365 Self-Portrait Project (week 31st)

This week there was a little too much crying and being fussy as for my taste. I’ve even considered buying a pacifier for our No. 2, but please DO NOT ENCOURAGE me to do so, because if I buy it I’m going to hate myself for doing it!


Afternoon at the park. Short break to snack on some apples…

…and back to having fun…

Happily Mother After


I made myself a headband. In one hour. Not bad, huh? Considering the fact that I didn’t use sewing machine for that and I’m not really good at sewing (with sewing machine or without) anyway… .


Some of you already know that I used be an Au Pair. That’s how I came to US.

On Sunday we’d visited Oakland and my host family. Those two little cuties on the right were 3 months old when I came to work with them.

Today they are 5, I’ve two kids on my own… and it seems like I’ve been changing diapers forever. lol.

Time flies like crazy.

Our daughter had so much fun playing and stealing other kids balloons:


Driving back home we had stopped to take a picture of this wonderful view to which I used to wake up for almost two years:


This week Bonnie’s theme is “gift(s)”.

So this is my virtual gift. Chocolate peanut butter cookies. From my kitchen, to yours 🙂

Photo Art Friday


… and that’s how I’d looked for almost entire day on Tuesday. I could have changed but it doesn’t make sense. After 20 minutes I look the same. Our No. 2 is a Little Spitter :/

This week has been extremely busy for my husband and he hadn’t have the chance to help me with those two little stinkers. At the same time I do not dare to go and take a shower leaving them without my supervision. One time, I hadn’t been paying attention for a few minutes and this is what had happened when I wasn’t watching: 

By the time I saw it, No. 1 already had used almost the entire box of wipes for perfectly clean No. 2 (I had changed her few minutes before that).

She is such a crazy kid.

Today, for example, I woke up to her new song she has created.

It goes like that:

“I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.

I’m pooping.”

A few months back she was singing a song which will stay in my memory forever: “”Water, water, drink it.” x 10.

Gosh… she is so creative 😉


Spinach corn bread…

Y.U.M.M.Y !!!

with some chard chips and beans (do not pay attention to the ketchup). SO DELICIOUS!


Please, do not be fooled by this little Miss HAPPY FACE Only When Mom’s Camera is ON. She already fooled my friend who calls her “The Zen Baby”. She always looks so content and happy whenever she sees the camera pointing at her.

looking up 🙂

This kid is going to drive me insane pretty soon. She does not like to be left alone. She needs to be close to me almost all the time. And close means in her reach. If I get further than that she screams. The only time she is ok being by herself is when we are outside in the swimming pool area. She watches me and No. 1 swimming, eating her hands or feet, or perfecting her rolling over skills.

That’s why I’ve spent almost every single day this week at the pool. It gives me some time off from her. She is happy and I am happy and No.1 is in heaven. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

So, that having said, this is how I had to do the dishes today…

Hope you all are having a great week.

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