Picture me

Welcome to my World.

The mixed world of a Polish Wife and an American Husband with two kids and a dog.

My name is Ewa.

I was born and raised in Poland. At the age of 26 I came to U.S for a cultural exchanged called Au-Pair.

I met my husband, got married and now we’re living in California with our two daughters and two dogs.

I love to cook and bake. My kitchen is mix of Polish-American food. I try to take what I know from Polish kitchen and transform it into something what my American husband, a person with a very “specific” taste buds, would want to eat again.

I haven’t gave up on Polish cuisine, though, even if my husband is not a biggest fan of it.

I do cook Polish dishes and I dare to share them here. If you want to know how to make pierogi from scratch or what’s kisiel and faworki, you are in a perfect place 🙂

Besides cooking and baking my biggest passion is photography

and definitely I am a NIKON girl!

If you want to contact me by email I’m here: ewasamples (at) gmail.com!!!

This is my short “life story” in pictures:

Many Many Many Many years ago (I’m the blue one):

Came to US in 2007 as an Au Pair to the best host family ever:

Here and there in U.S.A


Had a bicycle accident. Fractured several vertebrae and spet almost 5 months as a HOT Robo AuPair.

After that I stopped liking bicycles and moved to the back seat of a motorcycle. I think it’s much safer over there. At least I don’t have to steer.

I’ve established a friendship with one doggy!

and it’s owner 😉

… and my belly had grown a little bit bigger…

and bigger….

and bigger

Finally our” No 1″ joined us, said: gee ! for the first time, and can’t stop smiling since!

Enjoying every single moment with my Little One.

Definitely a breastfeeding mamma 🙂

Loving coffee – all the time, every time, day and night time, etc time.

Loving reflections like loving coffee…

and my tattoo which I don’t see very often

Doing yoga in the kitchen between making breakfast for my little one and morning coffee for myself! Every moment is good… .

My growing belly for the second time.

Most of our time we spent in the kitchen, baking, cooking, tasting 🙂

Meet our “No 2” who joined us in 2012.

and this is our newest addition to the family:

That’s it for now! I hope you know me a little better 🙂


49 thoughts on “Picture me”

  1. Great site, and great pictures! I have to get my camera out now and read one of the several books I have that tell my have to use the thing – I keep getting confused with all the settings that are available 🙂

    1. thank you! and thank you for stopping by! Did your son say “mama”, already 😉
      and I know that in the digital era the digital cameras can be very confusing, or very trappy (when you decide to stick only to “program” or “auto” mode). but actually it’s not that hard to lear the “manual” mode.
      If you need some advices don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 I’ll try to help 🙂

  2. Hello…..
    It was so nice to read your words..and look at the amazing photo’s through your eyes..
    will be stopping in more often

  3. What a wonderful story you have! Wow. I was an au pair in Madrid many moons ago at 19. Good to know you had such a good experience. And now that I see you’re behind the lens constantly, I realize you must have many cameras! You’re a professional! I really like this page! 🙂
    Made me smile.

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for your words. Indeed I have had a few cameras in my life. Started with old Russian film only camera (called Zenit). My first digital was Nikon D40, after that I had Nikkon D80 and now I have Nikkon D5000. Have dreams about better one, but for now it’s working perfect for me.

      Have a wonderful weekend!
      Hugs from my corner!

  4. I love your wonderful photos. They tell such a great story of your life. I especially love the one of you breastfeeding while cooking. That is true multi-tasking! Well done. :o)

  5. Hi, I heard about you from Pawel http://photobypawelp.wordpress.com/. I’m so glad he shared your page with me. I’m Polish as well and I came to states as Au Pair in 2009 and stayed like you. I never had a chance to learn cooking (our Polish traditional things) so I’m so glad to find you and have the chance to try your recipes and share them with my American family. Everything looks so yummy. Great Blog. Have a great day 🙂

    1. Cześć Ania!!!
      Super że mnie znalazłaś. Przejrzałam na szybko twojego bloga i masz świetne zdjcia. Odpisuję dopiero teraz, bo trochę zajęta byłam. Byliśmy na rodzinnej wycieczce, która tak naprawdę bardziej mnie wymęczyła niż odświerzyła, ale za to w końcu ruszyłam d*** z miejsca i miałam okazję pozwiedzać miejsca w których jeszcze nie byłam. Powoli wracam do siebie i do normalnego rytmu.
      Jak będziesz miała jakieś pytania co do przepisów czy czegokolwiek to jestem do dyspozycji 🙂
      Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  6. So totally loved this ‘about me’ Fabulous photography throughout and I especially love the ‘bump photos’…you are one incredibly talented photographer!!

  7. Hey there

    Your Blog is lovely. Your photos exquisite. So glad I found you. I loved your 365 and wondered if you had heard of blipfoto. You may be interested in checking it out.

    Helen (also a Nikon girl!)

  8. Świetna opowieść obrazkowa 🙂 Twoje zdjęcia są fantastyczne!
    Na jednym zdjęciu zauważyłam wolnowar (crockpot). Dużo gotujesz przy pomocy tego urządzenia? mam to w domu, ale jakoś dobrych przepisów brak 🙂

    1. Hej Nina,

      dzieki za komentarz!
      Co do gotowania, tak, duzo z tego uzywam, ale malo mam przepisow na swoim blogu. Nie wiedziec dlaczego. Jeden przepis na ciasto jest tutaj

      za to moja znajoma ma cala stronke przeznaczona na gotowanie w tym garnku:
      popatrz sobie tutaj

      pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  9. Nice , I stumbled on to this blog, and the photoes kept me seeing and reading the quotes, but the photo taken when you are focusing on to other subject is not mentioned, hope you do so, Keep it up

    R Swethadri, Mysore, India

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