspective…
like this one for example:

01/13/10 -sweet breakfast

it allowes me to take great macro with small fish-eye effect, or without… it depends on my mood 🙂
it allowes me to double my zoom, and the field of view with just a small fish-eye, and vignette effects.
…and everything for about $10.

MACRO, MACRO there I come !!!