365 Self-Portrait Project (week 22nd)

I am so confused lately that I forgot to post Thursday’s picture last week. I just figured that out. I’m just not feeling very good lately.

So here we go:


On Thursday I was on Skype talking with my parents in Poland. They are not really an “Internet people” so each time I call I send them link to my blog. They love to look through the pictures of me and their grandkids.


On Friday I was hanging out in a pool area with the kids. No 2 while wiggling her legs and arms was enjoying the fresh air blowing on her. No 1 was running around the pool in circles. For about an hour non stop 🙂

She still does not want to have anything to do with the water. She just LOVES to play around it.


On Saturday we went to a playground. I didn’t take my camera with me so I used my husband’s phone to take those shots.

Our No 1 just loves swings. She always has. Now she is using the regular swing and watching her I was just thinking that it seems like it was just a few months ago when she had to be in that secured “infant” swing chair.

Time just flies by when you have kids.


On Sunday I made “carrot pate” and here you see me mastering I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH ONE HAND WHILE AT THE SAME TIME HOLDING MY NO. 2 style.


I think that the fairy would claim a bankruptcy if she worked with me this past week. Almost no smiles what so ever. No matter how hard everybody tried. At the same time I feel like instead of blood there is a green tea and honey flowing in my veins. I drink only one coffee a day (because of the nursing) and while I don’t want to drink more of it I do need some kind of boost to get through the day. And it’s a green tea. A LOT OF IT! Cup after cup. MANY CUPS.


Tuesday was kinda pajamas day. For me and for NO 1. And a walking barefoot day, too. We like to walk barefoot.


On Wednesday I had a delicious veggie-fruits smoothie for dinner.

After that while husband and NO 2 were napping I took NO 1 outside for some shooting.

and more:

And I swear for my mother… we are rising a future archeologist or a miner 😉 This girl’s best toy when she is outside are stones and rocks. She always sneaks them to the house where I find them hidden all over the house… .

Anyway, today’s selfie is not taken yet, and it’s 6:30 pm already. It’s really been a struggle to keep up with this project lately but I am committed to finish it.

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends.

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