What do you do with old bread?

I use it to make breadcrumbs… .

I do not remember when was the last time I bought breadcrumbs. I do not use a lot of it in my cooking but when I need it it’s always in my fridge. Once a month or even less often I gather all the old bread I have lying around and make breadcrumbs. It’s not a lot, as I almost always eat my bread before it goes bad but, sometimes it happens that I forget about it or it goes bad (means get hard and no so fresh) faster than I expected.

To make my breadcrumbs I always use french bread from the store or left overs from home-baked. I’ve never tried to make it from whole grain bread but I suppose it will be even better and healthier.

Many recipes call for toasting bread slices (that you going to use for your breadcrumbs) in the oven. Mine doesn’t. I wait a few days until the bread gets hard and very crunchy and than I blend it.

First I crush it with my hands to make it easy to blend. After that I use blender. It works perfect.

…and I store it in the fridge – for months… .

I remember my grandmother used to do that, after that it was my mom and now it’s me. It’s funny how many little memories comes in handy when you’re a grown up. Sometimes they stay as just memories but in my case, most of the time, they’re really useful in a practical way.

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Fall shots

I’ve wanted to go out and take some Fall shots since tha Fall started. Every time we went out I would forget my camera or just felt too cold to stop and shoot. Being a cold blood creature makes me very sensitive to the weather and if it’s just a bit too cold and too dark for me I’m depressed and do not want to do much outside. Of course if I’m bundled up everything is more bearable… just like today.

Always feeling cold myself I think that wherever/whenever we go our daughter should be dressed as warm as it’s possible. So, today she looked like we are ready for some serious Winter… . lol

I’d tried to take some “throwing, flying, falling down leaves” kind of pictures with her… but one free hand is not enough for that and that little Blue Snowman didn’t get it and she wasn’t very helpful either. 

Anyway, I’m happy we finally done some Fall shots and I’m hoping for more. I bet my daughter can’t wait for that, too. She’s learned to ignore me when I try to take a picture of her. It takes me while and a lot of calling her to finally be able to take a decent shot. I mean it depends on her mood. Sometimes she starts to pose as soon as she sees me taking out the camera. Sometimes it takes me FOREVER to make her look at me when I’m shooting. She’s such a girl… !