I’m wordless, lately.

I’m feeling like crap.

I’m not into taking pictures.

I’m actually not into anything.

Last Saturday at night-time I almost had a heart attack.

I’m planning to take a little break from blogging. Maybe for a week, or two. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind. Who knows. As for today, I’m posting my last pictures.

So, see you around my friends. Stay safe and be happy. I will be back. Just need to wrap my head around a few things 🙂

joining virtual coffee because the real one tastes like crap these days



9 thoughts on “Wordless…”

  1. This sounds terrible. Please rest properly, and do not mind blogging or schedules until you feel better! It is not worth to abandon a blog, and all the good work, but a hiatus can help, especially if the health requires it.

    I hope you will feel better soon 🙂 Wysyłam moc pozytywnej energii na szybkie zdrowie 🙂

    I just realized how long I was off from visiting blogs, and talking normally to people online, my own hiatus was not that short either.. But one comes back to life, and finds new strength 🙂 Good friends and loved ones help, and nature, and animals, and some quiet rest with a good book…

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