365 Self-Portrait Project (week 21st)

This past week happened to be very exhausting. I think one of the most exhausting since No 2 came along. It’s actually funny because she slept through the night 3 times (including last night) so I don’t know why I feel like crap all the time. She is a “high maintenance” baby, as we call her. If she doesn’t sleep she needs our constant attention. My husband experienced it yesterday as I took a small break from the kids. Nap and a shower. Later he admitted he is tired of trying to entertain her.

“I know how you feel, dear. I feel like that almost 24/7”, I thought 😉

and this is how high maintenance baby looks like these days:

Photo Art Friday

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On Saturday we had in-laws taking care of the kids for a few hours. I finally had a chance to get on my husband’s motorcycle and enjoy the ride like in those good old days before kids 😉

We went for ice cream and to Winchester Mystery House. Very cool place but we didn’t get through the entire tour. sometime in the middle of it we got a call from in-laws: “PLEASE COME HOME”.

Did I mention that we have a high maintenance baby?! 😉

Those are the only few pictures I took that day. Wasn’t very happy how our day turned out but at least I ate my ice cream in peace.


Playing with reflections


On Monday we visited Golden Gate National Cemetery…  (more pictures from that trip here).

This portrait is everything you don’t want to have on a family picture:

One baby totally covered. The other one screaming and kicking the heck out of me. Mom and dad laughing while on the background a thousands of graves of people who died fighting for this country during a stupid war. At least people that were watching us had fun… .


I love Lightroom. It makes me look so pretty. These days I especially love one preset called “It was only a dream”. You can download it for free from here.


Just sitting with my girls. Trying to get some rest for my sore arms while No 2 is not screaming and wanting to be held.

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I am a breastfeeding mamma, I think you know it by now, and I will stand up to support those who fight for the right to breastfeed in public. If that happens to me (feeding in public) I am always covered because I want to be left alone and not having fight with people over it. Even covered, though, I receive “the look” from time to time and it makes my really angry. That’s why I am very happy seeing a women like those two (different article here and fb picture with many supportive and NOT comments) fighting not only for their country but within it for their own personal rights!

In uniform or not… I think breastfeeding is a fundamental right and it shouldn’t be such a taboo… .