A few tears, bag of love and a shopping card

Those who follow my latest posts know that there is a plenty of newborns and two-year old’s photos around here lately. Do not think that this post is about something different because it’s not. Sorry about that 😉

Our not yet two weeks old already caused a few tears in my eyes.

Last week the doctor announced that her weight lost concerns him a lot. He said we need to start doing something to prevent more lost. The thing is that our Little One is a Sleeping Beauty. It’s so hard to wake her up even by pinching and putting wet cloths on her neck (what I’d been doing!!!). Nothing would work. When she finally did wake up as soon as I started feeding her she was back to deep sleep.

She’s getting better with staying awake for longer periods what really makes me happy 🙂 I know that many parents would just love to have such a sleeper but in those circumstances we are not one of them.

Scattered Horizons

Because of that she wasn’t getting enough of milk and I started producing less and less… . So the last several days I feel like a milking cow connected to a pomp for most of the day.

But you know what? It looks like it helped. Our Sleeping Beauty still sleeps a lot but is back to her birth weight and yesterday when I saw that it felt like a huge stone fell off my heart (I think it’s a Polish expression for which I couldn’t find English equivalent). I felt simply relieved.

So today feeling happy again I decided to share a few funny shots from our last week photo session.

And at the end I wanted to share a few words about a gift I got from Bags of love (Personalised Christening Gifts). I got it a few weeks ago but had waited for our newborn to arrive to take those pictures. It’s a bag full of great memories and toys. Finally I have a great place to store all the toys our Big Sister spreads all over the living room floor. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. It’s really big and the quality of the fabric with the great quality of the pictures made me really happy.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I’m enjoying my afternoon coffee which tastes like heaven after so many months of not drinking it!

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