Liquid photography

My hand and floating body lotion

With my two lenses: Nikor DX: 18-55mm with wide angle x0.45 I thought it would be easy to take a decent “close-up” pictures.
LOL. It was, NOT.
I hadn’t been using a tripod, because the one I’ve got is a piece of junk. It comes apart very easily.
This session was very useful to me. I’d tried to work with my SLAVE FLASH and with an additional artificial light. I ended up shooting with only natural rays.

I’ve learned how lucky you could be with the BEST shoot, and how patient you should be if you want to improve the skills and knowledge about photography.


My favorite: Pierogi Ruskie

ready to cook

Some information about my favorite dish EVER.
Pierogi are a dish of Polish origin, consisting of boiled dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients:
– mashed potatoes, cheese, farmer’s cheese, bryndza, cabbage, sauerkraut, meat, mushrooms, minced meat
– as dessert: fresh fruit filling, such as raspberry, cherry, strawberry, apple, blueberry, or peach.

What I am talking about are Pierogi with mashed potatoes mixed with farmer’s cheese and fried onions!!! MY FAVORITE This filling is popular in Poland and Ukraine. In Poland this variety is called Ruskie pierogi (Russian Dumplings). Those are as popular as pierogi filled with sauerkraut and dried mushrooms.

And remember people word “pierogi” is already plural (lol). One dumpling is “pieróg”.
In English, the plural is often written and spoken as pierogies. WRONG!!!

(xxx) attempt to self portrait

my face

I need some self portraits for my facebook photography group. In my iPhoto I’ve got bunch of photos like that ( I mean “self-portraits), but I try to never post photos which were taken eariler than the group’s picked topic. Every two weeks we have new topic picked by the winner of the last topic.
We had “Peace”, “Shoes”, “Working Man/Woman” 🙂

So, today I had my first attempt to our last topic picked by Sam. People from the group don’t like it at all. I don’t know why. It’s real fun to seek for a different oportunity to shoot ourself, and it’s challenging though.
Lots of people who like to take pictures don’t like to be on the opposite site of the lens. I understand that. I really do!!! Even if it’s fun, it is taugh, thoug. I’m not surprise with all those: “”OMG!!!”, “I think its going to take more than a few glasses of wine to get me in front of that camer…”, “this is a tough one. Difficult to look inward”, “do we lynch him now?” (where him=Sam), etc.
I am really looking forward to seeing what other’s come up with 🙂
This is my attempt. I can post only two photos for the topic, so I picked the “with my cop_like glasses on”. Waiting for my next inspiration.

Setting up my eye…

… or my camera. I am not sure what it was. Sometimes I feel like I wish I had a chip which would allow me taking pictures straight through my eyes. They would have been stored in my brain…
That would be much more easier to take pictures wherever I go, or look 🙂

Trying to see what inside me
Trying to see what inside me

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