365 Self-Portrait Project (week 26th)

This week was nothing special. Regular life of mom of two young children 🙂

Two times I almost forgot to take a snap of my lovely self, and once (today) I’d gone wild with point the camera at myself.



I took those pictures at 11pm. I was THAT close to being comfortably placed in my bed when it occurred to me that I have not taken a self-portrait today. And one more time: mirror to the rescue!!!



just a random shot picked from a few I had taken that day. Non of them was worth sharing but with a little help of Lightroom and one of Bonnie’s texture (Mauve Threads texture) I made something that I really, really like.

Mauve Threads - Bonnie's texture




Another picture taken at 11pm. Normally my husband walks our dog but this week is different. He is still not feeling well, so I do the rounds 🙂 It’s good. The weather is nice, not too hot, very pleasant and fresh. I like it and I really enjoy those walks.



This time took out my camera very early in the morning. I had wanted to be done with the the picture for the day as soon as possible in order to not forget about it. When I was sitting on the bed I saw my No.2 smiling at me so I pulled her out from her crib and started taking pictures and No. 1 saw it she just HAD to join the fun!



Another walk. This time in a bright day light.

I was almost done with the walk when I saw those sprinklers. I immediately had an idea. I set up the camera and … all of a sudden I  had realized I am standing on somebody’s front yard pretending like it’s raining with two screaming yellow bags filled with doggy poop in my hand. The real picture was comical so I had to crop it while editing 😉

“Don’t let the sunshine spoil your rain”


As I said before, today I’ve gone wild.

We went to the park. In between pushing No. 1 on a swing and throwing ball I took MANY self-portraits. Most of them blurred… 😦 The first one from this series is blurry as well but it’s not that bad, and it looks like I did it in purpose 😉

Later when we had snack break and No. 1 was gobbling up her apples…

…I took some pictures of me and No. 2.

I couldn’t pick just one picture from this series as my daughter looks so cute in every single one!!!

Actually I just noticed that this week’s pictures are all in black and white or sepia which I didn’t plan to be that way. But I have to admit: I am falling in love in black and white portrait photography the more into this project I get.

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends!


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