Scavenger Hunt

Today’s post is very not so creative… Whatever that means. Don’t feel like taking pictures or playing with them lately. Wanted to do this post because Chair is my item Ashely was kind to use for this challenge.

So, it wouldn’t be very nice to not to take part of it today.

I took all of those pictures with a smartphone. I was too lazy to take my Nikon out and use it…

I even barely edited them. Just a little, and not all of them.

1. Camera Phone

2. Camera

(a little explanation?! ok, so most of the time I feel like my eyes are the camera that constantly is taking pictures. whatever I look at it’s a subject to photograph; to capture. And I really don’t need a lot, just give me SOMETHING, aything that is able to take pictures – simple as that). I know I know, I streched this a little…, but I didn’t want to skip this, and I actually didn’t have any other idea for it.

3. Shoes

4. Chair

5. Imperfection (read mess)


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