Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Today’s items  for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:

1. Music to my ears.

Every morning our sprinklers are turn on and I can hear them from our apartment. I love that sound because it reminds me that it’s Summer, and that it’s morning and it’s time to start the day 🙂

After a while, when I go outside there is plenty of droplets on every single plant. It’s great!

2. Hat

Pretty soon there will be blog post about hats and only hats. Blue, and brown, yellow and green… Hats Hats Hats. Crochet Hats.

3. Clear

Our swimming pool, and clear water!

4. Out of this World

Succulent and a little bit of editing! 🙂

5. Sprinkles

I do not have any sprinkles or anything that’s similar to it, but I thought I use that shot of rolled pieces of newspaper. It kind of look like sprinkles (only huge ones). Right!? :/   (lol)

Have a great Sunday!