How I spent my quality time with friends

Yesterday I got a few hours off from being a SAHM.

Dad stayed at home with sleeping (not for the entire time when I was gone) baby. Mom had a break. Yeay!!!

I went with my friends for some shooting. Pictures shooting 🙂 I’ve decided that it would be great to do it on a railroad. We’d found something on google maps and we hit the road. While looking for it we were driving around and peeking through the bushes every hundred of meters. This place is fenced all around. Finally friendly neighbour showed us how to get there. He didn’t say we will have to go over the fence. The fence in one spot is torn almost to the ground so it wasn’t that bad… Only my cute model had some troubles. She was wearing high heels… 🙂

but it was all worth it… .


5 thoughts on “How I spent my quality time with friends”

    1. I’m just getting use to to being a stay home mom… trying to use my time off as wise as it’s possible… mostly just taking pictures since it’s my biggest passion ever! and knowing that with more kids my time off will be more and more limited 😉
      and btw, the last picture was at the end when we were heading back to the car… , we were just goofing off. we had really nice time. I needed it.

    1. thank you so much, Arline. When I saw them on my computer I wasn’t happy. I still need to learn a lot about light and white balance because I always screw something up not seeing it on the camera screen. grrr. but a little bit of editing and I’m much happier now 🙂

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