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Southland Sightseeing

It feels like ages since I wrote my last post.

Well, it’s been a rough road that last month. Lots of ups and downs and something close to an aversion towards blogging. Nothing personal, just too little energy and too much in my head. 

No.1 turned 3


I managed to have two photo sessions. One is already on my blog here. For that session I had the opportunity to try a wonderful lens: 24mm f/1.4G ED AF-S. As I got used to it “Oh” ‘s  and “Ah” ‘s were coming out of me all the time. I was simply in heaven.

My second session was with a pregnant, beautiful mamma and her family. I didn’t have much time to post them on the blog, though.  Will do it shortly.


I have two newborn sessions in front of me so starting tomorrow I am getting back to the hats making mode. 

Last Saturday we came back from Orange County where we had gone for husband’s business trip. We did some sightseeing but mostly just from our car.


We visited my husband friend and his pets


There was a lot of coffee involved


Not as much as I thought of crocheting:


And two nights in hotels. I was very surprised how good our kids dealt with that. 


Before we had left the house we planned the trip so I could see the “Hollywood” sign. I was very excited about that but it actually didn’t happen, and I am not heart broken.

We drove by the place where we suppose to stand in order to see the sign:


but when we got there, there were cars on cars parked on cars. Cars to the left and cars to the right. In addition the kids just fell asleep after a quite long time of screaming. I did not feel like I want to spend my time looking for a parking and then climbing up the hill to see some big letters – and just for that waking up the kids. It felt so good to ride in silence. They wake up pretty soon anyway. Go figure.

At least we stopped to see the “Walk of Fame”. I really enjoyed that. 



I got lucky to find my favorite star within a few minutes from where we get out of the car. 


Then a few more:

trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-samuel-l-jackson-mom-photographer-17 trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-tom-hanks-mom-photographer-18 trip-to-los-angeles-sunset-blvd-hollywood-walt-disney-mom-photographer-18



And just as we were packing everybody to the car the husband spotted this place:

trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-18 trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-19 trip-to-los-angeles-jimmy-kimmel-show-mom-photographer-20

On the way back we saw a sand storm, or a beginning of one.


Oh… and we finally left our young doggy where she belongs – with a trainer.


and we picked up our Old Lady who during the last year has gotten so old, and blind, an deaf and oh… so disoriented. We got very close to actually not having her, but my crocodile tears had changed it. Not that I did it in purpose, but I just couldn’t stand the vision of not having her back. Simple. 


She still is the very loving and patient dog I remember. She always has been. 

No.1 has already taken good care of the Old Lady.  After a few times of trying to ride the dog we finally told her that the dog is sick (which is not far from the truth at all), so she shouldn’t be doing it anymore. It worked. Now she is very carrying and loving towards the dog. She brings her blankets and pillows. 


We are all happy to have her back. I can’t describe how happy I am. She is back where she belongs! 

warm hugs,  


Photo Art Friday on Thursday, and ALL my kids (minus No.4 – the husband)

I’ll try to make this post very short today.
Simply because No.1 just went down for her nap and I am able to become a couch potato for an hour or two.

Starting with my submission for Photo Art Friday:

because Bath-Time-Fun is not for kids ONLY

Following with some shots or my darlings who drive me crazy lately.


Finishing with No.3 (I call her My Special Needs Child  – the one with ADHD).
A few week ago she had a professional photo session with Black Newf Photography (click the link for some awesome shots).
This dog is a separate topic I am getting ready to write about (but not yet). I am waiting for the right mood to do so. Believe me or not, it is a hard topic for me to talk about. Not having two very young children but this dog is the main reason I get up at 6:30/7 am every morning. She is the cause of my weight going down. While those two are relatively good things the third one is not -she is the main reason of my new grey hair, a lot of them!

But I don’t want to go that road today…


Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 43rd)

This week was crazy. It feels like my brain is boiling. There is so much going on inside. One would say that thinking is not a bad thing and that it actually doesn’t hurt… Well… I wish I could agree. I’ve been up, up on the very high level of a happiness scale  just to get down to the lowest levels of self-love, energy and acceptance. Everything within hours. Ugh… It is so tiring.    


Entry for Bonnie’s theme this week: Cobblestone Road texture.

Photo Art Friday

Some of you may remember than two weeks ago I had a friend visiting us for a few days. When she was here we had spent one whole day in the kitchen, cooking and baking. After her visit I was left with all the cabbage rolls in delicious tomato sauce, Polish cheesecake, salads, and several cups of this delicious dessert (made with strawberries instead of raspberries). No wonder my clothes are getting smaller on me.        



On Saturday we went to a pumpkin farm. There were animals to pet, ponies to ride on…


… and one cute (not) piggy 😉

as for the self-portrait, here it is. Please don’t ask questions. I just feel so dumb sometimes!


One of those days without any idea for self-portrait. To make it more interesting I played with it a little adding one of Kim’s Klassen textures called “nested”


Shower time. 


Being a bit playful. 

The picture of the keyhole is not mine, I took it from here.

The face behind it is mine, though. 


Halloween, of course. 

No. 1 was a kitty cat and No. 2 a flower.

No. 1 was wearing her costume since early morning.


After dinner we went trick-or-treating and NO.1 just LOVED IT. 

Her first door opened a woman who I though will scare the heck out of No.1, but after the few pieces of candy she got from the lady all was good. Something clicked in her tiny brain and, man, it was hard to stop her.


Door to door, she was running, yelling: “I want my candy!“. 

With her sister they’ve gather a pretty impressive amount of candies. 

Despite that No.2 slept for the most of the time:

I was able to take two pictures of her fully awake and  making new friends:

We were out for at least an hour until my leg was ready to go home:


Today we’d spent all morning talking with my family in Poland. No.1 had a blast goofing off with her older cousins. Now she is at the age that she can talk back a little, and she understands what is said to her. She was answering questions (with my help) and was playing with my niece in making animal sounds… oh… she was loving it!

Have a wonderful day, my friends. 

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 41st)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I try to publish one or two posts in between each Friday, so there aren’t only self-portraits here.

Not everything always work out the way we want it… huh?

This week just flew by. I wasn’t very busy, though.

Or… maybe I was…

Having two kids is already a piece of work, so saying I wasn’t busy would be actually a lie. Two days without the husband. Sewing, crocheting, cleaning.

Yes, you read it right: I finally made my first sewing creation: skirt for No.1

Just look for me in the next Project Runway 😉

Oh… and I had a WONDERFUL photo shoot on Saturday. It was truly amazing.


On Friday, quick shot of my favorite belt (Yes, my belt, not my butt). I bought it about 10 years ago. It’s been with me through bad and good.


On Saturday I was the photographer

and she was the model:

and I snapped a few pictures of this guy:

Back in days he was my ESL teacher.

Today, a dear friend.


The next day there was a pain. A horrible pain.


My Little Darlin always gets in a picture. No matter if I want it or not.

Me envisioning something is a one thing, but making it happen… oh dear, that’s a different story.


On Tuesday husband was gone for almost all day, but before he left I’d made him banana pancakes for breakfast.

and later I’d tried to fix a small problem in something I’ve made for No.2:

Those leg warmers were a little too big on the top part and I had to do something to make them fit better.

Can’t really say I fixed it!

Did I mention that No. 1 always gets a way to be in a picture ;)
Did I mention that No. 1 always finds a way to get in the picture 😉

At least it all had inspired me to take some pictures of our cranky-not sleeping-but definitely yawning a lot No.2


With the husband gone for the day and my headache back, there was no way I could survive that day without any pills.



I know those two picture are a little of a stretch.

Here, there is almost nothing of me… that tiny piece of my foot…

and here, there is not very visible reflection in our dog’s eye.

Photo Art Friday

But you know what, I took much better shots of our daughter having fun and that’s what matters the most. Those simple moments of happiness… all because there was a wind blowing in her face and leaves dancing around her.

I think we all could learn a lot from our kids. Mostly how to enjoy our life.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Get out there and feel the wind!


I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to answer to all your comments from last week. I’ve been more into the real life than the Internet one this past week. It felt really good, actually. Maybe I should do it more often 😉

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 38th)

Since I started this project I normally try to post one or two not self-portrait related posts in between each Friday. This week I haven’t done that. 

The husband was gone for 3 days so I was extra busy with the kids and the puppy, and with enjoying our time together. The weather has been so pretty I couldn’t stay indoor. Oh… how I love this time of the year.

We walked a lot. With the dog and without her.



On Friday we exercised a little. The house seemed empty without my husband so there was a lot of music playing and almost no TV. Actually we were goofing off for the most of the time but I was able to captured a few moments in which I looked like I was really exercising 😉


On Sunday I spent a few hours playing with self-portraits.

I had an idea and I wanted to make a use out of it.

I love reflection. I always have.

Since I got into photography I always try to play with capturing reflections. Using mirrors. Tiny mirrors. Small mirrors. Big mirrors. Everything works.

This is a series I kept from when I was in college playing with an old film camera which I got from my brother. Oh, how I loved this camera. I wish I had it with me here in US. It is somewhere in my parents house back in Poland.

So this last Sunday I wanted to play with reflections again. I took out my tripod and after a few shots of this sort:

I had to stop because there was somebody trying to knock my tripod over. So, not intentionally but very spontaneously I had stared taking pictures of that somebody from high above. 

She was in heaven. Finally I was paying attention to her and this is what she was working towards that entire time. She is always happy when we pay attention to her AND ONLY HER.

Then I thought it would be great to just come down on the floor and take some shots of both of us. We both had so much fun. No. 1 was just looking at me like I was crazy or something. She didn’t want to play with us. She was doing her own stuff.


3 days the husband was gone. During those days we had walked a lot. I would pack everybody up, put them on leashes and we would walk. Sometimes we would go to the park and play. Other times we would just walk around the neighbourhood.


On Monday I was totally out of ideas.

At some point I took the camera and the tripod outside. I set it up, pushed the button and walked around while the camera was taking pictures. This was the best shot from the series. I wasn’t even trying to do something else. I thought: “That will do. There is no reason to lose sleep over a picture”.

At least I took some good pictures of No. 1

Both my kids love the tripod. There is something magnetic about this tool.


On Tuesday I woke up to an EMPTY COFFEE JAR!!!!!!!

I don’t know how that happened but it did happen and I had to fix it. I packed both kids and we went for a long walk to the nearest coffee shop. After I had my coffee the world finally got some colors. My mood totally improved and we took our time while walking back.

I was positively surprised how good No. 1 had behaved and how good she had walked with me. She got tired and bored a few times but a short break took her mind off of it and she was ready to walk again.


On Wednesday I spent most of the day writing an essay for Bonbon Break. Next month they gonna publish my post in which I talk about this 365 Project. I am really excited about it. 

So while I was trying to focus and come up with something interesting my Little Darlin did not want to sleep nor doing anything else beside sitting on my lap.


Few days ago while taking the puppy for a quick pee I had spotted this place. Immediately I thought about taking a self-portrait there.

This morning I woke up before everybody. Before I took the dog outside I hesitate for a while but finally I grabbed the bag with the tripod and my camera and I headed to this place. 

The street next to it was pretty busy at this time of the day. Everybody was driving to work, the offices across the street. I stood there for a while thinking. I was pretty intimidated by all that traffic. I didn’t expect that while I was planning to take those pictures. I was about to walk away when I changed my mind. I’m happy I did.

I love the colors of the threes and leaves. I love everything about this place and how wonderful scenery it creates, because of that I couldn’t pick a favorite shot. I like them all.

In The Picture

In a few minutes I was done with taking self-portraits and it felt pretty good to realized that I finally faced my demons. Up till this morning, in order to take self-portrait in a public places, I would hide my camera in a way in which it was hard to tell if it was turned ON. ha! I can say, I master this art 😉

Anyway, this is our growing Miss No.3

She has gotten so big. Hasn’t she.

Hope everything is well with you all and that you all enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

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365 Self-Portrait Project (week 35th)

First of all, I want to invite all of you to read my post at World Moms Blog about my Self-Portrait Project. It is called “(Self)Portrait of mother(hood)” and I talk in it about… hm… this project in general, and why I encourage mothers to be more brave when it comes to have their pictures taken… for the sake of the future generations.

Second of all, this post has A LOT of pictures, not only self-portraits but of the things and places that we’ve seen, done, and gone to. Without them this post wouldn’t be complete.



New Hair Cut or Not… Thinking.
I am kinda tired of my I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Do-With hair cut. For years I had had short hair. Whenever they grew longer I would feel like there is nothing more boring than long hair and I would cut it again. When I met my husband he said he wish I would keep my hair long, and I did. Then I got really mad and frustrated with having to deal with my hair EVERYWHERE and I cut them. Since then they have grown again and again I’m in a spot where I hate it. I hate how they fall out, I hate to have them all over my clothes, in our food, and all over my kids. I hate to wear pony tail ALL THE TIME, too.

And I think: Cut it?


On Saturday we hit the road. 7 hours long road trip. When we finally got to our destination I stayed at the hotel room with NO. 2 while the husband took No.1 and went to chat with his parents.


Sunday was crazy. HOT AS HELL.

At some point me and the husband kind of split again. I’d stayed at the hotel room, feeding No.2 and taking a nap with her,

while my other half went outside to spent some time with his parents, taking No.1 with him.

Later that day, just before putting everybody to bed I took this picture.

We were teaching No.2 how to play “High Five” 😉


On Monday we hit the road again. This time it took as 12 hours to get back home. It was the most tiring trip I had ever experienced. 

If a few years ago somebody told me I am going to hate road trips, I would laugh loud and long. I would say: “you freaking kidding me. I love road trip. I will never grow tired of road trips. NEVER! 

If a year ago somebody told me I’ll be the most happy person on the earth seeing Denny’s sign, I would say: “You’re freaking crazy!!!”.

Photo Art Friday

You may ask: why I don’t like road trips anymore?

So here is your answer: 

and while you watch this movie imagine that you’re stuck in this car for about 9 hours… and you’re car sick, and you’ve got a headache so big that you can barely see what in front of you…

Somewhere in the middle of our trip we picked up Kid NO.3:

She is 11 weeks old.

She is NOT potty trained.

She is afraid of us.

She couldn’t walk on leash.

She is all what I DO NOT NEED at this point of our life.

but husband had waited for this puppy for over a year…

She is already a best buddy with No.1

No/1  is the main reason No.3 (her name is Magnolia/Maggie) has learned to walk on leash in a period of 2 days.

She sleeps in crate.

She is not potty trained, and every single morning we wake up to a smell of poop and pee.

So until she is fully trained, her place is in there.

The training is going pretty good, though.

During the day she doesn’t poop or pee in the house. Yeay!

and here are her mother and her brother:


This was taken after one of those mornings when my husband goes outside in order to clean up the crate and I go to the bathroom to wash the poop and pee off of No.3. 


Play time.

No. 2 LOVES to play  “flying baby”. This is one of those moments when no matter how mad, sad, frustrated she is, when I pick her up and do the “flying baby” a big smile appears on her face, immediately.

Bonnie’s texture “The Little Things”


Today we’ve had a several potty breaks. Doggy hasn’t had a single accident inside the apartment what makes me really happy!

and while we were playing I took a few shots of my little ones:

I wish you all super relaxing weekend, my friends!

I hope for more than 4 hours of sleep during those few upcoming nights…

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 32nd)

As for this week, nothing special has happened. I got upset a few time, angry (in-laws in the house!!!), I felt terribly tired and frustrated (not only with kids but with myself, as well). So… I would say: life as usual.


Just goofing off with No. 1

Such a playful little creature she is.

And sometimes it is hard to keep up with her.


Late at night I baked an apple pie. The next day we were going to visit friends and I had offered to bring something sweet.

Having said that, I’m reading a book “A tiger in the kitchen” where I have found words which couldn’t describe any better of what I feel:

Outside the kitchen, life was complicated and meandered in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways. But with my mixer in hand and two sticks of softened butter in front of me, the possibilities were thrilling and endless – and the outcome was entirely governed by me. There are few things more basic or satisfying than kneading a ball of dough or rolling one out. Having a mind than can not stay quiet, I’ve never been able to meditate without going stir-crazy. But give me a ball of dough and the not-so-distant dream of pipping hot cherry tart with a beautiful lattice weave top and a generous sprinkling of confectioners sugar, and a feeling of serenity washes over me. My mind instantly hushes.


On Sunday we went to visit friends and had such a great time.

We came back home late at night and that’s an artsy snap while washing down my make-up.



Drinking lemon-cucumber water. So yummy and refreshing.


My morning routine.

Drinking coffee first.

After that making face scrub/mask from leftover coffee grounds, honey and coconut oil.


Do you see what I saw?!?!?


Grey hair.

That night I pointed those two crazy looking hair to my husband and instead of saying: “oh, that’s nothing, honey, just two gray hair” he started picking through my hair and pointing out each grey string he saw… I had counted about 7!!!!


Totally out of my comfort zone piece 🙂


Today morning, while attempting for the first time homemade pop tarts:

I came up with an idea for this week Bonnie’s theme – “container(s)”.


Have you ever felt like your mind is a one huge container filled with many wanted and unwanted thoughts?

Very often I feel like this container of mine is a mess. There is no order in it. It’s a labyrinth in which I get lost all the time!  

I feel like a hoarder who has a very hard time to clean up her container full of unnecessary things. Things that are bad, rotten or rusted… things from the past that brings nothing but bad memories and feelings. But I hold on to them.

using Bonnie’s texture “Starburst”

Photo Art Friday

Wish you all a wonderful weekend, my friends.

Chic Homeschool Mama

365 Self-Portrait Project (week 26th)

This week was nothing special. Regular life of mom of two young children 🙂

Two times I almost forgot to take a snap of my lovely self, and once (today) I’d gone wild with point the camera at myself.



I took those pictures at 11pm. I was THAT close to being comfortably placed in my bed when it occurred to me that I have not taken a self-portrait today. And one more time: mirror to the rescue!!!



just a random shot picked from a few I had taken that day. Non of them was worth sharing but with a little help of Lightroom and one of Bonnie’s texture (Mauve Threads texture) I made something that I really, really like.

Mauve Threads - Bonnie's texture




Another picture taken at 11pm. Normally my husband walks our dog but this week is different. He is still not feeling well, so I do the rounds 🙂 It’s good. The weather is nice, not too hot, very pleasant and fresh. I like it and I really enjoy those walks.



This time took out my camera very early in the morning. I had wanted to be done with the the picture for the day as soon as possible in order to not forget about it. When I was sitting on the bed I saw my No.2 smiling at me so I pulled her out from her crib and started taking pictures and No. 1 saw it she just HAD to join the fun!



Another walk. This time in a bright day light.

I was almost done with the walk when I saw those sprinklers. I immediately had an idea. I set up the camera and … all of a sudden I  had realized I am standing on somebody’s front yard pretending like it’s raining with two screaming yellow bags filled with doggy poop in my hand. The real picture was comical so I had to crop it while editing 😉

“Don’t let the sunshine spoil your rain”


As I said before, today I’ve gone wild.

We went to the park. In between pushing No. 1 on a swing and throwing ball I took MANY self-portraits. Most of them blurred… 😦 The first one from this series is blurry as well but it’s not that bad, and it looks like I did it in purpose 😉

Later when we had snack break and No. 1 was gobbling up her apples…

…I took some pictures of me and No. 2.

I couldn’t pick just one picture from this series as my daughter looks so cute in every single one!!!

Actually I just noticed that this week’s pictures are all in black and white or sepia which I didn’t plan to be that way. But I have to admit: I am falling in love in black and white portrait photography the more into this project I get.

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends!


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Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

B-day Girl and Nola’s Iris Garden


Finally I got a chance to sit down with a cup of my favorite green tea and write a post.

Finally, because lately  for most of the days I look like that: 

Our Sleeping Beauty has changed into Not So Sleepy or Sleeping Only When You Hold Me and If You’re Not I Scream Beauty. I can’t decide what’s better: me worrying all day long about her not eating and loosing weight or her being such a needy Little Stinker. My poor back is hurting me terribly because not only that she doesn’t sleep much BUT she eats a lot which means she gets heavier and heavier each day. In addition it’s really hard to have anything done around the house.

So, this is what’s happening with our No 2.

Last week our No 1. turned 2. We have a small family celebration at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She loved it and I was happy I didn’t have to bake or cook anything that day.


Nola’s Iris Garden!!!

The thing is that I really don’t care about Irises. I think they are not that pretty or interesting as flowers. 


For me that place is magical. I wrote about it last year when we visited it for the first time.

It’s magical maybe because while I do not like irises this place full of them is my favorite place. I haven’t found anything better than that. 

Maybe I like it so much because this is how I would want to live. On a farm, with a few horses and cows and chickens running around. I want to have a  place full of dogs. I want to have gardens.

This place looks like that only for a few weeks while the irises bloom. For the rest of the year the owners support themselves by selling bulbs and grass-fed cows (for meat, of course). They do rent horses as well.

This young creature was abandoned by its mother after birth and the owners had fed him from the bottle for a while. Now she is on a mixed diet: grass + grains. It’s an experiment as normally those people have only grass-fed cows this time they want to see if feeding her with grains will make a change in the taste of the meat. Yes, this cute thing is going to end up in our food chain in a near future.

Scattered Horizons

Last year our daughter was barely walking when we visited this place. This year she was everywhere. It was hard to stop her from running all over those flowers. It was like she was on a sugar rush.

From time to time she would lost her chips. Myself I do believe in a rule of not having many rules when it comes to eating from the floor. So while she was cleaning up the mess she made I was watching my husband’s “a little bit concerned face”. Nope, we do not agree on many things. Eating from the floor is one of them but anytime it’s not his food we’re talking about (picking from the floor) he let it go 😉

(And that’s why he stopped watching me cooking in the kitchen. He was simply afraid that if he continues to do that he wouldn’t want to eat what I cook.)

Anyway, our daughter strongly believe that what fell on the floor is as good as something what is on the plate (or in a  bag in this case).

There is all kinds of small sculptures placed all over the garden and I love it.

So for now I’ll leave you all here. My quiet, dreamy time came to the end.

Have a great evening, my friends!

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Polish “Babka” with almonds and white chocolate

I suppose to be on bed rest but it’s not that easy when you’re pregnant and when you crave so many different homemade goods. Last week, for example I had homemade chocolate milk pudding for dinner. Four times. What means that for four days I didn’t eat anything else for dinner just my pudding. Oh wait… I did have something else. A few slices of fresh strawberry and a banana on top of my pudding 😉 That counts, right?!

I want to share that recipe here on my blog, but every time I make it there is almost no time between when it’s made and when it’s in our bellies.

Last Saturday when it was raining and dark outside I finally decide to make Babka. Finally, because that cake was stuck in my head for a long time. “Babka” is Polish name for a sweet yeast cake but actually it can be made without the yeast and then it resembles pound cake. That’s how my mom and my sister used to make it – without the yeast. It’s not very babka-like but many people do that and call that cake babka and when they use the original recipe with yeast then they call it “yeast babka”.

My mom wasn’t a baker and she even didn’t tried to become one. Whenever she baked something (and it happened really rare), she would always make something VERY easy and fast to fix. Babka and a simple chocolate cake were our most often eaten desserts (and pudding or kisiel, of course). She almost never made a glaze. It was too much work with something that she actually didn’t enjoy – baking. Instead of glaze she would spread a homemade jam (raspberry or black currants) on top of each slice of those cakes and that was it. Just like you would do with open-faced sandwich. It actually was pretty delicious.

These days those simple dishes are my comfort food and whenever I feel under the weather I always come back to it.

Following my family steps I made my babka without the yeast. Although, I do want to try to make it the original way someday. But not when I am on bed rest 😉

This cake is really moist and not sweet at all, at least not too sweet like you would think after reading the recipe.

I do not have the right pan for baking babka but I used 9inch loaf pan and it worked great.

Ingredients for cake: 

1/2 cup white chocolate cut into really small pieces (or white chocolate baking chips),

5 1/2 Tbsp. butter, softened and cut into small pieces,

8 tsp. sugar,

1 tsp. baking powder,

1 tsp. baking soda, (if you don’t have it, don’t worry, this cake will be fine without it)

3 eggs, yolks separated from whites,

1/3 cup all-purpose flour,

1 cup ground almonds, blanched

2 tsp. orange zest,

Ingredients for glaze:

3/4 cup milk chocolate, cut into pieces (milk chocolate chips will do), or if you want to make white chocolate glaze use white chocolate (or chocolate chips),

1/3 cup whipped cream,

1 tsp. fresh squeezed orange juice (or orange liquor),

1 tsp. orange zest.


Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Into a glass bowl put chocolate and butter. Put that bowl over a pot with small amount of boiling water. Stirr until ingredients melt together. Now you can take it off the heat and add egg yolk, but still over the double bath. Add one yolk at a time stirring really fast. Add sugar and mix well.

Remove the bowl from the pot and add sieved flour with baking soda, baking powder and ground almonds. Stirr with a spoon.

Beat the egg whites until stiff and add to the almond-chocolate batter. Mix well with a spoon. Add orange zest.

Transfer the batter to a greased pan and bake for about 40-45 minutes. After about 40 minutes you can check with a toothpick if it’s done.

Cool on cooling wrack.

While the cake is baking prepare the glaze:

Again, over double bath melt together chocolate and whipped cream. At the end add orange juice and orange zest.

Wait until cake and the glaze are cool then spread the glaze over the cake.