The Sisters

So far, our one-person-bigger-family is getting along pretty well.

Everybody is happy and content. I think, those not fully slept through nights haven’t hit my body system, yet. They need to build up for a longer period then I’ll be speaking different language 😉

Now I’m simply enjoying my two precious daughters without thinking about anything else.

It looks like The Big Sister is not really jealous of our family’s new member. Of course she is like a bull in a china store around her but other than that she really tries to be as helpful and loving as she can.

I do try to make her feel like I don’t push her away focusing only on the Little One. Of course with my still healing incision I can’t play with her or hold her on my laps what makes that goal a little harder to achieve. She helps with bringing clean diapers and taking the dirty ones to the trash and she just LOVES doing it. It’s so funny how such a small task can bring so many good emotions. Every time she sees her little sister laying uncovered she bring her a blanket. Today she put a book on her face trying to “share” it with sister.

In general, she just can’t take her eyes and hands off that Little Creature who’s appeared here so suddenly and from nowhere and because of that I can’t take my eyes off both of them for a single second.

Since that Little Precious Sleeping Beauty joined us we all have had a really great time. We are not new to the parenthood and having a newborn around is not scary anymore so actually we enjoy it more than when we were experiencing it for the fist time.

Black and White Wednesdayand  then, she {snapped}